St. Patricks Day Giveaway & A Question Answered

The winners from the interview with Kylie Bisutti are:

Winning a copy of Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad:

Su@TheIntentionalHome  and Terri

Winning a copy of Fashioned by Faith:

Heidi J  and Krystal De Leeuw

My assistant Kim will be sending the winners an email at the address they entered when they commented. Congrats!

Back on this post, I did a blog survey. I wanted to find out who you were and what you did and didn’t like about this blog.

In the survey, there were also many places to leave a comment or ask a question. One question that popped up often was: How do you afford to do all these giveaways?

Glad you asked. Here is how:

My sweet mom taught me to be a bargain hunter. She finds amazing deals (and is one of those gals who finds Christmas gifts in July). She and I often, when going in a store, will say “Let’s visit our friend Clarence” (our code for the clearance section.)

Often now when I visit Clarence, I find great mark downs that would go perfect in a giveaway (one of the items today I got the week after Christmas at 75% off and another I got in the middle of the summer at nearly 90% off!)

While out at stores, I look for items that might fit a theme. Then, I stash them in my office closet (that also houses books that other authors want me to giveaway and my mailing supplies) until I need them on my blog.

Also, remember that often my giveaways feature someone else (who is actually giving away the book or prize) Those giveaways cost me only my time as I craft and post the interview.

Oh yeah, and there is a special someone  I know who has a little side business. That person gives a tithe of their profits to me each month to help pay for my personal giveaways, like today’s.

Speaking of giveaways. Here is a just-for-fun St. Pats one for you. It includes:

~ A tote bag from Target

~ A “Pot of Gold” box of chocolate (I found it at the end of the clearance rainbow!)

~ A rainbow of eye shadows in neutral tones

~ A single pot package of Hazelnut creme decaf coffee (it was supposed to be Irish Cream but my small town’s grocery store was out of that flavor!)

You have til 7 am Monday to leave a comment to be entered to win.

Tell us this: What is your favorite green thing? Pistachio pudding? Fresh cut grass?  (If you can’t think of something, just say “Pinch me!”)

I’ll go first—my husband’s eyes!

Have a great weekend!


  1. My fave green thing is new leaves on trees in spring, when they’re just opening up and are still the light, bright shade of green.

  2. Hmmmm…my older son loves green, so I have come to appreciate the color even more. I love green this time of year because it means that spring is coming…green grass, the green leaves of spring flowers. Green is also the color of palm tree leaves, and I LOVE anything tropical that helps me escape this Midwestern winter! :)

  3. My husband’s eyes or my two-year old son’s eyes, whichever I happen to be looking into at the moment

  4. Our almost 9-yr-old daughter was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so we have fun celebrating both occasions!!

  5. My favorite thing green are my large green eyes. Being of Armenian descent most people have brown eyes I used to wish I didn’t have green eyes but now I cherish them because I have a unique “Armenian” look. Plus I love anything mint :)

  6. I love springtime when things turn green and alive after winter. It reminds me of what Jesus died to do for us, change us from dead and dying to alive and living anew.

  7. I never used to like green! It was the color of my high school uniform! Now there are so many soft, pretty shades of green that I actually have 3 green clothing items in my closet. I got over the green thing years ago. My favorite green is a mint green, and I love all things mint!

  8. My favorite green things are the new leaves that are starting to appear on our trees here in Maryland-winter forgot to visit us this year!

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