The Awesomest Calendar EVER Giveaway

Last year I bought a wall calendar with a Groupon. The company selling it claimed that their calendar was awesome. It is!

Kept my year organized.

Got kids to their color-coded activities on time.

Helped me see several months at a glance.

Organizational bliss!

It is a wall calendar that has a horizontal layout on one side and a vertical on the other. It comes in academic year (August-July) or calendar year (January-December) and it is available in dry erase or uncoated.

So, this year, even though there wasn’t a Groupon deal, I ordered another one. Even Tweeted about it to get 20% off. When the calendar got here, I was super pumped. However, when the mail lady handed it to me the shipping tube was empty.


So, I emailed the fantabulous Jesse at the company. An apology was quickly given and another one shipped out pronto. Then, Jesse & I got chatting via email. I wanted to express what great customer service they have (not to mention what a great product).


That brought about this generous offer Jesse wants to give my readers:

YOU TOO can get the wall calendar of awesomeness for not 20—but 30% off!!!!!!  (by entering the code KarenEhman at checkout. Expires 2/28/2013)

AND this way cool company is also giving away a free calendar to FIVE of you who comment today!!! Yipeee! The company is called Neuyear and you can find them by clicking HERE.

You won’t regret buying this time management tool. Leave a comment telling us what kind of calendar you currently use and your name will be entered in the random drawing. Winners announced Monday.

Don’t forget to CLICK here and enter KarenEhman at checkout to get 30% off!!!!


  1. I love calendars……currently have a white board glued to my frig…….but this one looks
    much cooler….thanks

  2. I use a large wall calendar at home in our kitchen. I usually find these at a craft or discount store and they don’t have the top half covered in a picture…the whole thing is the month with large boxes for each date. I love this because I can write in all the things we have going on. I recently started putting things into my phone calendar for on-the-go ease of scheduling new things as they come up (btw, my phone is not a smart phone….just a regular ole phone ;-)). I guess I’m just old fashioned and like the act of writing things out! Thanks, Karen!

  3. I like to give to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and they send me a calendar with Roses on it. It is beautiful! My Dad loved roses and it reminds me of him! I would love to get one of those you are offering for my daughter in law who has a super busy schedule with 4 young children! Thanks!

  4. I have a few calendars in hopes that they will keep me organized. One great one would be awesome – Thanks.
    -Colleen G.

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