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Hi gang–

I fly out this week to Charlotte, NC for our Proverbs 31 She Speaks writers and speakers conference so I’ve asked my friend Donna to join us with a peek at her new book and a giveaway!

Donna Jones is a nationally sought after speaker, pastor’s wife, ministry leader and author who speaks, leads, and writes with a deep desire to move every woman one step closer to Christ. “I am passionate about encouraging and equipping women to know, love and obey Christ in their real, everyday lives. I want to know, love and obey God this way myself.”

Donna brings over 20 years of ministry experience in both church and para-church ministries, and insight from teaching the Bible weekly at her home church, in addition to speaking for over 30 conferences, retreats and events each year.

She joined such notable speakers as Kay Arthur and Stormie O’Martian on Zondervan’s best-selling “Surrendering to Christ” small group DVD series and has been a guest on television shows such as Good Day Dallas and At Home Live!, as well as numerous radios shows, including HomeWord and the USA radio network.  Donna has also been interviewed in Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle and Parents magazines.

She is the author of two books; Taming Your Family Zoo: 6 Weeks to Raising a Well-Mannered Child, and is particularly excited about her latest book, SEEK: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God, which was just released on July 15th. You can connect with Donna at www.seekmeetinggod.com, where you’ll find free helpful ministry tools and answers to your toughest questions or at www.donnajones.org.

Donna has served in ministry alongside her husband, JP, in churches of all sizes.  Together they planted their home church, Crossline Community, seven years ago with eight couples.  Crossline is now home to over 2500 members, including 1200 people who’ve made first time decisions for Christ.

A southern California girl, she is wife to JP, and mom to Taylor, Kylie and Ashton.  She loves a clean house, a good cup of coffee and really cute shoes.  In a perfect world she would keep her garage clean enough to park in.


The Christian market overflows with books and Bible Studies for well-seasoned believers, but what about the woman who longs to know God but has never opened a Bible in her life?  Or what about the new believer, or the gal who simply wants to understand the basics of her faith?

Where do these woman start? 

SEEK was written specifically for the woman who doesn’t know Jacob from Job, and explains Biblical essentials such as “Who is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit?”, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” and “Questions about the Bible” in language every woman will relate to and understand.

SEEK bridges the gap between what women don’t know about God and what they wish they did.

SEEK was written for one primary reason: Every woman should have the chance to meet God if she wants to.

 Okay– now for the giveaway:

Donna is giving away three prize packages. Each contains a copy of Seek, a journal and a $5 Starbucks gift card.

To be entered, leave a comment about when you first began to seek God. Or, if that isn’t something you have done yet, what are your thoughts about seeking God?

Winner announced Monday.


  1. I started seeking God as a preteen. Since becoming a wife and stay at home mother to three little ones i need to seek him constantly throughout my day.

  2. I’ve always known Him and believed but I have only been seeking Him a short while. For a long time I didn’t realize there was a difference.

  3. I started seeking God while in junior high school when I
    accepted Christ. I am still seeking Him 45 years later. Provebs 31
    has been one of the greatest pathways to seeking Him. I have a
    wonderful friend who also receives Proverbs 31. She and I take
    turns forwarding our favorites to our 5 daughters, daughters in law,
    and close friends and their daughters. It blesses us as we seek Him.

  4. I started seeking God when my first marriage ended up in lies and adultery in 1995. I was devastated, alone and missing something. I started seeking God and I have been seeking Him daily ever since and wouldn’t. I have been blessed with my soulmate and two beautiful children. God is good.

  5. My best friend of 41 years led the way to a deeper and most meaningful relationship with God by her example and total trust in Him. Thank you for considering me since I am relatively new on this journey….

  6. Although I have been a Christian since age five, two years ago my oldest started asking more about God and has since been converted. I realized at that time that I wanted and began seeking that real relationship with Him!

  7. I feel like I have always known Christ since I was a little girl, but I truly began seeking Him and desiring a deeper relationship with Him just a few years ago. I did not attend church regularly growing up, and this is something that I always longed for. When I met my husband he brought me to his church and he started to encourage me to seek God through his example. After a few weeks of attending his church, I became a member and was baptized. Ever since then my life has never been the same. I seek Him on a daily basis and my love for Christ continues to grow stronger.

  8. I really started seeking God in 2000. Before then I was just a baby in Christ.
    I was filled with the Holy Spirit at a kids camp praying for my daughter to
    filled and I got filled too! Ever since, I have been seeking God. There have been
    plenty of pets and valleys, but I can’t get enough of Him. I continue to seek Him
    hourly, daily, weekly, 24/7 and He turns up repeatedly. I can’t wait to see what
    He has next for me!!

  9. I was raised in the church and always considered myself a knowledgeable Christian, but it wasn’t until I was in my first women’s Bible study that I started to really seek Him and understand what that meant. That was 16 years ago! I have been seeking Him ever since; sometimes we are very close & I am more faithful than at other times. It is a daily thing for me:) Over the last 2 or 3 years I have started leading Bible studies and I have come to understand, on some level, how He has been leading me. It has become a great joy to guide women on their own “seek” journey, regardless of how long they’ve been a Christian!

  10. This book sounds like one all “seeking” women will enjoy. And aren’t we all seeking Christ in some way? I first began to seek after Christ as a teenager. I could feel the tug on my heart to know Him. Fifty years later, I am seeking still. Thanks for writing such a book.

  11. I have been a christian my whole life but seriously started seeking God a few years ago. I still struggle on a daily basis to seek Him first before all else. This book sounds very interesting.

  12. I grew up in church and was comfortable with my relationship with God. But when I went away to college, 6 hours away from home, it was there that I grew closer to God. My relationship with God became more meaningful, as I prayed and did daily devotions. I joined a church and was active in the youth ministry. I learned a lot about myself and about God.

  13. My life has been and continues to be a journey of seeking after Christ…from accepting Jesus as my Saviour as a little girl to discovering His promises in His word to getting lost in the world to coming back to my ‘first love’ in my thirties to truly learning how to lean on & trust Him through cancer, job loss, church loss, and financial upheaval. It’s amazing how Jesus continues to reveal Himself to me in new ways daily as I seek after Him.
    Donna’s book sounds like just what my friend, Kim, would appreciate reading. She accepted the Lord a year ago and was not versed in the bible or basic “christian” knowledge. She feels lost at times having not grown up going to church or confirmation classes, etc. Thank you for the giveaway. Blessings! ~Jodie

  14. I Started seekIng the Lord as a senior in high school when I was faced with all the decisions that were so new and foreign to me and then even more so as I got married and had my son… So much that I don’t know and need to seek the Lords wisdom and calm in my life. Seeking the Lord is the best stress reliever I know

  15. As a child learning about God in Sunday School and Bible school it was simple, be good, pray and respect elders. After a time away from church, although not God, it is confusing at times to understand the stories and parables like others do. I still have a child like rendering of the Bible in my head! I truly need a book like Seek to help me jump start my ‘adult’ understanding of The Word. Well done, look forward to reading and studying this new book.

  16. I grew up in church, got away from it entirely, and am now back and active. But the church I grew up in was not very “hands on” with God and I’m still not sure I’ve seeked (that’s not a word!) Him like what I’ve read about. Never have felt the special feelings I’d like to know.

  17. God made Himself known to me even as a little girl. I was born with a life threatening kidney condition. When I had surgery at the age of 7 my parents were told that even with surgery I would probably not live to be a teenager. I am 56 now! God sought me and impressed on me that He had a purpose for my life. Seeking Him has been and is a life-long growing process. Even in the “desert” I am experiencing now, I am thankful for all He has done for me and know that He continually seeks me. I am fully aware that I need to seek Him and seeking Him is only my response to His love.

  18. Actively seeking God but find myself pulling back. I think I am afraid but not sure exactly what of. I find myself starting several bible studies but never finishing them – stopping somewhere in the middle. Fear stops me and it is stopping my growing in a relationship with the Lord. Some of the things that cross my mind are: I know He knows everything about me but still try to hide my ugliness because I am afraid He won’t like what He sees. What might He call me to do? Can He really use me? Am I worthy of being used for His glory? Will He actually ask me to do something? Will He speak to me and will I be able to hear his voice? I thank you Karen and the women of Proverbs 31 because I realize I am not alone in my doubts and fears. Now figuring out what to do about it……..

  19. I can’t remember a specific time when I started seeking God. I know that when I was getting ready to go to bootcamp I really sought God the entire stay. I felt so close to Him!

  20. I grew up in a Christian home. I began a personal relationship with Jesus at the age of 12. My relationship with Him has been up and down over the years. I know He stays the same and I am the one that moves. I began truly seeking God around 12 years ago. He is a constant part of each day.

  21. I really started seeking him in my twenties…new wife, new mom, loss of my father…very hard time in my life.

  22. I started seeking God when my husband went on deployment. I have not had the same self toward seeking him lately.

  23. I grew up in church and have always relied on someone else’s wisdom. I need to start on my own. Thank you for a chance to win this giveaway :)

  24. Grew up in a Christian family but didn’t really seek Him until later in college.
    My seeking has become more intense since I retired – want to know Him better.

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