12th Day of Christmas Giveaway with Renee Swope

I can’t believe we’ve come to the end of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

Remember—-if you have missed commenting on any of the days, you may still catch up through the end of the weekend.

And, one gal who comments on all 12 posts will win the grand prize. (You can scroll down below to day one to see it.)

Comment on any of the 12 posts until midnight EST, Sunday December 11th.

All winners announced Monday, December 12th. Then, on Tuesday, December 13th we’ll have one final giveaway based on a Proverbs 31 devotion I will have running.

Oh….I LOVE Christmas!!!!!!

For our final Proverbs 31 guest, we have my all-time favorite friend (:->), (Ahem….that is the last time I give out my password so a guest can “help me out” and load her own post!) national speaker and co-host of Proverbs 31 Ministries radio show, Renee Swope.

Renee’s passion is to encourage women and help them replace self-doubt with lasting confidence in Christ by showing them how to live in the security of God’s promises every day. She’s author of the best-selling book,  “A Confident Heart”, and currently serves as Executive Director and Sr. Editor of Radio and  Devotions.  Renee is also a contributing writer for Encouragement for Today devotions and www.roomag.com.

BUT her greatest joy and favorite titles are wife to J.J. and mom to Joshua (16), Andrew (14) and Aster (3) who they adopted from Ethiopia two years ago.

Renee has a short video message for us about the importance of giving ourselves the gift of grace and receiving God’s gift of rest.

Don’t miss her encouragement!

It is about how God came to us so that we could come to Him- and find rest in His presence, His plans and His promises – at Christmas and all throughout the year!

Renee’s Christmas Give-away

  • 3 Copies of her book (for you & two friends)
  • 3 Sets of Confident Heart conference calls (optional)
  • $10 Starbucks gift card
  • Godiva Chocolate Bar

Renee is hosting a FREE online Bible/Book study of A Confident Heart starting January 16th on her website/blog.  To find out more and consider being part of it, click here. To hear more from Renee, find some great FREE resources and read a Christmas prayer that will help you prepare your heart from Christmas, visit her website/blog at www.ReneeSwope.com.

OKAY—for our last question: Based on Renee’s message, where do YOU need to give yourself some grace at Christmas?

Me? The infamous full-color, photo-laden, annual Christmas letter.

I have been giving myself grace for four years now on that one. With Facebook and my blog, most of the nearly 100 people that I sent the letter to already know what we’d been up to all year.

So, with that one grace-filled decision, I saved SEVERAL hours time, a lot of stress and envelope-stuffing, and about $75.

And you?

Have a WONDERFUL, grace-filled weekend!


  1. I need to give myself grace in gift giving this year. It has always been the best time of the year when I look forward to finding that perfect gift for all those I love. I have no time to shop this year as I am caring for my sick mother with the help of my two sisters. My heart wants to sing of Christmas and my soul is sadden by the sense of an end to a valuable part of me. I want to smile and yet I cry all too often. May the Lord give me the grace to love my mother out of this life and into a new. And the grace to show my love to others not in a beautiful package, but in my soft words of love. For the greatest gift is……….love. Merry Christmas!

  2. In wanting to make the Christmas cards more special by personalizing each one instead of just signing the same thing on each one…. best intentions but they never get done in time.

  3. Good Morning……hope you have a list of the winners on here ….it will be fun to see who won and what…..Thanks again for a fun contest :)

  4. This year I am giving myself grace for not baking since we are leaving town this week. I am also giving myself grace for not attending every event or invitation which makes us all too busy to enjoy the season. The decorations my husband did not want to put up are also a place to accept it and move on.

  5. I could use some grace in keeping the house clean ( It rarely matches the picture I have in my head of what I would like it to look like)l

  6. I give myself grace to not be in control! When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I stop and ask for Jesus to help me.
    Thank you for your 12 days of Christmas, you have truly blessed my heart!
    God Bless & Merry CHRISTmas!

  7. Cleaning and Christmas Cards. We found that sending cards at Easter was cheaper and refreshing to those who received. Cleaning happens a bit differently than the rest of the year. I vacuum as needed – after moving in the tree, after the boxes come from the attic etc… It’s noce not to add to the stress and expectations!

  8. Thank you Renee for this gift of your teaching about God’s grace relating to Christmas! I have been sick a lot since November 4th, so I will have to allow myself some grace to get through Christmas. December hasn’t been what I wanted it to be. Thanks, Renee.

  9. I need to give myself grace when it comes to getting my house cleaned up and decorated for Christmas. So hard to do, just told my hubby that I might boycott Christmas (the crazy aspect, not celebrating Christ’s birth) this year!

  10. I need grace in the area of baking. Sometimes I want to try too many new ideas and then they don’t turn out right.

  11. I’ve stopped doing the “traditional” Christmas Dinner! Made the change last year. Went with an easy meal, so easy I prepared everything and my extended family chipped in to help with the cost! We are doing it again this year! In fact, we are even having our big family meal on Christmas Eve Day this year so my family can serve the homeless this Christmas! Less stress and much to be thankful for!

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