Striking the Balance

Hey gang–

I am guest posting over at TIme Warp Wife about striking the balance between family and activities outside your home. Click here to read it and join the link up party!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below for the beach-themed prize centered around Marybeth Whalen’s new novel The Guest Book. You may enter until Friday. :-)


  1. lol it’s funny I came across this site to leave a comment while I was leaving comments on two others. We are actually leaving Saturday (Patience, Les and I) for vacation. Not only is this the first vacation since I was 16 years old with my mom and family, this is the very first time Patience and I will see the majesty of the ocean. oh cannot describe how excited we are. We are going to trek through Texas, stopping over night in Dallas ( for the speed zone), Houston (for the NASA place), San Antonio (Seaworld) and then FINALLY to Port Aransas.

    It’s been an interesting journey that God has had my life on, but I wouldn’t change it one bit. I have a lot going on but seeing the people in Celebrate Recovery let God heal their ‘brokenness’ and allow Him to put the pieces back the way He wants them has been amazing. I have started also teaching toddlers at our church, there is nothing like getting a child excited about God. Between that and working full time and having a 8 year old (9 on July 28th) and having to balance Les and I’s relationship and friendships, pets, you name it; it’s like I said been interesting but beyond worth it. It’s a ‘job’ to get it all to balance out but I know in the end God has lead me and put these things in my life for His purposes and He will direct me every time a new ‘bend’ in the road comes.

    :) Jenn

  2. Oooo, would love to win the giveaway, love the beach and make it yearly and am bummed I didn’t make it this year. But there is always next year!
    Striking a balance….means I don’t have to volunteer for everything because I’m a SAHM. Over the past two years I have stepped down from serving on different committees/responsibillities both at church and in the community that I feel the Lord telling me to let go. It is liberating and then I can enjoy and do well the ones He has me continue to do. But most importantly it frees me up to have my focus on my family.

  3. I am actually not a huge beach person, but because I am trying to establish great memories with my family, I want to plan a trip to the beach this year. My 4 year old was introduced to the ocean in FL on our way home from Disney in May and he loved it. He then spent a week with his grandparents there. I want to enjoy something he obviously loves. guess it’s time to start planning.

  4. I live spending time at the beach; especially an ocean beach; I need to plan a getaway soon. The book sounds like a great read

  5. I just finished Marybeth’s “She makes it look so easy” book. Such a great read! Looking forward to reading the Guest Book.

  6. Wow, this sure does define my life since last month! I’m a 43 year old first time and full-time college student (currently a Sophomore) majoring in Neuroscience, and I’m a wife of 9 glorious years. Last semester was extremely taxing and I felt as if I had my computer and textbooks permanently attached to my hands; I couldn’t get a break from studying and testing! At the same time, I was struggling to be a full-time wife, friend, daughter, neighbor and domestic violence advocate. I have such compassion for others, and I tend to immediately say “yes” to everyone’s needs while I put myself and spiritual needs on simmer. On 6/22/12, the Lord spoke to me and told me too “stop”. Stop everything and serve only Him because He wanted to restore me and prepare me for what He has for me. Well, at first I thought “what, stop EVERYTHING?!” The answer “yes, stop everything” came from every corner; everything I was reading in my Bible study, reading on Christian blogs/websites, conversations with family and friends, music, preaching and teaching at my home church and on television. Every message was on waiting, how to wait, and what to do while waiting. He really is amazing! I did it. I didn’t take any summer courses, stepped back from volunteering and “rescuing” family, friends and neighbors, and I dug into the Word and amped up my prayer life. The Lord is showing me how to strike that balance, and that I can ONLY do it with His help, direction and grace. This last month of my life has truly been one of the most incredibly rejuvenating and fulfilling moments in my life! I’m learning that when I surrender to Him everything, that He is able to make all things work for the good in my life; He is my balance. As I’m waiting, He’s forming His character within me, molding me into the person He’s called me to be, and giving me unbelievable clarity and direction. My life is filled with everyday excitement as to what He’s going to show me and teach me next. It’s astounding how He’s still using me to minister to everyone around me; that His work has not been put on hold. There’s just so much more purpose, and that wonderful word “balance” to everything in my life now. Blessings!

  7. Balance has been a constant challenge in my life- and I am always open to advice and encouragement to try to come closer to achieving it!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful gift! My husband and I have vacationed in Mexico twice and enjoyed every moment:) Maybe this gift will bring me back! Have a wonderful day!

  9. I really appreciated your post at Time Warp Wife. I tend to error on the side of doing too much outside of my family. It has been a struggle to balance. I’ve appreciated Darlene, Courtney (WWL) and Janelle (Comfy inthe Kitchen) for their encouragement and pulling me closer to home and my family. One thing I wanted to say what that I see many Christians serving among believers and there isn’t anyting wrong with that unless that is all we do. There is a lost and dying world who needs Jesus (love that your hubby does those Bible studies at work) and I so want to encourage believers to get out there and engage with unbelievers. They SO need HIM! So thanks for encouraging women to find balance and to point them to prayer. It they are seeking HIM, I know HE will point them to the ones HE came to save.

  10. I start my vacation next week and was not planning to go to the beach. I will be staying home and getting things done around my house. I get tired of driving all the time so staying home is a treat. The closest to the beach would be filling up the kiddie pool and sitting in it with the grandchildren…lol. I still have 2 more weeks vacation time for the year so maybe I can do something fun later on. I have so many things to do around my home since I went through a divorce I will be the one taking care of all the upkeep on my home. I want to clean out and have a lawn sale soon too.

  11. I having been thinking about how hard it really is to “strike the balance”. For years I volunteered (or got nominated) to do just about everything that came my way. I thought it was a huge compliment when someone else “put my name in the hat” to chair this committee or lead this or that. Then just like you said, one day when my son started to complain about eating take-out or sandwiches again because I was too busy to do for my family. I had to “strike a balance”.

  12. I would love to win your beach themed prize….we are going to the beach much later this year….Sept 8th. Perhaps this is what I need to tide me over until I actually get to go :-)

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