How Big is Your “But”?–Made to Crave Weekend Giveaway–Times 5!!!!!!

Do you have a big “but”?

No, I don’t mean as in the one you try to wriggle into your skinny jeans each morning.

I mean a big “but”, as in an excuse, a crutch, a reason not to tackle something you know you should.

Last year, while searching for a video clip as part of my church’s Creative Arts Team, I came across a hilarious video about some of the big “buts” we all have when it comes to our walk with God.

Click here if you want to catch this convicting, yet humorous three minute clip. (Be sure to come back for the big “but” giveaway.)

I am convinced (because I’ve seen it in my own life) that one of the biggest areas where we pull out our big “buts” is when it comes to our eating and exercising habits (or lack thereof!)

My friend and ministry partner Lysa TerKeurst, author of the New York Times bestseller Made to Crave and its awesome companion products, is hosting a free webcast this coming Monday , February 20th on our big “buts”. Her book helps you satisfy your deepest desire with God, not food. She says this about the webcast:

We all face obstacles too big to overcome yet some find victory while others live in defeat. Could the difference be our buts?

Learn how to turn your “but I…”excuses into “but God…” exclamations with every obstacle you face!  If you’ve ever struggled to overcome an area of defeat in your life, this 30 minute Biblical teaching will give you an amazing fresh start.

In anticipation of this webcast, today Lysa is allowing me to give away five—yes FIVE!!!!–copies of the Made to Crave 6 week teaching dvd along with a participant’s guide workbook for each.

This teaching series can be done alone or with a group and it is sure to arm you with some determination to get over your big “but”, whatever it may be.

I did this study at my church last winter with a group of 27 gals from many churches and walks of life. You will LOVE it!!!

Now, in order to be entered, simply leave a comment here with what your biggest “but” is when it comes to eating healthy, moving more or placing something (or someone!) else before your relationship with God.

I’ll bare my “but” and go first…..

“But, I am sick and tired of fighting to get to (or sometimes stay at) a healthy weight. It isn’t fair some women seem to eat whatever they want and still be naturally thin. Now, hand over the cheesecake. I am depressed!”


Now show us your big “but”! Winners announced Monday.

NOTE: If you want to sign up for this free webcast, head over to Lysa’s site and do so in the sidebar.



  1. But I am so tired-I will just take a little nap and then get start the housework. 3 hrs later-still no housework started laundry piled up, dishes to empty out of the dishwasher before I can refill it.
    But MOOOOOMMMMM!! I have homework…that would be a great excuse–if she didn’t have missing assignments!!
    Tomorrow…I will do it tomorrow…I will come home from work and get caught up tomorrow. But, my daughter has to be at work from 5-8 and my son has to be picked up from weightlifting at 5:30 then I need to drop him off at his dad’s. Then I try and rationalize going back to McDonald’s to eat while I wait for my daughter to get off work. Maybe I will get started on my homework–after I get some fries. Then I beat myself up for eating the fries..and say to myself…I will go join the Y tomorrow. But….a long day at work and I just don’t have the energy to drive and get signed up. But-I know if I got there and exercised, I would have the energy to accomplish my tasks. The life of me-a single mom.

    1. I am sorry – I didn’t mean to do it twice, it took awhile for the comment to come up, so I entered it again and then they both popped up! :)

  2. But- I take care of everyone else, how in the world do I have time to take care of me too! :( Also, for some strange reason, I think deep down, I am scared to succeed.

  3. But, overreating is the only way I know how to make myself feel better for just a few moments even though it hurts me, too.

  4. My biggest “but” right now is the time required to care for my mother. I do not regret deciding to care for her but it is taking time I didn’t expect it to at this time. She wants me where she can see me most or the time so it is difficult to have time alone to study except at night after she goes to bed. I really would love to have the teaching material as I think it would help boost me along. God bless you all as you continue to serve Him!

  5. But… I have spent the last 20 years putting everyone else in front of myself and now I realize that I have no idea how to start putting my needs first. Just this morning I prayed for guidance to lose the weight and begin exercising so I may enjoy the next 50 years with all the people I have put first all these years.

  6. But, this and But that…I have four children…I run them here and there…by the time I run them where they need to be and still cook dinner, clean up dinner dishes, clean the bathrooms, vacuum, laundry….I am just so tired. I am so tired that I literally fall into bed. I already get up early to focus my day starting with the Lord…I don’t want to give up more sleep. HELP!!!!

  7. my biggest but is….eating habits. I’m trying so hard to make better, healthier choices BUT….it is so easy to quickly grab the “crappy” stuff. Why does the healthy stuff take so much longer to prepare??? I know, when I am organized the healthy stuff is just as easy to grab!!!!!!!!!

  8. my “but” is usually the same everyday. at least i’m consistent.
    when i get out of bed, i “have” to get breakfast going, get dressed,
    then i “need” to check my emails, which ends up being a lot
    longer time period than i planned for. where did “God the father”
    fit in? He didn’t, all my other “gods” did.

    i like to believe my heavenly father, “God” comes first in my life,
    but if i look at my day, He sometimes doesn’t even make it on
    my list.

    “Oh Father God, please forgive me for putting “You” last when if
    i had put you first, as “You” always put me first, my day would
    have been so much better.” i’m sure my day wouldn’t have been
    perfect, “but” i would have made it through the day better off.
    i would have had more peace, joy and contentment. “Father help
    me make it the day i make “You” first in my life.

    thank you Father God,
    your weak child,

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