Opening Day

It is opening day of deer hunting here in Michigan. Already my 17 year-old has been out this morning and is now back home sleeping until he can go out again.

Guess I’ll be looking for some new venison recipes to try out this year. Venison is supposed to be a healthy meat but I still can’t bring myself to like it!

Speaking of healthy, my friend Clare over at Peak 313 Fitness is giving you a chance to win one of two copies of my new book LET. IT. GO.  Click here to enter.

I’ll be back tomorrow to announce the outstanding winners. Have a great Thursday!


  1. We farm and the deer populations is so great that they destroy a lot of our corn crop. We have hunting friends & encourage them to get their quota. We don’t eat deer ourselves but are happy that others enjoy it. I do love to see the deer and fawns, but realistically know that the population needs to be thinned out due to disease and for financial reasons.

  2. I love meatballs made out of deer meat. They are very tasty. It’s also great in chili and stew.
    I have to admit if I saw the deer before it got processed I would probably not be able to eat it. We have been blessed to be given deer meat from our hunter friends.

    God Bless and congrats that the big release day is finally here : )

  3. I myself am not a deer consumer…not really my thing. However my sister and brother in law hunt and eat deer on a regular basis….I am sure you will find some good recipes…

    Your book sure is to be a blessing…looking forward to getting it soon!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin :)

  4. Our son is an avid deer hunter. We are delighted to have the meat – it is leaner than beef and is not injected with hormones. I use the ground vension in all recipes calling for hamburger. The cubed deer is wonderful. The deer population in our area of southern Virginia really need to be thinned because of the millions of dollars of damage done to vehicles each year. My husband and son also quail hunt. These birds are quite a treat and are better than fried chicken.

  5. We have eaten venison for years and use it just like you would beef, it’s low fat and better for you than beef. We have one canned every so often for noodles and BBQ. We like to have our steaks cubed (tenderized), cook them on a George Foreman for sandwiches or with mushroom soup, yum. But then again, we are in Ohio deer and they’re all corn fed so there is no gamey taste if they are harvested early in the season. My husband is a bow hunter so they start in September. He loves being in his stand with nature and God. I am so proud of the good, ethical, hunter he is.

  6. I cook my deer roasts with a 1/2 cup of milk in my normal seasonings. And I add a 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of milk to my marinade for steaks and grilled meat. It tenderizes the meat and takes the gamey flavor out. Hope your family has a happy hunting season! My son got his first deer a few weeks ago and my husband is super proud =D

  7. I love venison but my family doesn’t hunt, so when ever people say they have extra, I volunteer to take it off their hands. My family can take it or leave it, so when I cook it I don’t tell them what it is. I like to mix ground venison with ground beef for burgers or meatloaf.

  8. My comment has nothing at all to do with your post for today, but I wanted to say how much your 5-day Chaos to Calm Christmas challenge is encouraging my heart. Especially when you said this in Day 2 of the challenge: “Think of perfect as a calm heart.” Yes, yes, this is what I want to give my family this year for Christmas. A calmer me : ) Thank you for sharing what you have learned about letting go of control. I’m enjoying the challenge posts and am looking forward to reading LET.IT.GO.

  9. Funny!! Our opening day for shot gun is this weekend. My 17 yr old went archery last night, but did not tag anything. We all love to hunt as a family! I always have to add hamburger or sausage to my venison as I have not found ways to cook it by itself without it tasting to “gamey” I am going to try the Sprite/7up idea….thank you !

  10. Karen, we use venison the same as hamburger as well. We also had some cube steaks cut and make country style steak in the crock pot. Tender as can be and just as yummy! Also I use it to make vegetable beef soup and taco soup. Also have used for meat sauce in spaghetti. Good luck!

  11. I try to get the pictures of “Bambi” out of my head when I enjoy venison…..heehee!
    Hope the recipe hunting goes well! Have a blessed day!

  12. My son and his dad flew out to Michigan from Seattle to deer hunt! I am sure they are out wondering about right about now too! This is a very exciting for him.

  13. I have learned you have to get rid of the game taste. My husband loves to hunt deer when he can. We have had venison as chicken fried steak, tacos, and other meals where we would have used ground beef.

  14. My grandpa used to make fajitas using venison. He cooked it outside over an open flame. Those were hands down the best fajitas EVER! Nothing like it. We also cut it into steaks and cooked them like chicken-fried steak. YUMMO! I miss those meals!

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