The Next Right Thing

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It is one of “those” days.

You know the kind.

Almost a half-dozen phone calls to make.

Two errands to run.

Laundry calling my name.

No dinner planned yet.

A few friends’ prayer requests laying heavy on my heart.

I need to tackle some mail.

I need to take my phone into the cell phone store since it is acting up AGAIN!!!!! Ugh!

I need to be in two places at one time tonight–speaking at my church’s Mugs & Muffins ladies night out and picking my son up from weight-lifting.

(Time to call the neighbor to request shuttle service for the man-cub).

I need to consult my freezer for something to thaw and cook.

You get the picture. I’ll bet it is often your snapshot too!

On one of “those days”, I remember the words I read as a young mom from the pen of one of my favorite authors.


Great advice.

However, over the years, I’ve had to tweak that saying just a bit. Too easy to get distracted and make my “next thing” some time-wasting trivial pursuit.

Or a wrong thing like wasting time worrying.

Or day dreaming.

Or doing a task that really doesn’t need to be done right now just to feel productive when in reality it is a way of procrastinating.

So instead of just doing the next thing, I will do the next “right thing.”

(I heard this friend once encourage her audience to do just that.  Then, soon after, I  spotted it on a t-shirt. I get the message God. ;-))

So, that is where I am headed now. To my “next right thing.”

How about you?

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  1. thanks – i needed this today too.. just wondering how i was going to be 2 palaces tonight at the same time, details for a school event and planning for summer camps already! I cant wait till march for the hearts at home conference – I need that NOW!

  2. So, I suppose that would be not sitting here reading your blog and going downstairs to work out………..then reviewing yesterdays church sermon and finishing the laundry, figuring out dinner and so on and so on……….LOL

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