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Have you ever come emotionally unglued?

With your spouse? A child? The lady at the dry cleaners? The driver on the road?

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes in the midst of raw emotions we don’t make wise choices.

Like the time my husband disappointed me early in our marriage and I questioned his love for me. I was emotionally raw. So I cried. But I didn’t just cry.

I accused him of wishing he’d married his high school girlfriend instead of me and then? I chucked the closest thing I could find, his work briefcase, way across the room. As I did, it flung open and the entire contents sprawled across our tiny apartment living room.

It was not my finest moment back in 1986.

But neither was the time I snapped at my daughter as I prepared our Sunday dinner at which two of her friends were going to be guests. They were late. Very late.

As I leaned over to my husband to ask quietly if we should start with out them, my daughter thought I was complaining. I wasn’t complaining, just asking. However, my whisper made it seem otherwise. When she questioned what I said, I came unglued.

I didn’t let a brief case going flying, just some guilt-inducing and caustically accusatory words.

It was not my finest moment….three weeks ago.

My friend Lysa has also struggled with this issue. A lot.

Just last summer she penned a little book to help other women learn to process their emotions in a healthy and God-honoring way.

It is now a New York Times best-seller.

Just recently, she released a devotional on the same topic. I am currently reading it each morning. Here are just a few quotes that I’ve been tweeting that have stood out to me:

“Feelings are indicators, not dictators. Quiet my inner dialogue and replace my anxiety with your comfort and truth.”

“If ever I catch myself pretending or proving, I know I’m processing my hurt the wrong way.”

“When I feel an argument brewing I have to remember that my goal is to tackle the issue not the person.”

If you’d like a chance to be encouraged by this devotional and win not only it but some more cool stuff associated with it, leave a comment telling us what most makes you come unglued. If your what is a who, please don’t use names, just loose titles like, a certain friend, an extended family member or close family member. :) Thanks.

You could win:

~Unglued book

~Unglued Devotional

~Set of 4 Unglued key tags



~$5 Starbucks gift card

BONUS YOU ALL WIN: If you’re interested in talking about Unglued some more, join Lysa on January 29 at 9pm EST – when she’ll be hosting a live, FREE Webcast with Women of Faith’s Sheila Walsh! Visit Lysa’s Unglued book site for details by clicking here.

Okay, what threatens to make you come unglued? Winner announced Monday.


  1. For me it would be an immediate family member (teen). We are at constant battle at times, never seeing eye to eye. I prayer, do better, then not so good, roller coasting up and down. After reading about the book, it sounds like a real help.

  2. Had you asked me this question a few mths ago, I would have been able to rattle off at least a dozen answers. But since reading Lysa’s book, God has been working on my heart. Big time!!! I don’t let things bother me like I used to. I use Lysa’s saying “if this is the worst thing that happens today…” ALOT…

  3. I used to be a very active, always-going type of person. In 2005 I was diagnosed with a condition that put me out of work and left me depending on strong medications just to make it through the day. I have what is called Persistent Idiopathic Facial Pain, and the associated diagnoses of ringing in the ears, chronic migraine, and extreme sensitivity to light, sound and touch. I come unglued most often when my own limitations make it difficult for me to handle day to day life. I was always a strong person who took care of myself and, for almost 15 years as a single mom, my 3 children. Now I get disability and often need the help of others to go places since I have no warning before the constant pain is added to by a migraine or some other trigger, and I have to take even more meds to cope with the increased unpleasant sensations. It is sometimes very hard to let go and just be who I am, weaknesses and all. I get frustrated at myself and I lash out because I can’t be who I want to be. I also come unglued when ignorant (deliberately unkind) people treat me like I’m putting on an act or like I don’t know my own body. Some days I just want to hide in a cave where nobody buy my loved ones knows where I am. I get tired of explaining to people who really don’t care why I wear sunglasses in the store, why strong perfume makes me sick, or why I can’t turn up the TV as loud as a lot of people like it because it makes my head scream. I try, and I pray, but sometimes I could use some encouragement – or a boot on the backside. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Hey Karen!
    Ugh. Emotions. I definitely think I’ll be working on controlling them for the rest of my life. I’m 22 right now, close enough to being a teenager that I still have days when I want to lose it, but out of it enough to BEGIN to really appreciate my sweet mother and the grace she had in dealing with me all those years! (I’m sure as I mature, I’ll begin to recognize more and more of her patience, self control, grace, and love).

    Right now, the thing that makes me want to come Unglued is just the future and the unknown. I just went through a breakup and though my future feels bright and wide open, it also seems completely foreign. I have no idea where the Lord is leading me and it makes me want to doubt who He is, and seek out easy emotional comforts.

    I’d love to win a copy of this book, not just for myself, but also to use as a Bible Study with the college group I lead!

  5. What makes me unglued the most these days is my son who repetitively does not do what I ask and seems to forget that I’ve even spoken to him. I think I could learn alot from your book….

  6. I can become very unglued when plans don’t go as they should. I am learning to calm down, relax and trying to laugh through it. Easier said than done ; )
    -Colleen G.

  7. “Unglued” usually happens when I have missed my quiet time with Jesus. But it never fails on a Sunday on our way to church I get irritated at family not being ready, we are late after dropping the dog off and food for lunch. Then on our ride the conversation turns into knit picking and by the time I make it in I don’t want to hug nothing just need quietness to regroup.

  8. People who try to cause my routine to change. In some sense they’re right in other I’m right. I need to be humble and change certain things. I need to be strong and say no to others. So I also need a little wisdom mixed in.

  9. Sometimes I come unglued because of small things, even the internet not working. That’s so sad. I’m learning to constantly be in sync with Jesus and not let every small circumstance change my attitude for the day. I’m not perfect but I’m walking with the One who is!

  10. I get unglued when parents want to be the friend of their children vs. their parent!
    So sad to admit that! :(
    I would LOVE to win that package – WOW!!!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  11. When things don’t go my way. Like when my girls don’t listen to me or do what I tell them to and my husband doesn’t help out.

  12. Hi! I would love to win the gift package to share with a friend. I come unglued when people almost run me over as I cross the street. This just happened today, a couple of hours ago. Thank you Lord for sparing my life. Laurie

  13. Something that will quickly and totally UNGLUE me is when someone calls me on the spur of the moment like my dad for instance and wants to do something or go somewhere in an hour. I hate having things sprung on me at the last minute and he knows that but not wanting to hurt his feelings i stuff mine till i get off the phone. Then i pitch a total hissy fit, ranting and raving – my cat hides under the bed. I eventually calm down and am fine sorta. All i ask is a days notice, for some reason my ADD self needs time to adjust to an idea not in my original plan. That’s something that will cause me to become unglued!

  14. Unfortunately, I can come unglued when my kids (and husband) continue to do the things that push my buttons (and they know they push my buttons) such as leaving the toilet seat up, not bring up dishes from their room, throwing clothes on the floor AROUND the hamper, etc. I’ve read Unglued and it really helped me view my reactions in a different light. I would love to win this pack to pass along this wonderful insight to a friend.

  15. I become unglued when it comes too me losing this weight, I get at a steady pace and then my Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis gets in the way that stops me from exercising and I don’t mean for like a couple of days, I have been in a flare up for about two weeks now, my weather doesn’t help where i live, right now its freezing cold and sleeting outside tomorrow it will be 52 degrees for the high and sunny, it’s been on a roller coaster my body. I get unglued with my body and then I turn on my hubby and think that he doesn’t love me/want me and it’s because of the way I look when I know that’s not true because he is my biggest supporter. It’s my insecurities trying too ring in even losing almost 40 lbs and starting too feel good about myself it still reels it’s ugly head.

  16. When the house is in shambles and I’ve got 7 kids pulling me in 50 different directions. Also, trying to juggle ministry in the other hand!

  17. I become unglued when I’m trying to hold a family devotion time and no one is paying attention, or they are goofing off or talking the whole time. It really unnerves me. I guess expecting a little reverence out of four teenagers is asking too much?

  18. I become unglued when holidays come up and yes I love that everyone is visiting and happy, but it seems I am always dong all the work! I miss spending time with my grandchildren. By the time it is all cleaned up I have very little time with them. Isn’t there an infinite law in the universe that says Grandmas and Grandchilren should always play!!!!!!

    Don’t get me wrong I love my family. Once in a while I here you always looked stressed or tired….
    Ya think…..

  19. I hate to say, but it’s usually my close family or my job that makes me come unglued. It’s affecting my relationship with my family & friends poorly. I have tried all that I can think of to not loose my cool but so far, it’s to no avail. I am praying that this book will help show me the way to not come unglued so often.

  20. One instance I come unglued is when we are rushing out the door and the kids aren’t cooperating fast enough or are plain not obeying. And the reason I am rushing is I am a procrastinator and am usually running late – my fault! Oh to have patience with my own family that I have with everyone else!

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