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Forgive my not posting yesterday. I am in North Carolina for a few days enjoying some Southern hospitality and was unable to get to the Internet until this morning. But, oh my! I think we cyber girlfriends could write ourselves a best-selling soup cookbook! I can’t wait to try many of your yummy-sounding recipes!

This week, I am pulling back and taking a little breather. And, I am also doing a hard thing. One of those rip-your-mama-heart-nearly-out-of-your-chest hard things. It is also, thankfully, a good thing. I’ll write about it someday soon.

For now, I want to give you a few great posts I’ve come across for you to check out. I’ll be back later this week when I return to Michigan with an exciting announcement and a fun giveaway. Be sure to check back.

Oh…and the winner of last weekend’s giveaway of two copies of A Life That Says Welcome and a Starbucks card is Daphne R. Congrats! Send your home address to [email protected] so we can mail your prize to you!

Now, for some great links:

For your marriage

For your mothering

For your kitchen

For your heart and home

Have a great week!


  1. So hope you are having fun in NC :-) This mothering thing is hard, but what I a blessing to see Godly examples like you!

    Also, THANK YOU!!! I just saw my name in the post as the winner of the last giveaway! I’m THRILLED! THANKS!!

  2. Hi Karen….I just returned to Dexter Michigan a few days ago from visiting my family in Charlotte NC. We moved to Michigan 4 years ago….I am still adjusting to living so far away from family and friends but Proverbs 31 ministry has made the move easier. I receive the daily emails from P31 and they always seem to speak to me that reinforces the truth that God has a plan for my life and I am in Michigan for a reason….I look forward to your Online Bible study in March……LaDonna
    734 388 0043

  3. Being a mother is one of the hardest things I have ever done and many time have had to use tough love. Only a mother can understand!

  4. Welcome to NC Karen! What part of NC are you visiting? I’m in Hudson, NC – the northwestern part of the state, at the foothills of the Mountains (just south of Blowing Rock)

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