In Just Six Weeks

I glanced at the date on the calendar today and realized something:

In just six weeks my new book releases!

The book is about a woman’s tendency to be controlling: from a little controlling to a card-carrying member of Control Freaks Anonymous!

What do we try to control?

Our circumstances.

Our time.

Our husbands.

Our kids.

Others’ opinons of us.

The appearance of the house.

And more.

Why do we control?

Because we compare ourselves to others.

Because we aren’t content.

Because we are pursuing the appearance of perfection.

Because we think God (or someone else) isn’t moving fast enough.

Because we have the wrong goals.

Lots of reasons, but I honestly think at the root of it is this:

We don’t really trust God.

We think we know better than He does just what is best for us.

Well, guess what? God called and He’d like his job back.

He is ready to teach us to learn how to control what we should, trust Him with what we can’t, but most importantly, how to decide which one is which!

Oh, and there is also a 6-week Bible study and teaching dvd for you to do alone or with a group. It tackles six different characters in scripture and explores how they either were control freaks (bad examples) or trusted God (good examples!)

For a peak at the book, click here.

And tell me, of the areas listed above, where are you most tempted to try to control? Or is it something else?

Do tell. I’ll feel less like a lone-ranger control freak if you do!


  1. I think i try to control appearances, time, my home, the way other people think. Mostly i think its because i want to look like i have it all together which with having A.D.D. is pretty much hopeless. This sounds like a great book for me to read and learn from!!

  2. My time and my husband because I think life will be calmer. I am excited about your book. Blessings

  3. I’m going to like reading this book, because I have some controlling tendencies. first I would control the appearance of the house. second, since I am an perfectionist I would try to improve the appearance of perfection, what I wear, my hair, being to organized, I need to loosen up. I find when I’m too controlling I am very stressed out.

  4. Controlling women is a generational sin I am trying to break. So hard!! Looking forward to adding your book to my “toolbox.”

  5. I can honestly say I try to control everything and everyone around me! God has been working hard to get my attention by placing crisis and upset in my path repeatedly over the past year but I’m STILL not doing a very good job of letting him take them driver’s seat in my life! I hope this book will help me see things more clearly, and help me give up the need to control everything my life.

  6. I feel like I have little control over any circumstances but I am sure when I read this book I will find ways I am attempting control that I should not be. :-)

  7. I try to control EVERYTHING in my life lol but let me tell you one truth. God clearly has guided me and shut a door or opened a door just in the nick of time to save me from myself.

  8. I am very excited to read this. Going to look for the ARC on NetGalley now! (I’m a reviewer at The Christian Manifesto.)

  9. But. What. If. I. Can’t. Hahaha I will be first in line to get this book. Lord knows I need to let go, and let Him!

  10. Well I have to say this is definitely a book I will need to read. It is a role I believe all women fall into especially when they have a family. Looking forward to getting a copy.

    Wish you the best. I know God intends for this book to reach many women.


  11. Dear Karen, I am looking forward to reading your book and a Bible Study on this subject sound like something I could use. I can’t pick one of the things listed above, because I try to control all of them.
    I control the calendar and the van, so, I have to know when stuff is suppose to happen and who is involved in that “stuff”. I am past the point of controlling circumstances, because I know God is the one who controls the “stuff” that happens. I have had too many expectations demolished to say I control that “stuff”. My problem now is trying to convince my teenager to be flexible and except that I do not control this stuff.
    I wish life were as easy to live as a 1 hour sitcom.
    Thanks , Deena

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