The Most Fabulous Planner in the World Giveaway

My friend Lysa got me hooked on these way cool, personalized planners a few years ago.

Now, I treat myself to one every year. It keeps me on top of things organizationally.

They are from the website Much Ado About You. They have just released their new ones for the school year that feature August of 2012 through July of 2013. (How I like my planners)

They are whimsical. You can personalize them with your name, slogan or a Bible verse on the front. There are tons of colors and three sizes from which to choose.

You can further personalize them by having all of you important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries added inside. Comes in handy when you don’t want to forget your Aunt Tilley’s birthday. :-)

If you would like to hop over and take a peek at their fabulous products and see something you’d like, enter the code KAREN10 at checkout and you will receive 10% off of your order!

And, one of you who comments on this post will receive this large planner from Much Ado About You. It is personalized with “Live Your Priorities, Love Your Life. Matthew 6:33” on the cover. A nearly $50 value!

Simply tell us what calendar, planner, phone app, etc… you use to keep yourself on schedule. Or whether you don’t use any at all. Winner announced Thursday.



  1. Very cool! We are constantly looking for something that will help us to organize all of my doc appts & allow me to record all of my seizures accurately. As well, we have to record my hubby’s visits at MD anderson and when he can be home to help take care of our daughter since it is not safe for me to be alone with her due to all of my seizures. She was just diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and so we’ve added even more doc appts to the schedule. I would love to have such a detailed yet simple view.

  2. I use my email calendar for bills (need the pop-up reminders!) and a wall calendar for appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.). This personalized calendar looks like fun!

  3. I use iCal, but am not a huge fan. I remember things much better when I actually write them down. And then of course we have the calendar on the kitchen wall, but that’s mostly for the kids’ activities.

  4. I currently use the “organizeher” line from Target and my Calendar app on my phone! I’ve got the planner, contacts book and magnetic calendar! I would love love love to have everything in one place though, this sounds amazing!

  5. I am working on trying to get myself organized at home and must say that this calendar looks wonderful. My husband would be very happy if I won this calendar.

    For work I use the Franklin Covey Planner.


  6. I use the giant wall calendar, no pictures, just large boxes for each day. It has worked well, but gets quite full at times. Those boxes could be larger :) we keep it in our kitchen by the entry door so that our entire family can see it and stay on the same track. A downfall is, some of our guests that stop by find it their business to read our family’s calendar…some even comment on doctors visits, etc. But, its better than notjing. Really like these planners!!!

  7. I use a list app on my phone and a spiral notebook – not fancy but certainly econcomial. But I’d love a pretty organizer

  8. I have a binder with a calendar inside & every month it gets transferred to a dry erase board on the wall where everyone can see it. Everyone has their own color so at a glance you can tell who has what going on where they need to be. I would love to have an already-together planner where school/home is in one place. I print forms from different websites to make up my current planner.

  9. I do not use any kind of planner. I do not understand how to use a smartphone, IPad, or any of those things and I just have not found a planner I like using. If I should be blessed with winning this planner, I know I would put it to good use. It looks like it would be the one to help me not miss any important appointments and help keep my busy schedule on track.

  10. i use an adorable calendar on my wall, but not to helpful if i am out and about… guess i could use a planner.

  11. I use the calendar on my cell phone, and I also keep a paper calendar on the kitchen countertop. I will never give up paper! Cell phones get lost, stolen, or they poop out. Believe me, I’ve had all three happen! So my paper calendar is VERY important. I’d love to have this fancy version.

  12. Right now I use an 8.5×11 binder, it was easier to print off forms. I tried a smaller one but it was hard to make the forms myself just so they would fit. I would love to go back to a smaller binder that I could carry with me!

  13. I don’t have a planner. I ususally write everything on my calendar I keep on the fridge. I would like to win a day planner because I think it would help me to better plan our homeschool days. I struggle with that sometimes. Thank you Karen!

  14. I am not organized about my organization :) I have a calendar on the fridge so that I can see it all day, a planner by the phone, and sometimes in my purse, and sticky notes above the sink if it’s really important! I am really afraid to forget things :)

  15. I have a big desktop calendar on my computer table.. I like the idea of the planner though. Something I could carry with me, and still stick with actually writing things down. Tried the electronic route, but would forget to double check it.

  16. O my Goodness I love this..raising three grandchildren , with school fixing to start,also our first year in sports!! I have to have one of these!

  17. I use google calendar on my computer but I also love having a planner I can write things down. I get great satisfaction marking the days off and making lists and marking things off those lists. So I have a great calendar by Orange Circle Studio called The Do it All Mom Planner. It has shopping list pages, stickers for special events, school events, doctor visits, etc. Would love to try this new planner.

  18. Hello,

    As far as scheduling, I am a busy single mom of two ( a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old) and a teacher. My summer is winding up and soon I will be back to school teaching in my special education classroom. My life is busy and full of appointments and meetings and lesson planning. I am generally very organized, I have to be! But I have had a difficult time finding a planner that is laid out the way I need it to be, and the ones I have seen on this website look just right! I’ve resorted to printing off pages from my computer and writing everything in but it’s not something I can bring with me wherever I go and quite honestly, it’s not pretty like these ones are. I need something I can touch and flip through and write in, which is why my phone just won’t do!

    Thanks so much!


  19. My husband bought me an IPhone and I love it. I havn;t learned fully how to use the calender, but I am working on it!

  20. Right now I use the Mom’s Weekly Planner 18 month version. I love that the planner you are giving away is based on the school calendar! I am slowly getting into the habit of using my droid calendar.

    Keep being a blessing!

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