LET. IT. GO. Filming

Hey gang–

I am off this week to film the segments that will make up the curriculum for my new book, releasing this fall, entitled LET. IT. GO. How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walking in Faith.  It is on how we women can learn to quit being so controlling and start trusting God instead. If that topic steps on your toes a tad bit, trust me. My own toes have been crushed over the past five years as I’ve learned to live this message!

I’ll be holding off on blogging until Friday but might try to hop on and post some pictures on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.(kit611) I’d love to connect with you there.

I appreciate your prayers for both me and my assistant, Kim, as we head to the filming location.

And for my boys as they hold down the fort. (Oh….I hope the fort is still standing when I return!)

And the winner of the weekend’s giveaway is: JANIS. Please email [email protected] with your home address so we can get your book and gift card in the mail soon.

Have a fabulous week!


  1. It was GREAT, Karen! Can’t wait til it’s in the stores. Many women will be touched by these lessons because of the way the Lord is working in you! Rest well, friend.

  2. Abundant blessings on the filming. I love the way you live your message. So many of us think we have to be over whatever it is we’re working on in order to minister to others, but you prove it can be done in the midst of your journey. As for the boys, well I like to think that God can do some cool good things in our absence that wouldn’t occur were we there. Praying this for you and yours!

  3. I wish u well on your endeavor. O I know Oh to well on running the show, but have learned to let God take over. Can’t wait until u return…God Bless !!!

  4. Wow, Karen. God is always giving you ideas, to the benefit of many. Blessings as you tackle this newest endeavor! I’ll be watching for the finished product. XOXO

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