His Revolutionary Love Giveaway & a Facebook Party!

I have a few fun offerings for you today; one is a giveaway and one is a Facebook party!!!

First, the party:

Join Time Warp Wife (my cyber friend, blogger and New York Times best-selling author Darlene Schacht) for a Facebook party this afternoon from noon to 3 pm CST.

If you have a Facebook account, simply head over and “Like” her page (Time Warp Wife) then join us for the PARTY!!!

There are some hip and helpful prizes from Ann Voskamp, Sally Clarkson, Amy Bayliss, Jenny Ervin, Brooke Lamkin and even some cool stuff from an Etsy shop.

I’ll also be giving away three signed copies of my books and a Starbucks card to go with each.

Hope to “see ” you there!

Now, for my guest today and her giveaway:

Do you remember Valentine’s Day in high school?  Lynn Cowell, does!

Her passion is to empower girls and their moms with confidence and positive self-esteem that comes from Jesus’ radical love. See if you can relate…

I hated Valentine’s Day.

Most of all, I hated the annual flower fundraiser.

When that day started though, I was hopeful. Maybe there was someone who would use this day to express how he really felt about me.

First block, second block, lunch.


Fourth block…. Then “the flower girl” glided into our room.

She called my name! I saw it; the pink flower. SOMEONE wanted to ask me out!

My heart began to flutter. Then I saw who it was from. Really? Him?

For a brief second, I allowed myself to get excited.

Then reality kicked in.

“There’s no way this can be true.” He was popular; I was not. There’s no way he would want me.

I shoved the flower down in my backpack. I feared it wasn’t real, so I acted like it never happened.

Never knowing the truth was better than finding out it was a joke.

Since then I have discovered Jesus has chosen me; chosen a life for me. His plan is for him and me to live out life together with purpose and to make an eternal difference.

You too are chosen! You are not an accident; nor a mistake. You are a person of worth and purpose created by God.

When a girl is picked as the Homecoming queen, is she shy? Does she try to run away when they put the crown on her head?

No! She is confident and self-assured; you can be too. You are chosen!

Do you have a teen girl in your life who needs to know this truth? Consider sharing “His Revolutionary Love” with her for Valentine’s Day!

Today, one person will be chosen to receive a signed copy of “His Revolutionary Love” along with Lynn’s DVD from her “Revolutionary Love” teen conference.

Simply leave us a Valentine teen memory from your past (or perhaps one from your own teen’s life—with their permission, of course!)

Or, if time is tight because you are trying to get all your Valentine’s mailed, just say “I am chosen!”

Winner will be announced Monday.

Hope to see you at the party later today on Facebook!


  1. We really don’t celebrate Valentine’s, being on one income don’t always have the funds to buy things for the kids or each other. But we do try to make it a family night having a nice meal with everyone at home. My 19 year old would love the book and party. She was actually conceived on Valentines Day 20 years ago this year. I made her dad’s 2 favorite things for dinner (Taco Salad and Angel Hair Pasta) and then he gave me special gift LOL!!!!

  2. I know that Valentine’s memories are hurtful for so many…but I must share this for it’s my story of love, my gift from God. 31 years ago I received a Valentine’s Day Card signed Your Secret Admirer from Tilghman Church slid through the vent opening in my school locker. I think he thought I might have more than one Secret Admirer and had to distinguish himself. Oh, could it be true, the handsome senior with the singing voice of an angel? OR was it the guy with freckles? I showed the card to my best friend who had no scruples. She marched into our next church Youth Group meeting and demanded to know who put the card in my locker. Oh heavens! it was the handsome senior. We went on our first date two months later. We will be married 30 years this coming October. He is my best friend, and I thank God everyday for my Secret Admirer Valentine!

  3. Wow, to go back and remember Valentine’s Day at school(no thanks). I will stick with the present and remember I’m chosen. I will be passing this along to my daughters.

  4. Sounds like Valentine’s Day has got some mixed reviews!

    I agree that we should just tell those we love that we love them year round, but for those of us with teen girls, this day is really a tough one if they don’t have a boyfriend. Their world says “Boy + Me = Valuable”.

    Let’s be a part of a movement of moms that revolutionizes that thinking by teaching them, “You are Loved” “You are Valued”!

  5. I am Chosen! This is something I really want my 14 year old daughter to learn and understand. It is better to be loved by God than worry about a boy. :)

  6. i work at a public high school and, guess what? They STILL have the carnation sale! I wish I had money to send every student a carnation! I could just send some anonymous ones .. ? :) This could be worse though .. the not knowing … Would my 13 yr old really want to receive a carnation from her mother? :)

  7. I always thought Valentine’s Day was overrated when I was a teen. But now I actually like it a lot (and not because I’m married) and never wanted my kids to feel the way I did so we made it into a fun family night for us! We always have heart-shaped pizza and a game or movie night.

  8. My daughter is shy, she is beautiful and she knows she is chosen. She was crowned the Homecoming Queen at her high school this past October. I am very proud of the “Jesus Girl” she is becoming!

  9. I am chosen, and so are my 2 teen daughters. Thank you for sharing about the book today! I definitely want to get a copy for my daughters. I want them to be confident in who they are in Christ and know they ARE chosen!!!

  10. I remember when I was 16 getting a huge teddy bear & a dozen mixed colored roses from my boyfriend who is now my husband of almost 25 years!

    Janet W.

  11. I am chosen & so are my daughters ! I need to help my teenage daughters understand this !! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I went on my first date on Valentines Day to Olive Garden my senior year of high school…we went on to date for almost four years.

  13. I was mixed about Valentine’s day as a teen. If I had a “Valentine,” it was great! If not, I hated Valentine’s day and didn’t want to see another box of chocolate hearts ever again! :) But thankfully I always had great family and friends who would make me feel special. I love the message of His Revoluntionary Love!

  14. Oh – the dreaded Valentine carnation sale!! Who among us doesn’t cringe at the sight of a carnation, even now? SO glad to be past that, and be able to parent from a place of experience!

  15. Valentine’s Day memories . . . horrible. In fact, struggle to this day with it! Why spend money to tell my husband and kids I love them when I have an opportunity to show them every day of my life? Oh well; thank you for the give-a-way!

  16. I always hated Valentines day as a young girl. I was always the one that never got a flower. I don’t think schools should even do that. But now I have my two precious kids and my husband and I can give them sweet treats and let them know how much I adore them so it’s all good!

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