God’s Job? Eternal Results. Our Job? Earthly Obedience.

In late summer 2010, I ran a post entitled Nine Doors Down where I talked about our job being obedience to God’s nudging and His job being to bring about results.

Although it generated only a couple dozen comments, it continues to be a post that women write me about even years later.

And, it is a post that has come back to speak to me too.

Just like my neighbor in the post who died suddenly, another person whom I’d met only briefly died suddenly recently. You may have heard of him too.

Jeffrey Zaslow contacted me over a year ago about a book he was writing based on the bridal store where I got my dress in 1985. Although he couldn’t use my story (since the book is about daughters and neither my mom nor daughter had ever bought their dress there too) we had a delightful conversation and exchange professional contact info.

He, though a famous writer, was so encouraging and humble.

He said he had poked around my site, and the sites of some of my Proverbs 31 sisters and liked what he saw. (He later contacted this one for a story he was doing on work-at-home moms).

Recently, when his new book The Magic Room released, I wanted to attend one of his book signings to meet him in person and ask how I could pray for him.

I didn’t.

Then, I thought about emailing him or leaving a voice mail message on his office phone offering my congratulations and wishing him God’s best.

But I didn’t.

Just a few days later I heard that, while in northern Michigan promoting his book, he lost control of his car on a snowy road and died.


He is survived by his wife, Sherry, and three daughters, Alex, Eden and Jordan.

I am closing my comments today and resending you to my original Nine Doors Down post. You may leave any comments there.

Maybe one of you need to read it.

I know I need to re-read it and then……..obey.

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