Taking a Peek

Are you a control freak? If so my friends over a Women’s Ministry Net are featuring a short video from me talking about how not to be a control freak. Click here to see it and you could win one of two copies of my new book!

And my friend and ministry partner Renee Swope is featuring an interview with me about why I wrote the book. And she is giving away THREE copies of the book. (My friends are all being so sweet supporting me!) Click here to see the short interview.

And finally, for another chance, check out another conversation between fellow type-A woman Cindy Dagnan and me here on her site where she is also offering a giveaway! You can find it here.

Okay— that should keep you busy and thank you SO MUCH for all of your support on this week of book launch. We’ll get the winners announced on Friday and things should return to normal here soon. :-)


  1. So very much looking forward to this book…The study is something I can’t wait to do with the women’s group at church. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I want to learn to let it go and with God behind me I can’t go wrong.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin :)

  2. Loved the videos Karen. Loved the practical tips and can’t wait to dive into your book! “Let it go” has been a phrase that seems to pop up consistently in my journals over the years. Loved the practical tips in your book on organization and looking forward to getting started applying biblical wisdom to my propensity to micromanage. I need to be reminded about the forest instead of that one big tree that keeps getting in my way…if that makes any sense! Thanks again Karen!

  3. I am curious to know how long the video segments are on the DVD study. We are considering purchasing for our Bible Study group and I cannot find the information on the product description. Thank you

  4. Thank you Karen for sharing!! I love having the opportunity to learn more about our Father and see how God can work within so many ways! Learning my Fathers love daily.thank you for helping!

  5. Thanks again Karen for the opportunity to see these different blog sites and how God is working in other women’s lives! Loving God through you today! Thank you!

  6. As a GoTo-Gal I have totally enjoyed the comments and statuses you sent out. I wanted you to know I’ve updated my status with one of the comments already, but can see where others will be used soon as well. :) Keep up the great work with the book tour!

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