Curb Appeal with Guest Darlene Schacht

Oh friends, my head is about to explode!

For two reasons, really. One, because there are so many goodies here for you today including two free e-books and a chance at a free night’s stay at a fantastic Georgia Bed & Breakfast! and our last swap and share day giving some hospitality on the road ideas and……

Because I am sick.

The sore throat, pounding sinus-headache, coughin’, creepin’ crud SICK!

But when I think of what day it is and what Jesus did for me by suffering on the cross? Well, a little creepin’ crud ain’t NOTHIN’!

Today’s guest is giving us ways to lay down a little of our lives in order to make our husband’s return home each day relaxing.

My new fabulously talented friend Darlene Schacht is here!

Darlene is an ordinary mom, living an extraordinary life, because of who she is through Jesus Christ.

As help-meet to her husband Michael, she guides and nurtures their four children, leading them toward a deeper walk of faith.

She is a New York Times best-selling author through the book she co-authored with actress Candace Cameron Bure titled, Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness.

You can find her blogging at Time-Warp Wife where she empowers wives to joyfully serve and on twitter.

My Desire for Curb Appeal defines hospitality this way: The friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.

It’s a wonderful thing to treat our guests with a friendly reception. I like it and I’m sure that you appreciate the extra effort too. It’s unfortunate however that many families don’t take the time to treat each other with the same level of respect.
When my husband walks through the door after a hard day at work, I like to offer him what I refer to as “curb appeal.” Curb appeal offers him a feeling of peace, respect and acceptance from the moment he steps into our home.

~ Take a look in the mirror an hour before your husband comes home to ensure that you are presentable. An hour allows ample time to hop into the shower if need be.

~ Go light on the perfume, but use great smelling soaps, shampoo, and antiperspirant so he’ll want to snuggle up for the evening.

~ If you wear makeup, put a little on before he walks in. Your goal is to look happy and radiant–not done up.

~ Dress in feminine clothing. Men are attracted to women, not fashion, so do your best to wear styles, fabrics and colors that remind him you’re a woman and not another one of the guys. Dress as well for him as you would for new friends.

~ Have all chores done before he walks in the door, and try to have things like the dishwasher and vacuum turned off.

~ Put aside your problems and be cheerful when he walks in the door.

~ Make your bed every morning so he has a comfortable place to rest at night or upon returning from work.

~ Ensure that the television and stereos are turned off so that the house is peaceful.

~ If the kids are excited about something, encourage them to wait about 15 minutes before they share their news.

~ Prepare dinner before he arrives. There’s nothing quite like the smell of home cooking when you walk in the door—especially when you’re cooking the food he likes.

~ Have the pots and pans washed ahead of time so that the kitchen is every bit as presentable as the meal.

~ If you have problems to deal with, wait until after dinner to spring it on him. Husbands are happier when their tummies are full.

~ Greet him at the door with open arms, a kiss, and a warm embrace.

~ Make an effort to look at him when he is speaking so that he has your full attention.

~ Close the computer if you’re on it, and if you’re chatting on the phone try to end the conversation and call her back later.

~ Have the children tidy up the front entrance when they arrive from school. Backpacks, jackets and gym bags make for an untidy greeting.

~ Do your best to have the house clean and organized at all times. He is working hard outside the home and needs home to be his haven of rest.

~ Don’t be angry if he’s working late, instead show appreciation for long hours put in.

~ Have the kids wash their faces, and change their clothing if they are soiled from play before Daddy comes home.

~ Don’t nag him or try to reshape his bad habits. Work on your own and practice acceptance at all times.

~ It is imperative that you defend your husband to your children and that they respect him at all times. Never allow them to grumble or complain about him whether he’s present or not.

~ Don’t compare him to other women’s husbands or to your father when it comes to your definition of a man. Love and respect go a lot farther than criticism ever will.

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. ~ Proverbs 31:10”

You are loved by an almighty God,

Ok gals—for the giveaways!

First, for a copy of Darlene’s free e-books; One on Esther, the beauty of courageous submission and one on Ruth, a woman of virtue, click here.

Then, one of you who leaves a hospitality on the road idea, either as a comment or as a link to your blog post on the topic, will win one free night’s stay at the Madison Oaks Inn & Gardens!!!

This stay, subject to room availability, is for the Hannah room, their nicest room and a $280 value! Thank you to Cheryl–the proprietor of the inn who read my book and contacted me with this generous offer!

This will be a great get-away for you and your hubby or a friend. (Sorry, no children under 13 and of course, this doesn’t include travel. You’ll need to get yourself to the inn which is about an hour from Atlanta.)

OK–please leave us a hospitality on the road idea: a clever way to reach out and love on someone that doesn’t involve your home but involves you going to them!

Is there a theme basket you could take a sports-lover, a bbq fanatic or ballerina?

Any way to bless a stranger? A faraway friend or relative by using the US mail?

What could you do for a new family in your church or neighborhood?

A coach, teacher or bus driver?

I can’t wait to see your ideas!

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you end your comment or post by putting in quotes “B & B” So I know if you’d like to win the Bed & Breakfast giveaway. If you are chosen at random as the winner and can’t get away to the inn, I’ll give you a different prize and pick another winner for the Inn.



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  2. Whenever I travel, I take small gifts (skin care sample sizes, etc.,) and leave with a note for the hotel guest clerk, housekeeping – anyone who has helped make my stay a pleasant one. These people are often overlooked and taken for granted – or take the blame! “B&B”

  3. Blessing bags. Little bags filled with practical items such as kleenex, handwipes, grocery giftcard, granola bars, mini deoderant and toothpaste. Keep them in your car so if you see a homeless person while you’re driving or someone that needs a little extra help at the grocery store you have something to give them.

  4. I like to make homemade cinnamon rolls and wrap them individually and put a scripture on each one, get to work before anyone else and have them sitting by the coffee pot. All the ladies are so appreciated and curious to who done it, later I see them have the scripture pinned to the bullentin boards or computers.

  5. As a young cancer survivor, I try to reach out to others recently diagnosed. I bring them a basket with a journal, a blanket, some pj’s that button for those having a mastectomy, a small devotional and a few happies that I find here and there. I bring them supper too.

  6. I just tried to post but I don’t think it went through. Anyhoo. When I go out with my husband I leave a note an the receipt at any restaurant we go to. I use to just do this on road trips but now I do it at every restaurant. I usually say something like “You are such a great person. Thank you for the kind-hearted service.” I will sometimes say more that is personalized for each waitor/waitress. I know that most of them will not think much of it. I also know that at one point, atleast one of them will read it and it will be a day when they really needed to hear that they were appreciated. :)

    B&B please!!

  7. One thing that I like to do on my road trips is any restaurant my husband and I go to, I leave a note to the waitor/waitress on the back of the receipt, even if they are sometimes tempermental. I usually say things like “You are an amazing person. Thank you for the kind-hearted service. God bless you!” and then I would sign my name. I know that not all of them will think much of it but I know that at one point, I will be writing it to some one who really needs to hear they are appreciated. I now do it at every restaurant, not just those on our road trip paths. :)

  8. Praying the creepy crud has creeped its way on down the road!!! I live about 4 hours from some of my closest family (mom, dad, siblings, etc.) so I’m thinking just calling to the local floral shoppe or bakery and having something delivered to them at work would be so much fun. I have an aunt that is having some issues right now with her adrenal gland (hormones) and she’s having a really rough time. I’m going to put together a little something for her to help encourage her and let her know that I am thinking of and praying for her! I’ve got to make a conscious effort to do better at reaching out to friends and loved ones!! Even just sending something like a card in the mail. . . . . . My pastor is getting ready to have knee replacement surgery tomorrow – I’m going to do something for him too!! :o) So excited and reenergized from this study. In fact, we had friends over last night and we did all kinds of fun stuff (very out of my comfort zone) with our kids! LOVED IT!!!!! Love the ideas of making my hubby feel excited about coming home – I work outside the home, but my #1 priority is my family!!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance for a great get away!!

  9. I like to take others a basket of homemade muffins and maybe some Chai Tea Mix. I make an assortmant of 3-4 types of mini-muffins that freeze well and take them to those who have had a birth, surgery/illness, or death in the family. Others often bring dinner, giving these muffins makes sure they have something quick and easy to grab for breakfast or a little snack. They can also freeze them and save them for a week when there is less food being brought over :)

  10. I like to put together a basket of fresh baked muffins to take to others. I make 3-4 types of mini-muffins that freeze well and deliver them with a card or maybe some Chai Tea Mix. I find that a lot of times others bring dinner after a baby, surgery, or death in the family. Bringing muffins gives them an easy breakfast or snack throughout the day and they can freeze them to enjoy later as well.

  11. I have sent notes to friends from highschool sometimes folded into the little triangles and pull-tab squares like we used to fold them way back when just for a little nostalgia. I also like to take my momma friends little care packages every now and then that includes a magazine, some bubble bath, and chocolate that I’ve removed the fat and calories from (white out the numbers in the nutrition info and write in zeroes :) ).

  12. It’s fun to bless someone when you are at a restaurant. You figure out which tables your server has and then ask them to give you the bill for one of their tables. It’s so fun to watch someone when they find out their bill has been paid! :-) “B & B”

  13. One of the nicest things I got when I got home from the hospital after having my babies was a full meal from KFC (including dessert!) I remembered this and this is something we still get together at work and do for someone who has just had a baby.

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