Read Your Bible, Change Your Life. Interview with Kylie Bisutti & Giveaway with Rachel Lee Carter & Shari Braendel

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I love reading stories of lives changed because of Christ.

Whether it is the apostle Paul, who once persecuted Christians, turning into a bold believer or my son’s new friend David (whom he met at a gas station) who recently left a life of drugs and sin for a life lived scouring and devouring his new Bible and learning about God in church each Sunday.

Young Christians excite me.

They are eager.

They are fearless.

They are authentically fresh.

They haven’t been trained to give “Sunday School” answers or rattle off a list of legalistic “dos and don’ts” without having a clue what the Bible really says about them, only what they have been told “real Christians” believe.

They also seem to have a genuine quality about them that I find incredible— and sadly often lacking in the lives of believers who have walked long with Christ–(me included!) It is this:

They read the Bible and it changes their life.

The woman, a new believer, who reads that adultery is a sin–and then promptly moves out of her boyfriend’s home although she has no placed to go.

The once tax-cheating businessman who reads God’s word one day and becomes so convicted that he figures out how much he owes the IRS by his cheating and pays it back.

I stumbled across one such person recently.

First I saw her on the national news.

Then my friends Courtney and Clare were able to have dinner with her.

Last week, she and I met (via email) and I discovered a bold young Christian who recently one day read her Bible and it changed her behavior.

She read that her body was to be for her husband’s eyes only. (Perhaps not a verse too hard for a middle-aged mom like me to obey. You know, make sure my summer shorts aren’t too revealing and such.)

For her, however, reading this scripture with the intention of obeying meant she would need to walk away from some activities in her life.

Oh yeah, and from a LOT of money.

You see she was a Victoria’s Secret model.

She’s not anymore.

Meet Kylie Bisutti:

Kylie– how did you first get started modeling?

I first started modeling at age 14. My mom any out some headshots of me to local agencies and I got picked up by one. They sent me to Thailand, Japan, and I moved to New York by myself at age 16.

What caused you to begin to think you might want to stop taking on certain jobs that you felt were in conflict with your faith?

God works in His children in His timing. I wasn’t even convicted about certain jobs five years ago that I’m convicted about now. He is just continuing to mold me and shape me into His image and it’s a daily thing.

Christ opened my eyes to the fact that I wasn’t honoring Him or my husband by modeling in lingerie and other things. He showed me through His word how to change and He completely reshaped the desires of my heart that were not centered on Him two years ago.

How have others responded to your decision– both those in your family and circle of friends and those in the industry?

All of my friends and family love my decision and are so thankful to God that He has changed my ways.

I have gotten a few negative responses from people in the modeling industry, but no matter what choices people make in life there will always be someone out there who doesn’t agree.

I know you’ve said publicly that you want to be a role model for young girls. What is the most important piece of advice you want to relay to them?

Christ is the ultimate role model, so I’m just striving to live in His image and hope that other girls will see what that looks like. I want girls to see themselves as Christ sees them, for their hearts; their inner beauty and not their outward appearance.

WOW! Kylie’s decision has rattled the modeling world.

As I have viewed some of her on-air interviews, I have been impressed with how she says that reading her Bible was what made her leave behind modeling articles that were too revealing.

Some people who say they are believers, when finding out she has been a Christian for a few years but only recently became so convicted she walked off the runway of immodesty, have chosen to criticize; to finger-point or slam publicly with cutting comments on websites.

I actually was very convicted by her actions.

How many of us who have been believers for YEARS do what she did–read our Bible and then make a change let alone one that costs us friendships, status or money?

No, we read  about having a gentle tongue…..and then close our Bibles and a few minutes later snap at a family member with a cutting tongue instead.

We read we are not to gossip…and then we hop on the phone to “discuss” another person with a friend, cloaked cleverly as a prayer request of course.

We read…..but we don’t always change.

This gal read and then was changed.

When I grow up, I want to be more like her!

Since I am featuring Kylie today, I have asked two friends, both in the fashion industry, if they would offer a giveaway of their books and they agreed.

The first is Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad by fashion expert Shari Braendel

The second is Fashioned by Faith by model Rachel Lee Carter of Modeling Christ.

To be entered to win a signed copy (we’ll give away a couple of each book), leave a comment of encouragement or a prayer for Kylie here (she has been under attack big time!) or tell us what your greatest fashion challenge is.

Mine currently is trying to fit the pant legs of my jeans into the trendy boots my daughter got me for Christmas. She told me I need to lose the boot-cuts and get me some skinny jeans!

Ok—leave your comment!

Please note: We kindly ask that you keep your comments to the areas specified above. We realize that there are still many pictures out floating on the Internet that Kylie wishes she could remove but she simply can’t. And remember please, we are talking today about letting the Bible alter our actions not debating definitions of modesty. Thanks!


  1. This message is for Kylie: I want you to know that even though I have never met you, I just read your story today & I know that God is glorified through your decision. Yes, the devil will continue to assault you b/c he knows that you did right & he can’t stand to see God win but as you keep yourself in prayer & in His word daily You will grow stronger. May God bless you as you strive to walk His way each day.

    Karen: Thank you for this blog post & for the challenge to do right no matter what the cost! I needed this encouragement today. Also, thank you for the chance to win some books!

  2. kylie, this whole thing is ab ig deal to me. i have had a bit of a hard time dealing with immodesty for years now. there are some things i just dont get nor understand bit this book and your example is a big highlight for me. your example and courage means a lot to many because there seems to be only HOLLYWOOD as a guide to fashion. and we as CHRISTIANS need inspiration from GODS fashion point of view. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THAT FOR US!

  3. Kylie, you are a huge encouragement and example to so many. I have a 10 year old girl who has been deeply impacted by your model of a Godly, Christian woman, fighting the good fight to be modest and walk in uprightness before her God! Thank you so much, and keep standing for God! Great is your reward in heaven!

  4. “He is just continuing to mold me and shape me into His image and it’s a daily thing.”
    I was blessed by this comment. It’s not about a one-time (monumental!) decision to leave the epoch of the modeling industry. It’s about continual obedience to God. Thank you for doing your part in helping men to see our bodies as vessels of the Holy Spirit rather than objects of lust.

  5. Kylie, when you’re bringing glory to God, you have him on your side. I pray that he would give you and your husband strength and continue to bless you!

  6. Dear Kylie, Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful and inspiring example of faith-in-action and for your public testimony of how delving into God’s Word can and should change our everyday lives and decisions. Sending love and prayers to you, Becky E.

  7. My biggest fashion challenge is how to dress in a feminine way that reflects well on my hourglass figure, without drawing excessive attention from the people around me. I’m fine with the figure He gave me, but I’d like if it didn’t seem to gather so much notice (even in a pair of jeans and loose tunic!).

  8. I am so proud of Kylie. She is a woman after God’s heart. It is not at all easy to stand up for our beliefs and convictions, to both un-believers and believers. But the Lord is her strength. I know she will be blessed and will find favor because of her willingness to live holy. I think it was David who said how can I give anything to the Lord that costs me nothing. What a beautiful act of worship Kylie is living out in her life and her choices to model Christlikeness even in the world of modeling and fashion. You are a blessing and an inspiration. God bless you sweet sister in Christ.

  9. Karen,

    I love that you included such a story as this, which is really, as I perceive it, letting God into right where you are. You are a wonderful blogger and I think you look fab in the bootcuts, skinnies, wide legs, bell bottoms… you name it, nothing can contain your beautiful self!


    You just do what God is asking you to do. Don’t be afraid. Love Him wholly.

    :) Linz

  10. Kylie, I admire you for taking a stand for what you believe in. As soon as I read about your decision, I talked to my family about it. I am trying to teach my daughter the importance of modesty, and have shared your story with her. Thank you for being bold and following where Christ is leading you. I know He has great plans for you!! hm

  11. Kylie,
    It is a bold and courageous thing you have done, and I praise God for your devotion to Him. You are a role model to young girls as you strive to model yourself after Christ. I pray God’s favor upon you for peace, assurance, strength and wisdom as you continue to walk in His way.


  12. Kyile, Thank you for being someone I can tell my girls about, someone who stood up for their faith and who set an example!

  13. Kudos to you Kylie my sister in Christ. Thank you for making a public demonstration of your faith and for choosing the Lord’s way over the secular way. The world would have us believe that followers of Christ are a small majority and shrinking. Thanks to you I know that is not the truth. You have inspired me to keep on keeping on. Those who are critical of our choices most of the time are secretly envious of us (that is from my personal experience). So you go girl and keep doing what you are doing. Jesus loves you. Roween

  14. Dear Kylie,

    Thank you for being obedient to Christ’s calling to modesty. I have 2 young adult daughters who need to see beautiful Christian women standing up for their convictions!!! No matter how much opposition you may receive, hold fast to the truth of God’s Word. We all are being transformed into His likeness. Your obedience is pleasing to Him. God bless you dear sister :)

  15. How brave, how counter culture! Love watching God at work transforming us!

    My greatest fashion challenge right now is find cute (hip) clothes that fit my 40 something, had 3 kids body on my budget!! Wowsers!

  16. Thank you, Kylie, for stepping out in faith and obedience. I pray that many will be reached and encouraged to make a life change because of your courage and faith.

  17. Dear Jesus, I am asking you to surround our dear sister in Christ, Kylie, as she is fighting serveral battles right now. Lord she wants to honor you in ALL her ways. Please grant her the courage to stand strong for you in all her decisions. Do not let others tell her that she is not worthy…for she is worthy. She is striving like most of us to be in your image. Help her to keep strong, to look ahead and to look above to your cross. I ask all these things in your holy and precious name, Amen.

    Kylie…you are such an inspiration to all young women today. As a mother of two teen age daughters it is hard to find someone for them to look up to in todays society. May you stay strong in your walk and never look back. Jesus will be with you all the way…Be blessed because you are a blessing to others around you.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin :)

    ps-fashion faux paus….I dress to much like a mom…purchase for my children first and mom last.

  18. Kylie, thank you so much for being a role model that i can show my daughters. Your obedience in the face of peer pressure is so inspiring. May God bless you for taking His Word to heart and acting on it.

  19. Kylie, We all have made mistakes and then have to endure the criticism or ridicule of others. I know God knows your heart and He knows your love for him. You keep leaning on the arms and words of God, his love is the only love and grace is the only type of forgiveness out there and that is his gift sent to you in the form of Jesus Christ who came to save us ALL from our sins, no one excluded. YOU, Kylie, are a child of God, He says so, John 1:12; His strength flows through YOU,, John 15:5; YOU are a friend of Jesus, John 15:15; YOU are no longer condemned, Rom. 8:1; your body is HIS dwelling place, 1 Cor. 6:19-20, Gal 2:20. I have several more I could give you, but I just wanted you to have some really good reminders, God’s word is supreme and amazing and full, full of love for you. I love your story and pray your story will touch thousands of young girls who try too hard to be liked by guys for all the wrong reasons. God is the one true love we all deserve. Keep your nose in that book! Love you, Kay

  20. Kylie,
    My advise is “To be strong and courageous” and you already have. I don’t have girls in my house- I have 2 impressionable boys. I am so excited for your example of being modest and humble that it will be an example to young girls and that they will dress more modestly so that my boys can remain pure and not lustful over someone that they can never have. So continue to be strong. May God bless your decision and may your influence cross many generations.

  21. Thanks for being a great role model, young people need it so much today…It is awesome that you took a stand for God…Lisa

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