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For the past five summers, my  friend Mary and I have done a Bible study together.

She lives in Illinois. I live in Michigan. So, we “meet” each Wednesday morning early over the phone.

She is in her home with her dog at her feet. I am out on my back deck with my plants all around.

Since neither of us tend to be in an organized study over the summer, we felt studying and meeting this way would keep us grounded in God’s word and prevent us from slacking off in our spiritual lives over the lazy hot days.

And it has.

We keep it very simple.

One of us prays before we start. Then, we just go through each day’s homework and say “What did you like, learn or get convicted by?” Then, we share any issues or situations for which we need prayer and the other person prays.

We are done in an hour.

We have done this study, and this one, and one summer this one and this summer we are tackling this one.

Will you consider grabbing a Bible and a faraway (or nearby) friend for a study this summer? If so, leave a comment telling us who will be your study partner.

I’ll randomly choose six gals from among the ones who comment. You will each be given a copy our our own Proverbs 31 Bible teacher Wendy Blight’s great ebook study on the book of Proverbs called All Things Wise and Wonderful. You can easily do this 5 week study with a friend from now until the end of the summer. Here is the description:

Wendy’s study, All Things Wise and Wonderful: Applying God’s Wisdom in Every Day Life, is a five week study grounded in the book of Proverbs. It teaches you how to make Bible passages understandable and applicable. It will bring God’s Word alive and bring perceptible transformation in:

  • Your relationships
  • Your attitudes
  • Your speech
  • Your priorities
  • Your whole heart

Ok, who will you study God’s word with this summer? Winner announced Thursday.


  1. I just completed Wendy Blight’s “In a Dark Corner” with my Monday night ladies church group under the direction of our wonderful leader Heather Bleier! Such beautiful and spiritual ladies. Now we are doing a 30 day challenge to abide in the Lord independently. I would really love to have a mini bible study with my sister, Monica Gallet. She and I have been through so much in our lives ( the good, bad, and ugly) and this would warm my heart so much to spend time with her in such a special way! Wendy Blight is a wonderful author and spiritual teacher, so are you, it is a blessing to read your blogs on proverbs 31.

  2. I would like to connect with my sister-in-law in PA who has battled cancer and now cares for her elderly mother. She is always so upbeat and encourages me when we talk. A Bible study would be another way for us to stay connected this summer.

  3. This summer my Mom, another friend, and I are doing the Proverbs 31 Woman study through Good Morning Girls. We “meet” everyday over email sharing the things we have learned though the verses for the day. It has been great to see the perspective of others through this study.

  4. Two of my girlfriends and I are beginning a summer bible study. We are doing “A Woman Who Reflects The Heart of Jesus” by Elizabeth George. I’m excited to hear of others who like to keep going over the summer.

  5. On a light note, my friend and I used to meet to pray and study the word whenever we could on her porch in tennessee. One day we were seated there facing each other and holding hands and praying. A lady popped her head over the railing and asked if she could have her palm read by us some time – mistakedly thinking that was what we were doing. A good chance to witness to her., and a good laugh for us.

  6. Thank you for the nudge. I have loved the fall, winter, and spring Women’s Bible studies I attend at church, but God is a God for everyday and ALL seasons. I’ve had a few Bible study books around, so will choose one, or the one on Proverbs :)

  7. Hi Karen,
    I get together with a group of women for breakfast every Tuesday morning. At first we just chatted and checked in on how we were all doing and taking prayer requests. Well, over lent we started one study and then kept going. We are now doing one on sress and how the bible tells us how to deal with it (letting it go really) Its a great start to my day. We also tend to ‘spill over’ onto some of the other patrons. We sure do laugh a lot too! It started with two of us and it’s up to eight now.

  8. What a great way to do a bible study.. I’m going to grab my niece lisa and we are going to study.. We are in a bible study together but they don’t meet during the Summer.. Here we go…..


  9. My best friend Pat. We are both looking for a study. We live a little over an hour away
    from each other. She is my accountability partner for sure! You need someone to keep you in
    check. You can do the same for them. Thank you for allowing the LORD to use you to
    help so many.

  10. Dear Karen,

    I just wanted to thank you for two such wonderful ideas to stay grounded as wives, mothers, and women, but most importantly daughters of our King Jesus.

    My friend Mythyl and I were already planning to do a bible study for the summer utilizing all of our great technology. We are very busy moms. We live in a small town with lots of older women but find it hard to spend time together because we are both used by God in many endeavors but we thrive in God and his blessings especially when we get to share them

    We both see your posting about studying on-line with a friend as confirmation God wants us to do this.

    We thought this would give us a way to utlize our telephone conversations for God’s glory.

    In Christ Jesus,
    Jill Schultz

  11. This is such an excellent idea, and I knew immediately which girlfriend I would ask to study with me: my sweet sister in Christ, Sharon. We are worship leaders together at our church, and have grown to be very close friends, enduring our trials of life together. I would love to win Wendy’s study.

  12. Great idea!!! Summer are so busy and this would be a great way for me to spend time with my dear friend–Laura. She lost both of her parents within 2 months time this year. If not Laura, then my friend Desmarie or my daughter.

  13. This study would be a blessing! I would love to do this study with a friend or my daughter this summer.

  14. I thank you dear sister for another beautiful blog. My friend Jill and I are busy moms and had been thinking about doing a Bible study over the phone since last month. Actually, it was her idea. :) Now that our busy weeks are over (due to VBS), we just have to schedule when to do it.

  15. I would love to do this study with my friend, Beckie…..who now lives about 2 hours away, since I moved in 2004. However, I noticed it’s a ebook (is that right?) and I don’t have a e-reader. Am I behind in the times? At any rate, if it’s a print book, I would cherish the time that I could spend in God’s word with my sweet friend. Thank you!

    1. Sometimes, depending on the publisher, you can access ebooks through your computer. For example, you can go to amazon and dounload the Kindle application software to your PC and read your ebooks there.

  16. I’d love to do this study with both of my daughters, one at home and one in Nashville. Great idea!

  17. I think I’d have to do this Bible Study with my sister in law who is going through some really tough stuff right now.

  18. My best friend Denise—she is my prayer partner, my job partner/office mate—she is my sister by heart :) We have been wanting to do a structure study together. I can’t wait!!

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