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If you found your way here by reading my Encouragement for Today devotion, welcome! The rest of you can click here to read it. Be sure to come back!

Today’s I am Loved giveaway. Details below.

Yes, you are loved. Just. The. Way. You. Are.

Could you relate to wanting to be chosen? Were there times in your past you too sat with fingers crossed hoping to be picked?

We all thought that if only they’d “Pick me!” then all would be right in the world.

We were wrong.

Even those times when we are chosen, we still might struggle with doubt and wonder. Even rejection from others who were not picked.

In my devotion I used the true examples of wanting to be picked for the team, on the homecoming court in high school and to become engaged at college. Those were all times of pain and longing for me.

But pssssst! You want to know a secret? Just getting all of those things doesn’t make a girl happy and complete.

I know.

Later, I would be chosen for a team. The dance team in college. Even picked as captain.

And I would wear the queen’s crown, not of my high school but of my Midwestern Christan college.

And the ring? I finally got the ring at nabbed a husband three weeks after college ended. And ya know what?

All three of those occurrences were laced with some sorrow. And rejection. And “I wish I’d never gotten this” feelings.

Yes, I was picked for the dance team. But, I was also told by the coach that I needed to lose 10 pounds if I was to stay on the squad. I had three weeks to do it.

Yes, I wore the crown. But some of my friendships were never quite the same afterwards. I would have rather kept the friendships.

Yes, I married my college sweetheart. But it hasn’t always been a walk in the park. It too came with a host of struggle and conflict and  tears. Oh and a boatload of in-laws. :-) (nuf said!)

And NONE of those things I so desired and final acquired has made me feel secure and loved. Only letting Jesus into my life did that.

Do you know Him? I don’t mean know about Him, but really have a relationship with Him? If not, find out how here.

My prayer is that today you will remember that you are loved and wanted by the God of the universe.

And you are wanted here too! One of you who comments will win the giveaway shown above. It includes:

~ Some P.S. I Love You lotion

~ A bag of Godiva dark chocolate covered almonds

~ A set of note cards

~ A travel mug with a little mirror on it. (So it shows you who God loves–YOU!)

To be entered, leave us a comment with a time when you also secretly whispered, “Pick me! Pick me!”. Then, type “I am Chosen”.

Winner announced Thursday.


  1. When I wanted so baby to be a mother (before my babies were born), I would whisper to Jesus “pick me..pick me” ;)

    I. AM. CHOSEN.

  2. Pick me, pick me! Wow! I was just going to type about how I would have like to have been picked for a certain committee at church. Since after reading so many other ‘I am Chosen’ posts! I think I am just gonna say Thank you for being picked for so many other different things in my life! I have been picked to be a wife, be a mother to 3 children, be a daughter, be a friend, be a mentor, be a ride, be a co- worker, be alive, and most of all be saved by Jesus! I am chosen!!!

  3. Oh, so many things! As a teenager, I wanted just one guy to pay attention to me. Now, as I approach 30, I find myself desiring for people to ask me to oversee or help with things, and I can become discouraged, a.k.a. “I’m not good enough,” if I do not allow God’s truth to remind me… I am chosen!

    I am also learning that oftentimes others do want to choose me, they just think that I won’t be able to for some reason – scheduling and kids, mainly; therefore, they don’t ask. Sometimes, I must push aside my fears of rejection and offer myself.

  4. I think it’s human nature to want to be special. Many times, as I visited my Grandpa (as an adult), we would spend the majority of time talking about my sister. I so wanted him to “pick me” too. Later I realized we talked about her because she wasn’t there. So, in the end I realized he did pick me too. One of the things I love about grandchildren is that they choose you. My 2 yo granddaughter likes to take my face and say, “You MY gramma!” Nothing better! I have been trying to do that with God as an exercise in letting Him know I pick Him too. I am chosen!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow! He chose us but we have to choose Him too. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the choices that are made for us women. My girls want to get married, but I explain that they have to be chosen. Then they can choose to say yes or no. I waited a really, really long time to be chosen.

  6. I am chosen! It looks so beautiful to write, read and say aloud. For many reasons I grew up being very insecure. Unfortunately it transitions into adulthood. The feelings of not being wanted, pretty enough, smart enough, etc. lead me to many pick me moments. I felt that being picked or recognized for something gave me value . I am thankful that i have Jesus Christ and a growing relationship with Him. I am Chosen!

  7. My husband left me and my 4 daughters a few weeks ago. I am sad. But I know I am chosen… I am a child of the King… He is my comfort….

  8. To feel worthy of love, to feel beautiful enough, to feel organized enough, to feel smart enough, to feel accomplished enough. The world and it’s tiring demands leave me weary, but
    I AM CHOSEN by the one true God.

  9. Days like today, when my son played the last baseball game of his first season – he’s 5! – and then patiently took pictures with extended family members he sees only twice each year, but nobody ever noticed that I don’t get to be in a single one – just carrying equipment and changing schedules and cheering him on. The pack mule only.

    I’m chosen.

  10. Ive been chosen too many times by people who use me for their own gratification. Blessed (or should i say “burdened”) with decent looks, it hurts to say Ive been used as a self-satifying accomplshment for men in my life (divorced twice). The people who truly love me say “Im beautiful on the inside, not just on the outside”… I try to remember that. I am a work in progress but I know God loves me, and always lifts me up….

    Great article, this s my first visit here and it resonated immediately. Thank you ~

    I Am Chosen!

  11. Having a new baby I cannot serve at our homeschooling coop. I often want to. Feel I portant and needed. This is not the time…I am chosen.

  12. We are all so fragile, myself included. The first “pick me” I can remember was for my Dad to choose ME, not the new wife and family that would so easily take my place in his heart. So many times in life we’re told we don’t measure up. If we hear it enough from the world (enemy) it becomes like a broken record playing over & over again in our head. Recently, God spoke His truth into my heart. All the years that I had sought a “real” relationship with my earthly Father, my one, true, loving, heavenly Father had been holding me in the palm of his hand. It was such a healing revelation, a precious gift from the One who loves me unconditionally. Thank you Lord! And thank you Karen for revealing what so many of us carry in our hearts, you have spoken healing words.

  13. I feel invisible and overlooked most of the time. I’m not an outgoing person and am not very confident, so I try not to call attention to myself. I envy those who have close girlfriends to laugh with, hang out with, share their lives with and groups to be a part of. I am grateful for being chosen by God and having a relationship with Him. I am chosen!

  14. Karen , I was surprised by this post,because you always sound so confident – but then again most everyone has a few (or many) pick me moments. I really connected with this post and will need to remind myself that I am chosen. Thank you

  15. I remember back in junior high, highschool & even college wishing I had at least one true friend & I know there were many times when my heart silently cried out to others “pick me as your friend, as the one you want to chat with & do fun girl stuff together. Even now I must remind myself that being a part of friendship is great but not the way to true fulfillment. Today with Jesus in my life I can say ” I am chosen” (by the King of Kings! PTL!!!

  16. I’ve struggled with this sooo many times in my life. The biggest one to be chosen by a man as his wife. That did finally happen in my life and I am thankful. However, you’re right that comes with heartache and struggles too. Too many times I look to him for the fulfillment that only God can give. Halleluiah! I AM CHOSEN!

  17. Thanks for the encouraging news that I am chosen! All of my life I longed to be picked for something. The disappointments and heart aches were so overbearing at tmes. I finally became accustomed to never being chosen for anything. But whenver I ws 28 years old, GOD chose me. Halleluiah!

  18. You have no idea how timely this was for me today. I first read it at work. Then after I
    Got home tonight, my husband was kind of dumpy so I asked why. He told me how
    Much he loved me then shared that his mother askded him icf he knew why I couldn’t
    Lose weight? He immediately started defending me and the efforts I’m trying to lose
    The weight. Well my mind instantly went to “I’m not good enough and all the other
    Negative recordings locked in my brain. I started crying but stuffing it all at the same
    Time. Then I remembered that I am a child of God, a co heir with Christ…and I dug out
    My phone and pulled up your devotion. I know I am chosen by God! But why does
    It hurt so bad when people say things, not even meaning it for it to hurt! I needed to re-
    Read your message and allow God to speak to my heart those words “I choose you!”
    Thank you for allowing God to use you today in my life. Thank you LORD for loving me
    So much….


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