Hospitality Study Starts Monday!!

Just a reminder that our online hospitality starts tomorrow!

For the details once again and where to get the book, click here.

Can’t wait to be challenged and equipped and grow in this area TOGETHER!!

Remember to get a hold of a copy of the book and don’t worry if it isn’t here right away.

We’ll get started with some other material first.

And remember, each day we will have a guest and a fabulous giveaway.

There will also be opportunities for sharing your ideas too!

See you soon!


  1. I just came upon the Hospitality study today. I signed up a couple of hours ago. I am wondering if I will have access to the 1st week’s interaction, as well as receive the new emails. Thanks so much!

  2. Life has been really crazy for me this past couple of years. Reading your book and getting ready for this study has been like going home again to a place where I have time to listen to friends and family and they have time and want to listen to me. It makes me feel like a day full of laugher and hugs. Thank you so much for this wake up call.

  3. I always enjoyed going to my grandmothers. As an adult, she would do the same special things for my children she had always done for me. The special room was nicely prepared and the covers turned down in the evening before bed time. Breakfast was started just as we were getting up with the French Toast we loved always included. The weather, birds and smell of her cooking is there with me even now.

  4. I tried to sign up but when I click subscribe or on the envelope, it says web page not found. HELP!

    1. Just sign up for the RSS feed by clicking on the envelope at the top of the sidebar and entering your email address. You can also enter it in the bar under the envelope icon. Glad to have you!

  5. I am really looking forward to this study! I am bad about always putting off having people over because I stress out over all of the details. I am going to go download it on my kindle right now!!

  6. I got the ebook today. Read the first chapter and I was inspired by the question about putting off spending time with others. For me that would be my 80somethin’ parents. Thank you for your conformation of something I alrWwweady knew.

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