Valentine’s Giveaway

Well, I planned to have a Valentine’s post and giveaway for you today.

Then, the school called to say my “baby” was sick (all nearly six feet, 200+ pounds of him!)

So, I’ll still feature the giveaway. Just no time for the post.

Got me some chicken soup to whip up and a doctor’s run to make. (And, of course, a Yoda Soda to grab for the patient at Biggby Coffee on the way home from Doc R’s!)

I’ll keep this post up until Friday when I hope to have a guest blogger featured with another love-themed giveaway.

That is unless I catch whatever my boy’s got. Ach–ooo!!

Okay then, here is a just-for-fun-no-lesson-or-lecture-to-go-with-it Valentine’s giveaway. It includes:

~ Some Dark Kiss lotion from Bath & Body Works

~ A bag of Hershey’s dark kisses for you

~ A bag of dark chocolate M & M’s for the kiddos in your life (or…let’s be honest….perhaps for you too!)

~ Some Joe Boxer warm, fuzzy lounge socks

Okay— to be entered, leave a comment telling us your favorite thing to have when you are sick. Mine is Stewart’s Key Lime soda.

Or, if you are slammed today, have a sick one to care for yourself or can’t think of an answer, just say “Dark chocolate”!

Winner announced Friday. :-)


  1. At the hospital all day with mom yesterday so just posting now. But in our house when you get sick, it’s green curry with veggies and ginger tea. We burn whatever it is out of you. Ginger tea is the best thing but is not tasty.

  2. My favorite thing is a grilled cheese sandwich and hot bowl of chicken noodle soup, lots of covers and pillows too!

  3. When I am sick with a cold I want orange juice and NEVER drink it any other time. When I am sick with stomach issues, I want KFC’s mashed potatoes and gravy and had LOTS of them while I was pregnant with both of my children. :) I hope your baby is feeling better soon and you stay away from it!

  4. When I’m sick, I love a bowl of egg drop soup with green onions. Something my mom always made when we weren’t feeling good.

  5. definitely homemade chicken noodle soup…it’s the best comfort food whenever you are feeling down and out! peppermint tea doesn’t hurt either :) Hope your son feels better…;it’s hard to see your kids feeling bad.

  6. I want my hubby to check on me to make sure I am doing ok just like my mom used to do when I was small. For the upset stomach it needs to be chicken noodle soup! Knowing someone cares is what matters no matter how “old” a person gets.

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