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I have decided to leave Rachel Wojarnowski’s post up one more day since there was such an overwhelming response. And, great news! A cyber friend has offered to pay for 5 more copies of her ebook on prayer so tomorrow we will annouce 10 winners!

So, if you haven’t left a comment yet, scroll down to the next post to do so. (Those of you reading this in your email’s inbox will need to click on the title of the post to go to my actual site.)

Also, I am posting today over at Nicole O’Dell’s place Choose Now Ministries on priorities, lists and God’s plan B.  Click here to read it.

Tomorrow, I will be back with a special guest and a wonderful giveaway, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I have enjoyed being a part of this community online. my prayer life has been very
    Inconsistent lately. i havent wanted to pray. It seems like it doesnt matter whether i pray or jot
    HE will still do what his plans are. whether that be a loved one dying. a car breaking down
    Or a hard time in life with trying to keep your own children in the word.
    i am a mother of 4 ages 16 to 3 and i am taking care of my down syndrome sister. My husband is very supportive.
    maybe its just a long season for me.. a very dry season.

    1. Oh, Jenny! I understand the daily demand of caring for a family. I have seven children and my daughter, Taylor, has a rare disease, MPS, that is neurologically degenerative. God bless you richly for your honesty. I mentioned in the comments to the other post something that might help you. When I talk to my husband about a topic, much of the time he already knows what I’m about to say. He knows me well, so many things I say to him, he knows my feelings about the situation or he may know all the circumstances already. But we talk about it anyways. Why? For our relationship. Because we love each other and we love talking to each other. The same reason God wants conversation with us. Blessings to you!

      1. Rachel, wow what an eye opener. i never thought of it that way. i totaly understand and can relate to that. Yes i do tell my husband and he does listen. but telling him makes me feel connected to him. thank you for your encouraging words im so thankful that i decided to comment. I i usually do not and i cant believe it i won the ebook. i know HE knows what we need.

  2. I would love to win a copy of her book. Praying is something I have always done but until more recently became more dedicated. Me and a group of moms have formed a 6day a week prayer time over all of our adult children. We each have taken a day of the week to pray for all families and have made family prayer journals including every family member. I can feel the spirit of God moving in this.I can’t imagine my life without prayer and that assurance.

  3. Always need to pray more and just always seems to be too many distractions. I am trying so hard! Please pray for me to be a better prayer warrior!

  4. You have made me so curious with the title of the e-book. I would love to know what prayer smells like. I love to communicate with God in prayer anytime and anywhere, but I have been lacking in spending quality time in longer times of worship and prayer. Life seems to get in the way, sometimes. When we do pray consistently, though, we are more aware of God’s answers all around us and of His presence guiding us. Thanks for offering this series. I’m looking forward to it.

  5. Thanks (and your cyber friend, too) for letting us have more chances! I just read my emails tonight and saw these two blog posts about prayer. I’ve been in the proverbial “desert” for about 5 years with ailing parents, in-laws, deaths, my husband’s early retirement, an injured back AND no church home. I’ve been feeling like maybe God isn’t hearing my prayers. Then I was thinking, maybe you’re not praying, Tammy, it’s called whining! So, I’ve been trying lately to “get back in the saddle” and re-try and re-structure my prayer life. Maybe this book could help??!! Please??!!!

  6. Prayer has always been an area in my life that I have struggled with. Even growing up, I always wondered if I was doing it right. Were my prayers good enough? I come from a long line of prayer warriors, sometimes I wondered if that gene just skipped me!
    Now that I am an adult, I understand how important it is. I just can’t seem to find my own space to do it. I mean, I want some quiet time just to be with the Lord, but there is always someone around (i.e.- husband, children, grandchildren) so many interruptions. I also struggle with consistency. I want to do it, I really have the heart, but I just get sidetracked so easily!

  7. My problem is consistency — but not lack thereof. I tend to pray the same times each day, and often many of the same things — intersessary for friends and brethren who are having difficulties with health or personal problems, etc. Sometimes my prayers are short – and other times I just go on and on – wondering if I am boring God, afterward. But in the end, I do feel that I have someone who really cares! He knows what I need without me even asking.

  8. sometimes i just say it’s me again…….and no matter what burden we have caring…he already knows the outcome…he just wants us to bring it to him ….and ask for his help.
    sometimes i often don’t know how to pray…or what to pray for….but i rest assured HE ALREADY KNOWS!

  9. Often I find myself doing too much of the talking when it comes to prayer with God. I have attempted to slow down lately and listen to what God may be trying to tell me during our time together. He’s got more answers than I have been willing to be patient in receiving.

  10. I have been thinking about looking for a new book on prayer for some much needed encouragement!

  11. Prayer,, not enough. I always feel I am lacking in this area. I try many times in a day, then become distracted ….. again! Would love the book to gain much needed insight in this area!

  12. Consistency is where I fall short. Im looking
    Froward to reading this book – I believe it help me.

  13. WOW! My challenges to prayer are consistency. I pray, but I seem to be inconsistent in context. I long to be consistent in praying for those that are hurting and in pain, the consistent stories around me that don’t go away. Thanks for this opportunity. Thank you for sharing. And most of all thank you for following the Spirit’s prompting.

  14. I have been very deliberate in my prayer life, making sure to offer thoughtful consideration to each prayer – always attempting to be mindful to request HIS will, not my own, with each concern. As I write this today – I am exhausted. Mentally I have hit a wall in my journey. My faith is not shaken – no way, however my inner peace remains in unrest. This is when I struggle to remain faithful in my offering prayer. When I feel like I am whining or sounding ungrateful for the blessings I do have. I know our Lord is in charge, but the evil one continues to pile more and more obstacles in our way. In a season where I should be counting my blessings, I am shamefully aware of what is lacking.

  15. Depends on how one defines prayer — a one way or a two way conversation. An absolutely necessary part of living.

  16. Hannah’s story is amazing!! She was consistent and she was sure of what she was supposed to pray for, also, her perseverence and her constant faith in God didn’t seem to waver. She pressed on and he was faithful to her by giving her the desires of her heart and she in turn gave her son back just as she promised, and he blessed her with more children.
    When I read these stories it helps me to realize what an awesome God we serve. How trusting and believing in him for what we want if it’s according to his will he will deliver, if it’s all for his glory.
    A few years ago my husband passed away and shortly afterwards I lost my job, I had just enough in the bank for a couple of weeks worth of bills and still no job. Sitting in my house just praying asking God what to do, he opened a door that I would have never thought to open. I called a friend that I had not spoken to in years and she connected me to another friend that had a business in what I had been doing. She hired me the next day and saved me from having to loose my house and all that I had worked for. I’m still working for her. She is a Christian and it was more than a monetary blessing. God is good!!
    Thanks for your encouragement.

  17. I am excited about your book. I struggle with making it a priority to pray, even though I know how important it is. However, since I have gone through a very difficult trial, I have found I have become more persistant and passionate about praying. As difficult as it is to go through a major trial, I am thankful for it because it has made me more disciplined to pray. but I am still not there yet!!

  18. thank you for your heart to this subject, prayer is such a powerful communication with God
    i always want to know more about how to be in step with God, looking forward to your book

  19. When do I stop praying the same fervent prayer and decide God has already answered with a “no” or “not yet”?

  20. Thank you and your cyber friend for hosting and funding this giveaway. My prayer life had been going through a very dry time this year, but has recently been infused with encouragement through the testimony of George Mueller. We have read his biography several times over the years for school and my oldest three (and our entire family) have been blessed to be a part of a local Christan theatre’s performance of his life story. Two more weekends of performances left!
    Thank you again!
    FYI: I “found” your blog after hearing you on Focus on the Family.
    Wife of an electrical/ software engineer and mommy to the six sibs, ages 3 to 15.
    ~Joshua 1:9~

    1. Elizabeth you are in my prayers right now. I have 4 in 5 years and the “little one” years were a cinch compared to the Teen years. May I direct you to the P31 devotion today prayer. You may be having a blessed day when you don’t feel “desperation”, but someone you know will come to you and need this prayer. You have no idea how many you bless in a day. Thank you.

      ” Dear Lord, only You know the desperation I feel right now. Only You see the troubles that weigh me down. I confess that I don’t have the strength or wisdom to find an answer. However, I trust that You are already planning my deliverance. I trust in Your perfect timing. Please show me what to do next, and direct me to the source of help. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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