Stressed-Less Living Giveaway with Tracie Miles

Got stress?

Yeah, you do!

Today’s woman has stressers coming at her from many directions: home, work, mothering, marriage, finances, extended family, schedule, church and community commitments……WHEW!!! I’m stressed just reading that list!

My dear friend and ministry partner Tracie Miles has just released a woman’s go-to-guide for reducing stress and finding peace. Here is what I had to say after reading and advanced copy:

“Women today are stressed out. Whether dealing with cranky coworkers, colicky babies or controlling in-laws, at every turn we encounter more people, responsibilities and situations just waiting to sap our mental energy. The result? Jumpy nerves. Physical ailments. Racing minds. Tracie Miles has been there. Her story is one of a worn-out woman who finally learned how to unload her stress and find sweet rest instead. Her extensive research, biblical insight and practical solutions will help lead you out of the land of frazzle and straight into the presence of the Prince of Peace.”

For those of you feeling like the stress is just about to do you in, get a hold of this book! It it chock-full of so many helpful statistics and biblical advice. Reading it helped to calm even normally hyper me right down!

Click here to buy a copy.

Tracie is giving away a stress-reducing package to one of you that includes:

~ Signed copy of Stressed-Less Living

~ Pink Reading Light

~ Purple Spa Poof

~ Mini-manicure set

If you’d like to be entered in this great giveaway, leave a comment telling us what in your life causes you the greatest stress.

Winner announced Monday.


  1. My stress is trying to count as joy my diagnosis of cancer and going thru treatment. As a child of God it is difficult.

  2. I think, ultimately, I give myself stress. Mainly because I love life and I want to do so much and to do it all well. My personality clashes with my husband and mother. Both of whom are very important to me, but exasperate and frustrate me to know end. They cause a great deal of stress in my life. I pray for The Lord to consistently remind me that their eternity is more important than my needs.

  3. Having 3 kids under the age of 9, one being on the Autism spectrum can be stressful when he doesn’t always understand or get it…. my kids are all close in age: 8, 7 and 6.

    This sounds like something I could really use right now.

  4. Work is my biggest cause of stress right now. I travel too much and work too many weekends and evenings and it causes me to miss many of my son’s activities. I am handling it better, but I need to manage it to where I speak up and say NO sometimes. Prayer and giving it all to the Lord help, but now I need to try and discern whether He’s telling me to find another career opportunity?? Can’t wait to read the book and apply the wisdom inside!!

  5. my biggest stressor is my husband. I am always trying to make sure he is happy and lots of times not being able to accomplish that. I just don’t feel like I ever measure up to his expectations.

  6. Stressing about many things right now But I think the main thing is Not being able to work now Or have a purpose in life to live….

  7. I teach others to reduce stress in their lives…Hmmmm, those who can’t do—teach!!! :) I do ok most of the time, but I let my self-talk take over, instead of God’s talk! I would love to read this book…it would help me, but certainly it would also help those that I teach too!!!

  8. The list is long, as it is for all if us -kids, finance, church commitments ( which I know should NOT be viewed as stress), taking on the role of executive and POA for an elderly cousin (which has translated into having a new elderly mom that lives a state away), etc. I used to not worry/ stress at all, but that seems to be over, as the 48 yr old hormones make EVERYTHING seem stressful…have to let it all go!

  9. My biggest stress is that my daughter believes she was raped from age 5-14 by my son who was 6 yrs older than her. He totally denies it. She definitely was sexually abused, and has severe emotional and psychological issues. I have not had my children together in 9 years. I hate holidays because I have to pick one or the other to be with us. I know God knows it all, and knows the truth, and can bring good things out of evil, and that God will have the last word in all of this. I struggle to be who Jesus wants me to be in my relationships with my children and my dear husband.

  10. Work definitely causes me the most stress. After coming off a week ofvacation. And endin git with The Women of Faith conference in Portland, I know that while work is stressful, it isn’t whats important. I’m thankful for my job. And even more thankful for the Lord in my life, and for my family.

  11. Right now, what stresses me is being over-scheduled. Between working 3 jobs, taking care of kids, and trying to get everything planned and organized, I am a mess. During the week I get so behind, then spend my weekend trying to get caught up. I feel like I never do.

  12. I think the thing that causes me the most stress is when our family is struggling with not being kind to each other. It just feels like there is a lack of peace. When our peace at home is disrupted, I feel like it affects so many other aspects of each of our lives. It is a challenge for our home, but I believe it is so worth it to show our love for each other. If we can rise above our grouchiness and love one another, it really makes all the difference in the world!

  13. My biggest stress is clutter … actual material clutter (too much stuff), “body clutter” (excess weight I would like to get rid of) and “calendar clutter” (too much to do)!

  14. I feel stressed when there is more to do than time permits. When other people (Extended family) haven’t communicated their needs of my time and use my time anyhow. I like a schedule and to be able to look ahead, so hiccups in my schedule at the last minute really stress me, especially if arrangements could have been made before hand.

  15. The thing that is stressing me the most these days is getting healthy meals on the table. I am overwhelmed by trying to plan, buy and cook these meals all the while working and taking care of a family. But honestly, the stress is mostly my guilt over not doing it better! Wouldn’t super mom get it all done and feed her kids gourmet healthy meals????

    1. Crock pot…great online resources for cooking ahead and freezing. These things have been helping me with this same issue. Once a month mom is a good place to start.

  16. Have 2 daughters that have to deal with peer pressure and bullying at school. Also a husband that is celebrating his 1st year of being cancer free, but still has checkups every 3 months – the not knowing when our world will turn upside down.

  17. Right now I am feeling real stressed out by my job. My coworker is not there and will not be back for a while so I am left with all of her work plus my own. I pray everyday for God to give me strength.

  18. I’d like to say it is worrying about my 20 year old daughter and her lack of a plan fir her life, or my 18 year old daughter and her uncertain health issues dealing with CF, or tha fact that my hubby had a stroke and I juggle caring for my family with working….. But I know my stress would be reduced if I would learn to trust God more and know HE is in control, and not me.

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