Pie, Oh My!

For three winning pie recipes you can try out this weekend, see my guest post over at Candace Cameron Bure’s online magazine Roomag.com by clicking here.

And….speaking of winning, here are the winners of this week’s giveaways:

The Guest Book: KarriedByHisLove

Christmas in July: Bethany LeBedz

A Confident Heart: Kelly Damico

My assistant Kim will contact the winners through the email address you listed when you commented.

Happy weekend!

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  1. I truly enjoy your posts Karen! I love the fact you gave us a main dish and dessert, both being pies, must have been planned I am certain. Thank you for sharing. Your story reminds me of one my husband has shared with me in regards to his mom. Apparently when she married his dad she could not cook a lick! Now that is central KS talk, and a Mennonite community to boot, and they are known for their cooking expertise not to mention the sewing and quilting and all that other stuff! So after a few weeks of dismal meals, dad took mom to his parents farm to spend a few weeks with mom to learn how to cook. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting his mom or his grandparents for that matter, but according to my husband his mom became an expert at cooking. He still raves about her home made cinnamon rolls after all these years. And no one could come up with an exact duplicate for a recipe to make them, so she really was a one of a kind cook, who used dashes and smidgens of this and that for her recipes.

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