He Loves Me with Cindy Bultema (and a giveaway!)

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I love meeting new people.

A few years back, while waiting in the airport after our Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference, I met a cute redheaded woman. Her name was Cindy.

She had been at the conference and was flying home to her home state of Michigan which is where I reside too.

Since that time, I have gotten to know her and her crazy, wild story that includes going from being a cocaine addict to being a fabulous Bible teacher.


She is a walking portrait of the transforming power of God.

Her smile is contagious. Her passion for God and ministering to women is inspiring.

Now, you can meet her too.

Cindy blogs at *She Sparkles* on the topics of faith, mothering, and living “Fat Talk Free” Cindy is also a sought after women’s speaker, Bible teacher, and encourager.


As a member of Carol Kent’s Speak Up team, Cindy loves encouraging women to use their gifts for Kingdom purposes. Her most recent project is a video driven Bible study titled “Red Hot Faith” with RBC Ministries, recently filmed on site in Ancient Laodicea. Look for ”Red Hot Faith” Spring 2013.


Cindy lives in West Michigan with her husband John and their children Jake, Benjamin, Amanda and Sarah. They are active in their home church, Ada Bible Church. For more about Cindy, visit her at www.cindybultema.com.


Cindy has a new project that I want to tell you about. AND you might even win one of 5 copies of this DVD project she is giving away.

AND Cindy will be featured this coming Sunday (Mother’s Day) on Day of Discovery. Be sure to catch the show.(Details below)

He Loves Me: A Woman’s Journey to Peace (DVD)


Discover how you can find peace, even in the most tragic times of life. In the DVD presentation, He Loves Me, Bible teacher Cindy Bultema shares her personal testimony of God’s power that healed and restored her from a life consumed by addiction, low-self esteem, and loss.


Gain a better understanding of God’s love and faithfulness from her experiences. Find hope and encouragement to help you on your own journey to peace.


Discover how God can reveal the truth of your identity, pull you through the most tragic times in life, and bring you to a place of peace in Him.


The complete program will available to view on May 11 at www.dod.org and will air on the ION Television Network this Mother’s Day at 7:30 AM EST.


(Purchase information at Cindy’s website www.cindybultema.com)

To be entered to win one of the DVD’s, leave us a comment on this post telling us who you would share this DVD on finding peace in life’s storms with. Or, if you can’t think of someone, since Cindy’s blog is She Sparkles, tell us your favorite sparkly thing. :-)

Winner announced Monday.


  1. My daughter’s shimmer mousse. It tackles all the senses including hearing as it sounds like rice crispies.

  2. Thanks for sharing Cindy with us. I got joy visiting her website. I would share the video with family and the ladies Bible study group that I am involved with. My most sparkly thing is my lively little Bichon pup, Rocky.

  3. I would share this DVD with our women’s group at church, because really, who can’t use some encouragement in this area? My most favorite sparkly thing is definitely my wedding ring!!!

  4. I would share with my sister…and my favorite sparkly thing is my wedding ring on my finger!

    Smiles and Blessings,
    Robin :)

  5. I would love to share this dvd with others. I like to get ones that I think would help the most people, then share them at church, loan them to other groups or small groups. I have a desire to share with hurting women in prison, but so far that has not happened. In the mean time, there are hurting women every where, and many go to church! May God bless you for helping others in this way! My most favorite sparkle is in the eyes of children! ?

  6. I would definitely share this DVD with my mom. She just had a stroke back in April.

  7. I have a friend who needs this. She has been through so much these last few years. Her husband lost his job, they both have diabetes, her oldest son has been serving in Afganahistan, her middle son is going through a divorce. She is depressed all the time. I try so hard to keep her spirits up but at times I run out of ideas. I would share this DVD with her!

  8. I’d share the DVD with the 9 other ladies I join with for Bible study every Thursday morning.

  9. I work at a women’s college and I would share it with the young ladies here who come from all walks of life — sometimes with lots of baggage.

  10. I’d share this with my friend who is going through a tough time. And definitely with my sisters!

  11. We currently have some ministry with someone who has drug addictions. The struggles are hard for them! This would be a wonderful way to show them that God does care!!

  12. I would share with my sisters. We lost our mom to pancreatic cancer under some awful family circumstances. We still struggle with the horrible things that happened.

  13. Gosh – I can think of SEVERAL people I would love to share this with, but, really, who wouldn’t benefit??! :)

  14. I would share it with the oldest daughter who is away from God at the moment. I pray daily for the Shepherd to seek her out and draw her back into the fold. My daughter needs peace for the addictions in her live and I want God’s peace for the hard struggles in our lives.

  15. It sounds like something to add to the library of our Women’s Ministry, a rescource that can be directed to whichever woman is is need at the moment. We regularly enjoy DVD’s from God’s faithful servants. And we keep them on hand when we find someone who needs the encouragement and comfort of sisters who have “been there” and are not testimonies of God’s power.

  16. I would share her DVD with a few women I know going through very stressful time finding out their hubbys are addicted to drugs and Porn for most of their marriages and the wives had no idea and are devastated. I believe her Dvd can bring peace to them as well!!

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