Go Ahead, Make Their Day

This morning, when I had to drop by the middle school FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK (time #1–he forgot his lunch; time # 2–I forgot to send hot lunch money with him; this time—I needed to drop payment by the office for wrestling) I was met with a smile by the school’s office secretary.

(Are they even still called secretaries? Maybe it is “administrative assistants” instead).

Anyway, I have noticed she is always so chipper and helpful and patient with both scatter-brained parents and squirrelly junior highers.

My son thinks so too. He referred to Mrs. K last night as one of the most “awesome” people at his new school.

I didn’t think I should keep that info to myself.

So, this morning when I made my trek in, I told her what he said about her.

She smiled big and said how very much she needed to hear that this morning and how it totally made her day.

Who in your (or your child’s) life is a constant bright spot?

A co-worker, neighbor, pastor, teacher, coach, youth worker, fellow carpool mom?

Today, I dare you to pause what you are doing and tell them so.

Ot better yet, drop them a hand-written note.

It will make their day too.

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  1. I love this idea, Karen. Funny…I was just thinking about this this am, except I was thinking about someone who has been my counselor and spiritual mentor. I have not seen her in a while, but she really had an impact on my life. And because she had such an impact on me, that impacted everyone I know and care for. Today is the day to let her know!

  2. One of my goals this year is to send an encouraging note every week (or 4 or 5 a month), anonymously. Earlier this month I sent notes to the people who lead the various music groups throughout the Christmas season. I don’t get the satisfaction of seeing their faces when they read the notes, but I know how much it means to me to receive a note recognizing their efforts, and I hope they feel the same way. I specifically thank them for using their God-given gifts and sharing them with the congregation. I pray that the notes bring them encouragement.

  3. I love this! I do it sometimes, but should do it more. It really does make someone’s day to know that what they do is appreciated. And I think it gives them strength and energy to keep doing it, too! So it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as others down the line will continue to benefit from their positive behaviors.
    Another way it helps is to find something good to say about someone who seems to be having a “bad day.” Hearing something positive may be all it takes to turn the tide.
    Oh, and it’s so nice to be on the receiving end of a kind comment, too! :)

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