Breakfast Recipe Short-cuts & a Back-to-School Giveaway

It is Day 5 of the back-to-school series with Glynnis Whitwer where I am posting today on make-ahead recipes and offering a giveaway of my book The Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized and a $10 Target card.

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  1. Love the book and the great ideas!!! My kids are on two different school calendars so I am always trying to stay a step ahead and these great ideas help!!!

  2. Love all these great ideas. My kids love cereal in the mornings, but sometimes it is great to have a different option…also many of these “breakfast”ideas would be great for snacks!

  3. I left comment on your guest website, too.
    Omelet in a bag is a good idea. Recipe can be found on Easy way to start the day—fast!

  4. I’m always looking for make ahead breakfast goodies. I often make breakfast cookies from the Sneaky Chef, or Molasses Cookies from Kirsten the American Girl doll cookbook (no eggs in this recipe), as well as cinnamon rolls without yeast. The cinnamon rolls use baking soda and baking powder instead of yeast. I replaced some of the flour with wheat bran and wheat germ and used the thick yogurt instead of buttermik in the rolls. We like rice (can be cooked in crock pot overnight) with milk and cinnamon sugar, I use brown rice. I’m going to dig through my children’s cookbooks for new ideas. Thanks for your ideas for quick breakfasts.

  5. Left comment on your guest website….was not sure which place to leave for contest….love recipes….oatmeal sounds yummy.

  6. Muffins batter can be frozen in baking cups before baking and baked while you are in the shower and getting dressed. Add about 10 minutes to the normal making time and bake the batter right out of the freezer. I do as many batches as I have muffin trays (more because we are now a family of few at home since homeschool years are long gone). When they are frozen solid I store them in ziplock bags and take out as many as I need at any particular time.

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