He Loves Me with Cindy Bultema (and a giveaway!)

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I love meeting new people.

A few years back, while waiting in the airport after our Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference, I met a cute redheaded woman. Her name was Cindy.

She had been at the conference and was flying home to her home state of Michigan which is where I reside too.

Since that time, I have gotten to know her and her crazy, wild story that includes going from being a cocaine addict to being a fabulous Bible teacher.


She is a walking portrait of the transforming power of God.

Her smile is contagious. Her passion for God and ministering to women is inspiring.

Now, you can meet her too.

Cindy blogs at *She Sparkles* on the topics of faith, mothering, and living “Fat Talk Free” Cindy is also a sought after women’s speaker, Bible teacher, and encourager.


As a member of Carol Kent’s Speak Up team, Cindy loves encouraging women to use their gifts for Kingdom purposes. Her most recent project is a video driven Bible study titled “Red Hot Faith” with RBC Ministries, recently filmed on site in Ancient Laodicea. Look for ”Red Hot Faith” Spring 2013.


Cindy lives in West Michigan with her husband John and their children Jake, Benjamin, Amanda and Sarah. They are active in their home church, Ada Bible Church. For more about Cindy, visit her at www.cindybultema.com.


Cindy has a new project that I want to tell you about. AND you might even win one of 5 copies of this DVD project she is giving away.

AND Cindy will be featured this coming Sunday (Mother’s Day) on Day of Discovery. Be sure to catch the show.(Details below)

He Loves Me: A Woman’s Journey to Peace (DVD)


Discover how you can find peace, even in the most tragic times of life. In the DVD presentation, He Loves Me, Bible teacher Cindy Bultema shares her personal testimony of God’s power that healed and restored her from a life consumed by addiction, low-self esteem, and loss.


Gain a better understanding of God’s love and faithfulness from her experiences. Find hope and encouragement to help you on your own journey to peace.


Discover how God can reveal the truth of your identity, pull you through the most tragic times in life, and bring you to a place of peace in Him.


The complete program will available to view on May 11 at www.dod.org and will air on the ION Television Network this Mother’s Day at 7:30 AM EST.


(Purchase information at Cindy’s website www.cindybultema.com)

To be entered to win one of the DVD’s, leave us a comment on this post telling us who you would share this DVD on finding peace in life’s storms with. Or, if you can’t think of someone, since Cindy’s blog is She Sparkles, tell us your favorite sparkly thing. :-)

Winner announced Monday.


  1. I would love to share this DVD with my Moms Group! It’s basically a moms bible study, support group and break from our kids all in one!!!

  2. I would love to share this with our youth leaders. My husband is a youth pastor and one of our most important parts of the ministry is leading and supporting the leaders that help us out. Sometimes they miss out on “big church” things, small groups, or just other relationships because of how often and MUCH they pour into our teens. I would love to use this with the ladies! :)

  3. I would share it with our bible study group. We are a small church and cannot afford to bring in speakers so we do it via DVD. Love technology!!

  4. I would share it with a lady in my bible study that has been struggling for several years after the death of her husband. Her mother is declining from Alzheimer’s and her sister has been a stumbling block.

  5. I would first share it with my mom. She was raised in an emotionally/verbally abusive home and after 60+ years is still battling the bondage that comes from that. She is currently really struggling with some storms in her marriage and issues between her and her youngest son. She could use some encouragement. I would then share it with some friends, including one who is a single mom currently battling cancer.

  6. I think it would be great to do it as a book study with my girlfriends!! Then we can see who we can go out into the world and share it with!

  7. I would share with my daughter in particular as we navigate this journey of my breast cancer. While I can see God’s presence from the beginning, she is struggling. When we’re finished I would pass it to a local minister working with addicted and homeless women.

  8. One of my dearest friends is struggling with her relationship with her last living relative – her sister – who is addicted to pain killers. She is at low point and this is exactly what she needs to help her see the hope and that our Saviour can bring and the change He can orchestrate when we let go and let Him.

  9. I would share it with a friend whose young son is showing signs of being autistic. The family also recently went through a home foreclosure.

  10. I definitely would share it with my son who has gone through some difficult times in his past – the story being very familiar to Cindy’s. There has been a lot of healing, but he still struggles with low self-esteem.

  11. I would share it with my sister who has been through alot and struggles with finding peace in her life.

  12. I would share this dvd with my small group; my group came together during a storm in each of our lives. WE have been building bridges and trying to find peace in God’s love in our lives.

  13. I would share this my husbands aunt G. A year ago last Sunday, her only son (32) was brutally murdered. This year, last Monday, her husband, the kids’ Dad divorced her for his first wife. She’s got diabetes and is terribly depressed, filling her days with nothing constructive. She needs to hear and believe how very much God loves her.

  14. I would share with my sister -in-law who is right out of rehab! Praise the Lord! My favorite sparkly thing is a Moravian star that hangs from our chandelier. Sounds tacky, but it is beautiful in the sun!

  15. I would share it with my prayer partners that meet every week. I’m sure it would contain valuable information and one of us will know the perfect person to share it with. Thanks so much for offering it as a gift to us!

  16. My Bible Study Girls. We are from all different phases in life, faith, family and age. This would be yet another blessing to be able to view, share, laugh, cry and grow. Thanks for this great opportunity. Blessings.

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