Valentine’s Giveaway

Well, I planned to have a Valentine’s post and giveaway for you today.

Then, the school called to say my “baby” was sick (all nearly six feet, 200+ pounds of him!)

So, I’ll still feature the giveaway. Just no time for the post.

Got me some chicken soup to whip up and a doctor’s run to make. (And, of course, a Yoda Soda to grab for the patient at Biggby Coffee on the way home from Doc R’s!)

I’ll keep this post up until Friday when I hope to have a guest blogger featured with another love-themed giveaway.

That is unless I catch whatever my boy’s got. Ach–ooo!!

Okay then, here is a just-for-fun-no-lesson-or-lecture-to-go-with-it Valentine’s giveaway. It includes:

~ Some Dark Kiss lotion from Bath & Body Works

~ A bag of Hershey’s dark kisses for you

~ A bag of dark chocolate M & M’s for the kiddos in your life (or…let’s be honest….perhaps for you too!)

~ Some Joe Boxer warm, fuzzy lounge socks

Okay— to be entered, leave a comment telling us your favorite thing to have when you are sick. Mine is Stewart’s Key Lime soda.

Or, if you are slammed today, have a sick one to care for yourself or can’t think of an answer, just say “Dark chocolate”!

Winner announced Friday. :-)


  1. It depends with what I am sick with but if it is a cold usually soup or scrambled eggs. Stomach issues is a whole different matter and I do not eat again until I get hungry.

  2. mmmm my favorite thing to have when I am sick… a good book, a bowl, and a glass of ginger ale and saltines. The book is to keep my mind off of being sick, the bowl for… emergencies, and the ginger ale and saltines are to try to settle my tummy so I don’t need to use the bowl… oh yes, a clear path to the bathroom! :)

  3. When I am sick, I want my quilt that my mom made (she is no longer here on earth) so I get to have my mom, and then I want ginger ale. If being sick has a sore throat then orange sherbet! Praying that your little “big” one feels better soon. Nothing like being sick to get time with your sweetheart!

    Smiles and Blessings,
    Robin :)

  4. I always have peanut butter captain crunch when I’m sick. :) it’s the only time I buy it. Gotta have I something good to save for illness times.

  5. Depends on the kind of sick, but if its the stuffy, runny nose kind, then soup and toast, I think, or maybe just whatever I don’t have to cook!

  6. When I have a cold, I want hot tea~~ if it’s a cough, I drink hot honey water ~~ and for upset stomach, the only thing that sounds good is Diet Coke and saltines!!!

  7. Potatoe soup!! YUM!YUM! Nothing warms a heart and sick self like hot potatoe soup. Wish I had a bowl right now.

  8. I like to crawl in my heated waterbed, close the curtains and sleep. But once I feel somewhat better I love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and 7 UP!

  9. Hawaiin Punch is the best for a cold. I don’t know why but that and chicken noodle soup with lots of noodles.

  10. Not what you asked, but I flashed back to stomach aches and peppermint candy (still reminds me of a stomach ache) and paregoric (I’m not sure that’s even around any longer.). These are 2 things I DON’T want! I do want a good book and some 7Up. And kinda leave me alone, please :-)

  11. Scrambled egg sandwich on soft white bread and Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Oh, and lots of sleep. (I love dark chocolate, by the way.) :-)

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