Girlfriends Giveaway with Mary Snyder

Hey friends.

Today I am up to my elbows in cookies and fudge (literally!). Cranking out neighbor, teacher and publisher gifts. What a perfect day to have you meet my friend Mary Snyder and have a chance at winning her new book, a Starbucks gift card and a funky luggage tag.

Why a luggage tag?

Well, Mary is an adventurous girl. And works for a cruise line. And she loves friendship.

What a great combo!

Here is a short post from her:

Girlfriends.  I wanted girlfriends.  Not just women to spend time with, but true-blue, laugh-so-hard-you-have-to-cross-your-legs girlfriends.   Women who would link arms with me and do life together; women I could trust with my hopes, dreams and my fears.  I needed girlfriends.

These feelings were the beginning of the journey the Lord had in store for me – a journey I call the great girlfriend adventure.  An adventure filled with incredible times in Bible study with girlfriends to devastating lows when I learned of the betrayal and manipulation of someone I considered a friend.  Through it all God has shown me His amazing grace.

I share all of this in God, Grace and Girlfriends: Adventures in Faith & Friendshipalong with fun ideas for finding girlfriends, figuring out just what kind of girlfriend you are and I also share my love for getaways!

I have everything from a quick night out ideas to suggestions for week-long road trips.

It’s all about the adventure – in faith and in friendships.

This adventure is a part of my life and I hope that it’s a part of yours.  The girlfriend adventure is about relationships in life – relationships with the women you know today and women you’ve yet to meet.

Each day is a fresh opportunity for a new adventure- grab on to this adventure of faith & friendships!

Today Mary is giving away this package. it includes:

~ A copy of her new book

~ A $10 Starbucks gift card

~ A luggage tag (which, by the way, perfectly coordinates with the whimsical cover of her book. She’s all matchy-matchy like that. I dread her seeing my piece-meal luggage set when I travel with her next month!)

So…leave us a short comment with the place in the world you’d most like to visit with a girlfriend or two.

Or, if time you are crunched for time, just say, “I’m in!” (I realize you may be baking cookies today too!)

Winner announced tomorrow and …..speaking of winners….the winner of the giveaway from Tuesday is:

Valorie Raica

Valorie–send your home address to my lovely assistant Kim at [email protected] right away!

See you all tomorrow :-)



  1. I would love to go to a beach somewhere secluded. It has been a long time since I had a close friend. I’m praying for one now. I would also love to visit New Zealand again. I had the opportunity to visit there this past May with two of my adult children. It was absolutely amazing!

  2. The place I’d most like to visit would be Rwanda. First I’d go on a safari somewhere and then off to the capital for some work with kids at an orphanage or school. I think that would be a really great adventure with a girl friend or two!

    Thank you, Karen, for writing your organization book and Untangling Christmas. What a blessing those books are to me!!

  3. I would give the book to my precious friend Kris who just moved to a very small town from a big city and is having a hard time making friends despite all her reaching out

  4. I think a road trip to the unknown with a couple close girlfriends would be great! Fill up the car and when the gas runs out see where God has taken us and explore the area!!!

  5. I’ve been blessed with a couple of lifelong friends who challenge, listen, love and laugh our fool heads off with. I’d travel anywhere with them. We go to Hearts at Home every year and it’s non-stop talking and laughing for 2-3 days.

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