Winners & Losers

The five winners of a copy of the Made to Crave DVD teaching series by Lysa TerKeurst and a corresponding participant’s guide are:

Michelle B, Mandie Kellerman, Greta, Anna-Lisa & Patricia W.

Congratulations ladies! My assistant Kim will be shooting an email to you at the address you left when you commented. Please let me know how you like the study and, if you get an entire group together, Lysa and I would LOVE to hear about your progress!

For the rest of you, be sure to tune in tonight at 8 pm EST to the free webcast called How Big is Your But?

Head over to Lysa’s site to sign up in the sidebar or simply log onto tonight and watch!

For those of you who haven’t seen Lysa teach on the topic of Made to Crave, here is a little, bit-sized glimpse.

So, if you weren’t a winner of the weekend’s giveaway, you can still be a loser—lose those  big “but” excuses and lose whatever is weighing you down.

(Note: if you are reading this via email, you’ll need to click here to see the video)



  1. Congratulations to all the winners…in the end we are all winners. May you all have a blessed day! Smiles, Robin :)

  2. Thank you Karen for the generous gift.. I just emailed you assistant with my details. I really didn’t enter to win but to make a acknowledgement to Jesus about my biggest “but”. This journey has been long and arduous, but for God! I have wanted to write a letter to Lysa about all of details that led up to me reading this book but haven’t because I figured she gets thousands of these. I would like to if she would have the time to read it??
    This is my answer for what kind of Bible Study to do this Summer. I am grateful for the teaching and I will make sure others are blessed by it! Plan to watch Webcast tonight as I am home sick and cant go to my bible study. With many blessings, Michelle B

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