Hospitality Study Final Sign Up Details

Oh gals, I can hardly wait for our study to begin!

Here are some final details:

~ DO NOT PANIC if the book takes you a bit to get. Many places are sold out but the publisher put a rush on the printing and they be in next week. I will structure the study so it won’t matter if you haven’t started reading it yet by the kick off on Monday. You can get a copy hereherehere, or here. And yes, you can usually get it from a library too. Or, you can get the Kindle version and download a free Kindle app (both on Amazon) and read it on you computer or mobile device.

~ Speaking of reading, here is the LOOSE outline. (Lots of grace if you can’t keep pace so PLEASE still join us if you are behind on the reading!)

WEEK ONE: MARCH 19-25—Chapters 1-3

TOPICS: The heart of hospitality; Biblical examples; Family first; The difference between entertaining & hospitality

WEEK TWO: March 26-April 1— Chapters 4-7

TOPICS: Cleaning; Utilizing limited space; Decorating; Cooking for a crowd and kids

WEEK THREE: April 2-7—Chapters 8-11

TOPICS: Loving on other Christians; Hospitality on the road; God’s bigger picture; Wrap up ideas for keeping going

~ Remember, the study will take place here so be sure to sign up to get any new posts automatically by clicking on the envelope icon or entering your address in the top of the sidebar. That is the only sign up required. :-)

~ We will also interact on Facebook for those who would like more conversation and community. Head over and “Like” Karen Ehman’s Book Studies by clicking here. 

~ We will also showcase YOUR ideas each Friday. For those of you who have a blog, we will do a link up. For those who don’t, you can leave your ideas in the comments section. On Mondays, we’ll announce what the idea swap’s topic for that Friday will be. (Psst…Bloggers? Could you grab the button from my sidebar to share with your readers on your blog? Thanks!)

~The best part? The GUESTS!!!! Hospitality is all about having guests, right? Well, we will have 20 of them!  I have extended the study to include weekends too since I had so many guests who want to participate. They will each share a post on the theme of the chapters we are studying and offer a fabulous giveaway each day too!

~Now, to see the guests, take a peek at the trailer below: (If you are reading this as an email, you’ll need to click here to see the trailer.)


  1. I just joined this study and I have not gotten my book yet but I am looking forward to the blessing that will come as a result of this.

  2. Sorry, I am interested in study and have subscribed but still don’t see anywhere what
    time it will be held.

  3. Waiting for the book, looking forward to the study! Thank you so much for doing this. I love to learn!

  4. Thank you so much for this study. I am so looking forward to it. I really feel I have a lot to learn in this area.

  5. I too am very excited about this particular study! I am a real estate Broker and live in a golf resort in Florida and have lots of guests…. am always trying to think of new ideas, but more importantly how to make them feel special and welcome in a godly way.

  6. So if I am already subscribed, I’ll receive the study? I really want to do it, but it is confusing about where to sign up. There is no place that says to sign up for the study.

  7. I’m VERY excited about this study! I just ordered the book through Kindle! (love getting it instantly). I’m a Pastor’s wife and mother to seven blessings! I’m looking forward to learning & picking up more ideas about hospitality! Looks like a wonderful and practical study! Can’t wait!

  8. So excited!!! I’ve waiting on this for this… This subject has been heavy on my heart for a long time… Ready to get my act together with this study’s help and God’s inspiration..

  9. My husband is leaving in 10 days for another deployment to “the sandbox”. He has been home 5 months. We have 4 children and while he is gone it is imparative that we stay in study of the word, this study couldn’t come at a better time. THANK YOU!!!

  10. Hey all ~
    Like everyone else, I’m really looking forward to starting my first on-line study! :) FYI, you can also download Karen’s book to your nook – which I just did! Have a wonderful weekend…
    ~ Debbie

  11. Thank you so much for mentioning the ability to download the book from Amazon. It’s now on my pad, and courtesy of the cloud I should be able to read it on my phone as well.. I’ve just finished the intro and saw so much of myself in how you described yourself -basically hospitality challenged if I may describe it that way. I have highlighted the first of what will likely many passages. Your differentiation between entertaining and offering hospitality nailed me to the wall. I’m looking forward to what the rest of the book holds for me to learn.

  12. Hey, can I just win that free stay at a b&b in Georgia that Cheryl Cannington just mentioned? Wooo that sounds like a good time!

    Anyway, to the comment that I was originally going to leave before I got delightfully distracted by Cherl’s comment…

    Karen you are such a blog rock star! I love the video trailer, I love the book (bought one, read it then my mom bought one and then she bought one for her sister) and I love your house….. but I love the people living there the most!

    Just like I love the heart behind your perfect-teal colored blog!

    1. I, too, was wondering if there was a set time for this each day or if it’s “come-and-go” style :-) THANKS!

    2. Every day. THat is why I am having gals sign up to receive posts via email. One new one will come each morning with our study & a guest post & giveaway. :-) SO pumped!

  13. I can’t wait, this sounds what I have been waiting for for along time, thank you ! I am not a member of facebook or twitter, hope this does not matter.

  14. opt me out of this study. I can’t afford the book., and I might be doing another study soon.

  15. I am super excited about this study….bring on the guest :) Blessing to all for a wonderful spring weekend.

  16. I will be participating in your Hospitality Study starting next week. I have started reading your book and love it!

    I am an Innkeeper at a B&B in Madison, GA. You mentioned that you would be giving away prizes to participants. I will be happy to donate a night’s stay in our best room – The Hannah Room – if you would like to include that as a give-away. Value: $280

    Just let me know…

  17. I’m am I signed up or not? There is a lot of info on this page, so I’m not sure what to click to register or if I already????

    1. Hey Ashley–
      Simply click on the envelope icon at the top of the sidebar and enter your email address or enter your address in the box just below that envelope where it says “enter your email”. You just need to be getting my blog posts via email and you are set! There is no separate sign-up. Glad to have you!!!!!

      1. Karen,

        Thanks for posting how to sign up. I, too, was wondering what I needed to do. Very excited about the study. I just found out about this study and ordered my book so I am one of those that won’t have their book until mid-week next week (thanks to Amazon Prime). I appreciate your plan so people like myself won’t start behind. Bless you and thank you!

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