Finding Fault or Finding Fantastic?

Today I will be pointing you again to a site when I am featured.

Over at Choose Now I am talking about interacting with our husbands and children. When we do, are we more inclined to find fault or find fantastic?

Click here to read the post.

Then, be sure to come back here Thursday when I will have an oh-so-profound post on why I wear a toe ring.

Seriously. :-)


  1. Although my children are all grown, I still have to bite my tongue sometimes to keep from blurting out the first (sadly negative) thing that comes to mind. I struggle with remembering to offer comments with a positive slant. I heard a comment once that has helped: Use an Oreo cookie comment – two positive (chocolate cookie) comments, sandwiched around one negative (cream) comment. It helps….

  2. Thank you Karen, I needed that. With my oldest out of school for the summer and transitioning through his tweens, its been much easier to focus on the negative or faults. I will change my focus. Thank you again…God spoke through you directly to my heart :)

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