Green Grass Envy & the Unglued Webcast

Ever get envious of someone else?

Of their looks?

Their income?

Or their house?

Or husband? (YIKES!)

I do. I wrote about these green grass comparisons on Roomag today. Click here to read it.

Sometimes those green grass comparisons make us begin to come unglued in our thoughts. We question why we aren’t so fortunate. Or weathly. Or chosen.

Then the destructive self-talk starts, “You are liked.” “You are less than.” “You are no big deal.”

Tonight, Lysa TerKeurst and Sheila Walsh are offering a free Women of Faith Webcast. It is about the negative chatter that often goes on in our minds. I hope you’ll join us. It is free!

Now have a great day and go talk kindly to yourself, okay?

Cause I think you are a big deal!


  1. I tried and tried to get through to just sign up for the webcast and couldn’t get through so i’m really hoping you will have one more showing so those of us that couldn’t see it have another chance, please.

  2. Wonderful post about the green grass comparisons on the Roomg blog site! I always love the way you express yourself with words. I can truly benefit from this post as I have often been jealous or envious of others who I feel have been more richly blessed in life than I have regarding possessions in the past. I have often wondered how some people are lucky to have so many when so many others have so little. Nowadays, I know God blesses us with everything we have today and that it is about more than possessions in life. I value my relationship with the Lord more than any value a possession could add to my life. Life and happiness is not about money, it is about Christian character and what we make of our lives. It all comes down to prayer and asking God to help us through life and what He chooses to give us or not give us is for our own protection. We may not understand it, but as long as we continue to have our faith and trust Him, everything has a way of working itself out in the end. I never take anything I receive in life for granted because I know God had a part in making it happen. This is why it is so important to thank God for our blessings and our trials in life everyday. Every time we feel a door is closed, God is about to help open another one for you. Everything in our life always works for God’s good in the end. Our life is alll about praising and pleasing him with our time in this world. Have a blessed day! May God always bless you and remind you that He loves each and every one of us.

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