Choosing Joy with Joyce Ashley

We have a guest today and she has a great giveaway for one of you!

I first met Joyce Ashley two years ago at our Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference. I knew instantly she was an encourager who loves God and serving women. My daughter Kenna and I got to witness this firsthand as we did a conference at her church last year.

Her smile is contagious and so is her joy. Meet her now:

Joyce J. Ashley is founder of JoyJoy Ministries and delights in sharing a double portion of the joy of the Lord with others.  She and her husband of almost 40 years (Pat) live near Douglas, GA. They have three children and six “grandjoys”!

Joyce is the author of a two books: JOYJUICE: Delightful Flavors of JOY in the Lord and Abundant JOY JUICE, Squeezed from God’s Word.

She is the writer and voice of a daily radio program called “Joy Juice” which airs on several stations in the South GA/North FL area.  Feel free to invite Joyce to speak at your next ladies’ event by contacting her via email at or visit her at “JoyJoy Ministries” on Facebook.  She, also, has a website at

Joyce partners with singer, songwriter Tammy Arant and writer, speaker Amanda Hayes to form Team RADIATE.  They are available to lead women’s conferences and events.  For booking contact Laura Beth Tucker at 229-392-7310 or email

Now, from Joyce’s heart:

JOYfully blessed!  That’s what I am!  If I had to write down my blessings of joy, it would be impossible to list them all….BUT one that would certainly be at the top of my list today is Karen’s invitation to share the JOY of JESUS with you!  So, thanks to Karen for this opportunity; and thank you for taking the time to read what God has placed on my heart.

About five years ago, I retired from the public school system.  I loved my job and considered it my ministry for many years.  These days, however, I like to say I’m reFIRED with a passion for sharing the JOY of Jesus! God blessed me with “JoyJoy Ministries” and a passion to share a “double portion” of the joy of the Lord with anyone and everyone who will listen!

Keep in mind that joy is not the same thing as happiness.  Happiness depends on what’s happening in our lives….our circumstances.  Joy is about relationship with Christ.  When we give our hearts and lives to Jesus, we can trust Him to be in control. No matter what challenges are tossed our way, we can count on the promise that “He will never leave us or forsake us”Deuteronomy 31:6

During my reFIREment, I have written hundreds of devotionals on finding the joy of the Lord in our daily routine. Here’s a sample of one “JOY JUICE” message that I pray will touch your heart and draw you closer to the Giver of abundant joy.

Taken from my latest book, Abundant JOY JUICE, Squeezed from God’s Word:

Have you had your Joy Juice today?  Drinking it faithfully is imperative to assure a life of abundant joy.

Abundance—what does that word mean to you?  I immediately think of a huge amount of something.  Sometimes we think we have an abundance of work.  Many days moms (& dads) have an abundance of laundry and housework.  Some probably feel that they have an abundance of yard work and chores.  And most likely, we all feel that we have an abundance of bills! J

Today let’s think of abundance from the perspective that Jesus taught in John 10:10. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”   What kind of abundance is Jesus speaking of in this verse?

In The Prayer of Jabez, Bruce Wilkinson tells us that the secret to true abundance is to want what God wants. That means that we love God so much that we put aside our desires and trust that God knows what is best for us.  He wants us to bring our needs and desires before Him, but when we do so, we need to be content with whatever answer He gives us.

Abundant life in Christ is living every moment soaking up His love, His will, and His direction.  Only then will we be overflowing with abundant joy…otherwise known as the “Joy Juice of Jesus!”  Drink it in and spill it out onto others today!

Okay gals– now for her giveaway. It includes:

 ~ A copy of both of her books

~ A RADIATE t-shirt (the winner will get to choose a size)

~  A pink “EnJOY the Journey” tote bag

~ A couple of “Outrageous & Contagious” JOY pens

~ And a bag of Almond JOYs!

To be entering into the random drawing, tell us one simple thing that brings you joy.

I’ll go first…….hearing my 80 year old father’s laugh as he attempts to keep his composure while telling my kids a funny story from his childhood.

Oh and coconut. Coconut always brings me joy. (May have to choose myself for today’s prize. Almond Joys are the best!)

And you? What is a simple thing that brings you joy?

(winner announced Monday)

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  1. Watching my kids laugh. Watching little kids that my daughter babysits come up to her when they haven’t seen her in a while and hug her. Young girls who have a crush on my son asking me where he is and how hard it is for them to ask me. Seeing my grass turn green after a long winter.

  2. Hearing my son laugh. He’s got the coolest laugh and it just seems to bubble out of him. Sometimes I tickle him just to hear it!

  3. I simply enjoy my beautiful grandkids. My 11 and 10 year old grandsons playing soccer as I watch I get so involve,I feel like I played the game with them. My 7 year old grandson is just a pure delight,with all his special hugs. After many prayers from these guys they finally got a baby sister she is 3 and purely delightful and she trys to keep up with her older brothers.,she can be a tomboy, and turn then into a beautiful princess. I also have 4 year old twin boys with whom I live with,they sure keep life hopping, Iam not good at hopping these days.
    All of there laughter is very cantageous,you cant help but experience pure JOY!
    Thank you Jesus for a beautiful family!!

  4. One of the greatest joys I have is watching my 10 year old son think up VERY elaborate games for him and his two sisters (5 and 3) and playing them with them. He dresses up with them, makes forts, and takes them on long (often an hour or more) ‘adventures’. Watching him with them warms my heart!

  5. My joy would be hearing my 2 year old and 10 month old daughters laughing and playing with eachother. When I had my younger daughter, my oldest did not like her but now they are getting closer and having so much fun together. It is such an amazing sight to see them laughing together, even though they both have the same evil sounding laugh like they are plotting something. Lol. No matter how bad of a day my husband and I have, we can just hear those laughs and everything is better.

  6. I am part of a bible study group that meets on Mondays. I can be a little down and go on Monday and leave with a feeling of Joy!!

  7. This joyful talk makes me think of that song-“Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice”– We do have so many blessings and family to be Joyful over. I have a small frame in my room that says “Rejoice” and my mom’s name is Joyce and one of her names she contributes on the net is “ReJoyce” –I am thankful and joyful for the time I am able to spend with my parents as they age. I am joyful for the times I am able to tuck my grandchild into bed each night and the memories he will have in my home. We truly are blessed and it is the little special moments. Thanks for helping us to be joyful and remember our blessings-whomever they may be.

  8. Joy…joy…joy…Oh how to find joy in the simple things of life. I can find joy in just looking at all of God’s creation around me…as it says in Job 37:14…”Stop! Consider God’s wonders” I just love looking at all of it. Rainbows, flowers, animals and my family

    May you find joy in your day!

    Smiles and Blessings,
    Robin :)

  9. I love hearing the laughter & giggling from my 3 sons as they are playing & getting along great! That is a true JOY!

  10. I am finding joy in revisiting stories of God’s Love in Scripture, specifically His incredible power and how He uses that even in the smallest of requests; for example, the story of the borrowed ax in 2 Kings 6. When the prophet prayed that the iron ax head that fell off into the lake would be found, it floated to the surface! It was only an ax head, after all. If God would answer such a simple request in such a grand and marvelous way, how much more will He do for us when we but ask!

  11. There’s a song which expresses exactly what brings me REAL JOY… “JESUS, YOU’RE the Center of my Joy. All that’s Good and Perfect comes from YOU. YOU’RE the Heart of my Contentment…. HOPE for all I do…. Oh, JESUS, YOU’RE the Center of my JOY!”. You can’t help but experience HIS Presence when you sing this to HIM, It brings me joy to know I’m pleasing to HIM…

  12. I find joy when my husband (pop-pop) asked my grandaughter (Taylor), “May I have this dance? and she says “sure” and then they dance. (watching Beauty and the Beast, she is 2 1/2 yrs). :)

  13. Hearing my 7 year old daughter’s “tinkly” laughter when she is amused; hearing my 13 year old son playing the piano; seeing the light of life shining in my 15 year old daughter’s eyes who has struggled with severe depression this past year; waking up beside my husband of almost 22 years. God has been so good to me even when I didn’t know Him.

  14. My JOY moments are abundant but one of my favorites is walking and talking about life with my sister every night. We can solve all sorts of the worlds problems. And we try to grow closer to God in the process.

  15. What brings me joy? Seeing my boys wrestle, the older kids reading to the younger ones. Taking a walk with my husband. Sitting alone in some quiet time with the Lord and reading his word. Witnessing a baptism and hearing about a change life! God is good.

  16. So many things bring me joy… my friends have taken to teasing me about how many things “bring me joy”. Among my top this week…seeing the sparkle return to my daughter’s eyes as she started to heal from a nasty infection that had invaded her body for the last 5 days., hearing my best friends 6 mos old baby boy belly laugh, watching God work all things for His good in a friends life.

  17. My joy is when my husband holds me tight and says he loves me. I’m going through a painful resignation from my job and just to have him hold me and affirm me is comforting and joyful!

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