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I’ve had a few situations that have tempted me to become unglued emotionally this week.

My stove top isn’t working properly and needs to be repaired.

My dishwasher is on the fritz.

Oh, and when it went on the fritz, it flooded the kitchen. I woke up to a lake one morning with my kitchen island floating in the center.

While waiting for the appliances to be fixed, I must light the gas stove top by hand (no biggie) and do all of our dishes by hand (a biggie!).

Last night, the kitchen was clean when I retired. This morning, after my 17 year old son had two friends over who decided to bake a cake, it looks like this:


And, the tasty cake they made—orange cream with cream cheese frosting—is a sweet—-something I am trying NOT to eat.

Unglued again.

Have you been there?

Are you there now?

Leave a comment with your unglued situtaion and you just might win one of three copies of Lysa TerKeurt’s new book Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions.

It has only been out since August 7th and is already a New York Times bestseller!

I read an advanced copy and it is FABULOUS!!!!

In fact, reading it helped me reign in my emotions when my kitchen appliances (and my kids) didn’t cooperate.

It just might help you keep your cool too when your situations are spinning out of control.

Winner announced Monday. :-)


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  2. We’ve been living for a long time (I’m embarrassed to even say how long…just trust me) without a shower in our home. It’s an extremely long DIY process. I come “unglued” about once a month when I look around and think, “What have we gotten into?!” God reminds me that He provides everything I need, usually after I’ve unloaded on my husband.

  3. Oh, my! You are experiencing a trial by kitchen right now, aren’t you?

    I can only shamefully imagine what my totally unglued response would have been to having my kitchen look like yours did. Hoping your response was much more gracious.

    Totally looking forward to this new Lysa TerKeurst book. She is such a gift.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. I only wish I could narrow it down to just one time that I became unglued. The unfortunate truth is that I become unglued far too often. I recently started a journey to rediscover God, Jesus and fill the void that has become my heart after years of walking away from Him. Doing this has opened my eyes to some behavior that I cringe at remembering and I’m sure God was disappointed in seeing in one of His children. Maybe is book will help me stop and recognize those ‘unglued’ moments in my life.

  5. Just dropped oldest daughter off at college, sniff, sniff! Husband finally has a job (2 years without one); of course in another state (3 hour drive away). Need to sell house so we can be with husband! House has been for sale 5 months, no one has even called to look at it. My job just outsourced to India. Two teens trying to homeschool and get them ready for college. Put in DVD while cleaning for some worship music time, DVD player flaked out. Found out on facebook that my brother has Stage IV melanoma of the lung?! Well, you get the picture! Trying to trust the Lord and believe all things work together for good! Whew! Glory to Him in all things! Unglued?

  6. I’ve had several unglued moments in the last few weeks, but I’ll tell you about the most recent. This past Sunday, my husband and I had been invited to a neighborhood dessert party — how fun! Except that I’m trying to stay away from sweets (so I can totally relate to how you felt about your son baking a scrumptious cake) and I have an egg allergy, to boot. I’m not much of a baker, but I decided to make a Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread (yes, from a box mix), complete with egg replacer so I wouldn’t look like anti-social going to a dessert party and eating nothing. I even got all fancy and whipped up a cream cheese frosting with pumpkin pie spice mixed in. As I was taking the cake out of the oven, it decided to slip out of the oven mitts and fall top first onto the floor, complete with a dramatic splat to ensure I couldn’t salvage any of it. I came unglued. And I went to the party empty-handed, but my husband helped make light of it, and I know it’s comical now (especially in light of the heart-rending accounts from others here). I clearly need help staying glued together in life’s little comedies so I can stay glued together in the larger, more serious challenges life sends my way.

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