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Of the Valentines Giveaway from last week: Stephanie ( the Stephanie who left a comment on 2/8 at 5:01 p.m.)


Of Lynn Cowell’s His Revolutionary Love package: Patti Bodenhamer

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Lynn’s Valentine’s story got me thinking back on my younger, single days.

I remember early in college, when it seemed everyone was getting “the ring”, I often felt left out.

Today, since I have several close friends who are single and a nearly 21 year-old daughter who gets invited to weddings regularly (of her closest friends from high school, several are already married, her best friend is married with a baby and others are nearly engaged) I see singles who feel “less than” or “left out”.

Now, I wish I could go back in time and talk to my single self. Yes ma’am. About patience and timing and enjoying where God has you instead of whining about where He’s not yet allowed you to go.

And, I also wish I had been more like my daughter.

Rather than fuss and fret,  pout and sulk, she is placing her trust in God and enjoying each day as it comes.

Smart gal.

I have observed how it doesn’t seem to bother her that she is still single when most of the old gang is not. (It may, however, bother her when well-meaning people say insensitive things like “So…no ring yet?” Hello! She is only 20!)

There is another smart (and clever) choice that Kenna has made.

Even though she doesn’t have a ring on her finger, she has been writing to her husband for the past 6 1/2 years–since she was 14 years old.

When she was in junior high, she grabbed herself a journal and began pouring out her heart to the man who will someday place a ring on her finger.

Although I have no idea what she’s written (and I only recently found out she’d been keeping such a journal) I imagine when she feels lonely, or left out or “less than”, she is telling him how worth the wait it is to be in God’s will; how she is praying for him and wondering about him and looking forward to their future together.

If you are single, can I encourage you today?

You are loved.

You are valued.

You are so worth the wait.

And God loves you more than any man ever could. (spoken by the woman who learned quickly that a man does NOT make you whole, complete, happy, etc.. Only God plays that role).

If you are single, will you please leave a comment today telling us about you. Are you divorced? Widowed? Never been married? What is hardest for you about being unmarried?

Then, how about the rest of us married cyber sisters (who do NOT have perfectly happy lives) commit to praying for one of these gals today and tomorrow? (Feel free to comment below their words where it says “reply”. Even write out a short prayer if you’d like.)

One of our single sisters will be chosen to win this giveaway.

It includes:

~ a cute tote bag (from my cosmetologist daughter)

~ some Bath & Body Works PS I Love You Lotion (God’s words to you)

~ and a red faux leather journal from me (to write to your future husband or to pour your heart out to God. The Bible makes it clear that some people have the gift of singleness)

Remember, married or not, you are loved!


  1. I was married for 13 years. Although we don’t speak much, I still love the man because of the two wonderful girls we have together. I have been divorced for 7 years now….his choice, not mine. When I was a little girl I used to dream about being a wife and mother. I am VERY blessed to have my two girls .Seeing friends and family members together in this ‘couples world’ there have been many days when I would get lonely or depressed. I know…I have the love of my family but there were nights I cried out to God to put someone in my life that I could love and would love me back. Funny….once I finally decided that I would be OK on my own, God gifted me with a wonderful man. I don’t know if we will ever get married, but for right now, I feel blessed to spend time with him.

  2. I’m just now reading this and I really wish I had read it yesterday. I was having a total melt down yesterday about being single and it had nothing to do with Valentines Day. I truly feel the pains of being single as all of you have expressed. Singleness to me has been a total rollercoaster….I have my ups and downs. I find that if I thank God for my ups then I quickly recover from my downs. The biggest discovery has been that I can’t go a day without God being in the driver seat of my life and even though there are days that I don’t think He is going the right direction I have to pray for faith and trust that He is.
    Praying for all you lovely ladies!!!

  3. Wow…Kenna’s journal sounds like a gift beyond measure for one blessed man. Lord, I lift up all those who are single, that on this day in particular, a day that celebrates love, you would minister to their hearts in a tangible way that demonstrates your enduring, everlasting love for them. In Jesus name, Amen!

  4. I’m 29 and have never been married. I’m still waiting to see if God has a husband for me. In Christian circles people seem to marry younger so by the time you get to 29 there don’t seem to be too options or at least that has been my experience. I used to be bothered by being single but not anymore. Truly there’s are many blessings and advantages that come with being single and I choose to focus on that & not what I’m missing out on.

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