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You are in for a treat! I met my new friend Teri Johnson when she was a client of mine over at our Proverbs 31 Next Step Speaker Services where I coach women with various aspects of their speaking ministry  or help them start one.

Teri and I hit it off right away and, when she wrote a book, I wanted to feature it here on my site. (Pssst…she is giving away two signed copies of the book, each with a $10 Starbucks gift card!)

Now, meet Teri and hear how we can overcome the “nevers” in our lives.

Teri Johnson is an inspirational speaker, a sought-after personal growth expert, and the author of the newly released book, Overcoming the Nevers. Her unique strategies have helped transform the lives of her clients, enlightening, guiding and motivating them to achieve even their most deeply desired goals.


Teri is the President and Founder of Keeping It Personal (www.keepingitpersonal.com) a company that specializes in self-development training and discovering your life purpose and The Refine Conference for Women (www.therefineconference.com)


Great conversations while sipping coffee and soaking up as many sunsets as she can, make her tick — along with running and taking pictures.  She’s passionate about helping others; an encourager and a cheerleader to many.  Teri lives a joy-filled life deeply devoted to her husband, her two boys, and her relationship with God. (www.terijohnson.com)

Teri is social.  You can find her on Facebook: http//fb.com/keepingitpersonal and http://fb.com/terijohnson.writes Twitter:  http://twitter.com/keepitpersonal  Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/keepitpersonal  LinkedIN:  http://linkedin.com/in/terilynnjohnson


Why did you write this book?

Honestly, God placed a message on my heart that I knew I had to share to help others who might not have the tools to move forward, or who are stuck — circling the same mountain like I had done for many years.


I responded in obedience even though I felt unequipped.  I had not been a writer, so I was not confident in my ability to write a book.  But, God gave me every word for every chapter.


My primary goal for the book was to impact just one person’s life.  I thought, if that can happen, then writing the book was worth it, it was a success in my eyes.  I’m amazed by how many lives have been touched and blessed by the book in just a few short months.  God’s plan was and is bigger than mine.


What are some of your own “nevers” you have had to overcome?

Let me preface this question.  The interesting thing about “The Nevers” is this; they are personal and unique.  What might be a very big deal in my life, may not be in another’s life.


The nevers can be experiences or feelings.  They could just be — life on life’s terms — but opposite of what we anticipated our life to look like.  If something is significant in your life that you never thought you would experience or feel — it’s a “never”.


So, for me — in no specific order, let me just share the external “negative-experiences” that I never thought I would have to go through: rape, divorce, alcoholism.  But, there is more.


I have experienced being treated in ways I never thought I would be treated.  I’ve had emotions and feelings and fears I never thought I would have.


Everyday life presents us with new challenges, new gifts, and circumstances.  Some of these things are “negative-nevers” the key is, being equipped to face them.


As I’ve implemented and lived the tools shared in the book, I’ve experienced healing and restoration.


I’ve overcome.


As I continue to move forward picking up the tools daily, I experience joy in living.


What do you hope women gain from reading this book?

My hope for every person who chooses to walk with me is that their heart would be touched in a powerful way by God.  That they would be willing to not only learn new tools, but actually apply them into their lives.

Okay–to be entered to win a signed book and a $10 Starbucks card, tell us a “never” that has happened in your life. 

I have a few light-hearted ones—swore I’d never be a June bride and I’d never have three kids (was worried about the oldest, middle, baby syndrome) and I did them both!

And, a more serious, every time I get down to the goal weight the doctor sets for me, I swear  I’ll never gain back an ounce. Sometimes I gain it all back, other times it is just that annoying 15-20 pounds.

Now, how about you? What is a “never” you have experienced.

Winners announced Monday.


  1. I never thought I would be 36 unmarried and have debilitating illnesses. I keep feeling if I just try harder I can make the bad go away and the ‘prince’ appear. It doesn’t work that way though. That is one of my big nevers.

    1. Thank you Mippy for sharing this…so often we think it has something to do with DOING when God is calling us to BE, accept and look to HIM. I’ve been learning to “try-softer”…it’s not always that easy,and I have to constantly remind myself that I don’t have this all figured out — HIS plans for me {US} are for good!

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  2. I have a lot of I never thought. Some are to painful to share but I am working on them with the Lord. Some I am ashamed of while others happened to me and I still don’t understand why. Rape, molested, husband had left, but praise God he and I have been able to work on our marriage and the Lord has blessed it. There are so many more painful things but at this time I am not able to bring myself to write them down, but Praise God who works all things out for His good and His Glory. Thank you Lord for loving me unconditionally.

  3. I never thought I would find myself not trusting the Lord. It just sounds wrong and yet when my secure little world was taken from me, that is where I found myself. I am so thankful the Lord is patient and allows us to turn from our sinful ways. He continues to show me His faithfulness.

    1. Me too Chris…I’m so thankful for His patience with me as I continue to stumble on this path of becoming who He created me to be. Thank YOU for sharing…

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  4. Wow, so many, i only ever wanted to be married with a family i never thought i would be divorced-not once, but twice! I never thought i would be on my own for the last 21 years, i will never be able to break down the wall i’ve built around me…… Your book sounds like just what the Lord has in mind for me to help me out of the nevers i would be delighted to win it. Thanks for the chance and for sharing.

    1. Guess what?!?! You are right! YOU will never be able to break down the walls that YOU’ve built up around YOU…but…If you are willing, God can and will…brick by brick. He loves YOU so very much! He wants all the blockage removed that’s separate you from experience HIM! The tools in my book can help you if you are willing to work them honestly and apply them into your life. Thank YOU for sharing Diki…

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  5. I have two among many “nevers”..
    I planned on getting married and having children It was all I wanted. But I’m 54 and still waiting with hope..

    I always dreaded creative writing in school. I just wasn’t very skillful. I wouldn’t show my papers to anyone but this sweet, gentle guy who sat behind me. Now I have a blog, write for an online newspaper, and have abou 2 1/2 chapters to a book written. I,m lovin creative writing. God’s funny.

  6. Let me start by saying that today was my local Relay For Life celebration. I have survived cancer for 18 years. I didn’t get diagnosed until after my son was born in 1995. He spent his first birthday being shuttled between my home sand his grandparents, every other week. Having gone through 6 months of chemo and one month of radiation, I was left with the knowledge that 1: I could at some future point kin life not only have a relapse of my cancer; but that I was at risk of 4 other types as well. 2: I was informed that I may NEVER have another child again. You see, due to the cancer treatments, I might have been sterile.

    I can joyously tell you that I never gave up hope. My daughter was born 22 days shy of her brothers 10th birthday, Groundhogs day 2005. After a scare five years ago (I thought that I might have breast cancer), I can say that God had allowed me to stay cancer free.

    This is the biggest NEVER that my husband, my son, and I have faced.
    Thank you for letting me share this.

    1. Ander thank YOU for sharing…I am rejoicing with YOU and I am inspired by your story!! We serve a BIG God! I love this testimony …the message of hope! Keep shining your light! =)

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

    1. Karen…I think we will always be faced with “Nevers” — two very strong words…always and never — but we can experience peace and joy in living as we journey through, we need to tap into tools that will sustain us. I know my book contains a great toolbox that can help! Thank you for sharing…

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

    1. Oh Kathy, I can SO relate. I felt guilty when my kids were that age for “wishing the time to go by fast” — I struggled through it. God will give you enough! He has blessed you with this amazing gift and equipped you…keep your focus on Him for strength and guidance. Thank YOU for sharing…

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  7. I never thought that motherhood and marriage would be as hard as they are. But I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for my husband and my son. God truely has blessed me.

    1. I hear YOU!! Sometimes the most difficult things in our lives are our BIGGEST blessings — and worth every effort sown to make them thrive! Thank you Elizabeth!

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  8. My funny never: I always said I would never live in a trailer. We lived in a double wide for 13 years.

    My serious never: Like Karen, I said that I would never ever wear a size 16 again. God laughed and taught me what being healthy is compared to a clothing size.

    1. I’m right there with you — that is one of my Nevers! It sounds like you DO homeschool…What a privilege and a huge undertaking all at the same time! Thank YOU Julia for sharing. =)

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  9. I never thought I would marry someone who seems to be SO opposite to me – I’m “artsy” and he’s practical/”scientific”. 33 years later we’re still in love. We do share a love of the Lord. Sometimes our differences drive the other person crazy, but God is good. I also never thought I would speak out to stand up for something I believe in, when it would have been so easy to just go with the flow – it ended up with me resigning my job. I still wonder sometimes if I did the right thing – but I know God has a plan for me.

    1. With God ALL things are possible! I’m proud of you for taking the high road and for doing what you felt was right in Gods eyes…I know taking a stand can be scary, we don’t always see the benefits, and may never know the impact it made until we get to heaven — but out reward will be there! Thank YOU Elaine for sharing.

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  10. I never thought I would have a child. After years of failed fertility treatments and a life threatening tumor – God blessed me with my hearts desire.

  11. I have been able to see God’s blessings in the ‘nevers’ of my life. I feel so blessed to be able to see them and recognize life for what it is……….a struggle, but with Jesus by our side. Definitely a few surprises along the way!

    1. Me too! Me too! It’s a great place to e when we can see the blessing from the mess and experience piece in the eye of a storm! Thank YOU Beth for sharing…

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  12. Well, I used to think I would “never” get a divorce. I would marry, and I would remain committed for life. I used to think that those who were divorced in the church were kind living outside of God’s will. While God hates divorce, I am not a divorced single mother, and God is blessing me like never before. It was a tough thing for me to learn that sometimes things do happen, and you have no choice to protect you and your child.

    1. It’s amazing how our perspective changes through our own experience. I too had some of those thought pre-divorce …but then it happened to me. My Nevers give me a new set of glasses to look through…I am grateful for what I am learning and who I am becoming. Tank YOU Ruth for sharing…

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  13. While in high school, I told my mom I was never going to have children….I have seven wonderful blessings:)

    1. WOW — YOU go girl! I told everyone when I was in high school that I wanted 4 children, until I had 1. Then I decided 2 was the perfect number! You have 7 precious nuggets {and your hands full!!} lol thank YOU Suzanne for sharing…

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  14. Therr are so many nevers that I thought would ever happen. I guess the biggest “never” was that I never thought I would have children. I never wanted them and never really knew what to do with them. Until God blessed me with three of my own. Even still, until my third was born, I had left my abusive marriage, and accepted the Lord, I didn’t accept the responsibility of mothering my children. Now, it is my biggest and most blessed ministry I have. I go on mission trips to love children, visit and feed children in other countries. Children just gravitate to me and I have a natural way with them. I actually want another child and would like to adopt. I have so many more “nevers” that we’re radically changed by my acceptance of the Lord Jesus into my heart. However, that one is the one that is closest to my heart and will always be my biggest and most important ministry.
    Praise God!

    1. Thank YOU Kim for leaving this comment — God is SO cool like that! We thin “we know” and have it “all figured out” until He reveals His plan for us so graciously. Love your story! =)

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  15. I swore I would never be divorced and then after I was I swore I would never date/fall in love again.

  16. As a stay-at-home mom for years, who loved it, I swore I’d never let work come before family. Years later, still as a SAHM, now to four in double digits and an editor, writer, and speaker, I struggle to balance my time. I’m ashamed to say my family is at times relegated to the back room as I get excited in an aspect of my ministry.

    I also never thought I’d be the mom to a child with disabilities, but it has been an amazing adventure!

    Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Julie…thank you for your transparency — I think a lot of us moms struggle with the balance “thing” — it can be difficult when we are passionate and pursuing Gods plans for our lives. What I see is that you acknowledge the struggle and the unbalance, that’s HUGE…awareness is so crucial. It’s in the the light, now you have the opportunity to do something difference, to get a different result. God is not a God of condemnation — shame — guilt — embrace HIS grace sweet sister!! Keeping shining your light!

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  17. Ten years ago we bought a small two bedroom house which we hoped to live in for the whole tome my husband was in the Navy. While we lived there I thought about how I would like a larger house but that would never happen. After a few years we had to move for the Navy and sold the house. We moved from VA to Mi to CA back to Mi and finally back to VA. (For our last three years before retiring from Navy.) I drove through our old neighborhood today and thought “wow I thought we would NEVER live in a Big house.” We live in a bigger four bedroom house. I thought wow… I really never thought we would live in a big house ten year ago but it haapened. We never planned to live in CA but we did and grew along the way. I was never going to have two kids but we did three years ago. I also said never three kids and well, still praying about it. After this revelation I realized that if the house and kids can happen so can weight loss. It is a slow process but wow the pregess is measurable even if it is in years. Shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  18. It’s almost a cliche – but I “never” thought I’d be as strick as MY parents were with me when “I” had kids. Well, needless to say, I may even be a little MORE strict! ;)

  19. I have so many “nevers” that it would take me awhile to type all of them. I’ll stick to the BIG “nevers” that have come about.
    I never thought I’d be divorced twice. The second divorce leaving me never wanting to marry ever again. (Spent my life trying to please men who were looking for someone else-now am going to care for my grandchildren and see what He has for me). Isaiah 54:5 he can be my husband.
    I never thought I’d be raising my grandchildren. (Which I have enjoyed more often than not).
    I never thought I would make some of the choices that I have that have left me with deep scars (bad choices I made).
    I never thought I would physically feel the way I do (most likely arthritis). I’m 50 and feel 80 often, especially in the morning.
    I never thought I would be in such a stressful job (now doing two instead of one-same pay, of course). I have a job though!!
    Thanks for this tough topic as it has made me realize blessings within the nevers.

    1. You are looking for the good Bev — that’s awesome! When we have an attitude of gratitude our spirit lifts and keeps hope alive! Thank YOU for sharing…

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  20. I am “now” learning not to use the word never and limit the Lords abilities. I “never” thought I would get a boyfriend and although I was at the age of 45, one did enter my life and also lead me to the Lord.

    This book sounds like an awesome read!!

    1. Love IT Joanne — HIS plans for us are for good! Thank YOU for sharing…I agree, never say never — I’ve learned that too! It just might happen to you…. =)

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

  21. I never thought I would live in the same state all my life…much less the same county. Never thought I would be a “boy” mom without a daughter…but very blessed.

    I would love to win the book!!!

    1. I’m a boy mom too!!! I’ve lived in the same state and the same country my whole life too! =) thank you for sharing Marla! =)

      Keeping it Personal,
      Teri Johnson

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