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Have you ever come emotionally unglued?

With your spouse? A child? The lady at the dry cleaners? The driver on the road?

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes in the midst of raw emotions we don’t make wise choices.

Like the time my husband disappointed me early in our marriage and I questioned his love for me. I was emotionally raw. So I cried. But I didn’t just cry.

I accused him of wishing he’d married his high school girlfriend instead of me and then? I chucked the closest thing I could find, his work briefcase, way across the room. As I did, it flung open and the entire contents sprawled across our tiny apartment living room.

It was not my finest moment back in 1986.

But neither was the time I snapped at my daughter as I prepared our Sunday dinner at which two of her friends were going to be guests. They were late. Very late.

As I leaned over to my husband to ask quietly if we should start with out them, my daughter thought I was complaining. I wasn’t complaining, just asking. However, my whisper made it seem otherwise. When she questioned what I said, I came unglued.

I didn’t let a brief case going flying, just some guilt-inducing and caustically accusatory words.

It was not my finest moment….three weeks ago.

My friend Lysa has also struggled with this issue. A lot.

Just last summer she penned a little book to help other women learn to process their emotions in a healthy and God-honoring way.

It is now a New York Times best-seller.

Just recently, she released a devotional on the same topic. I am currently reading it each morning. Here are just a few quotes that I’ve been tweeting that have stood out to me:

“Feelings are indicators, not dictators. Quiet my inner dialogue and replace my anxiety with your comfort and truth.”

“If ever I catch myself pretending or proving, I know I’m processing my hurt the wrong way.”

“When I feel an argument brewing I have to remember that my goal is to tackle the issue not the person.”

If you’d like a chance to be encouraged by this devotional and win not only it but some more cool stuff associated with it, leave a comment telling us what most makes you come unglued. If your what is a who, please don’t use names, just loose titles like, a certain friend, an extended family member or close family member. :) Thanks.

You could win:

~Unglued book

~Unglued Devotional

~Set of 4 Unglued key tags



~$5 Starbucks gift card

BONUS YOU ALL WIN: If you’re interested in talking about Unglued some more, join Lysa on January 29 at 9pm EST – when she’ll be hosting a live, FREE Webcast with Women of Faith’s Sheila Walsh! Visit Lysa’s Unglued book site for details by clicking here.

Okay, what threatens to make you come unglued? Winner announced Monday.


  1. I think many of my unglued moments come from my own negative attitude towards myself and the stress of being a working mom and wife and all of the things that come with that. I can’t wait to dig into the book!

  2. Oh, it’s usually my kids that can trigger me to become unglued. I love them so very dearly and I am trying my best to be calm and have self-control in dealing with them but it mostly happens when I’m tired and stressed by the end of the day.

  3. When I feel confronted/caught off guard and my feelings are then hurt. I come unglued! The feeling that I need to defend or protect and I feel like I am starting to lose it. Time to reel it in and be rational. I am anxious to read about how Lysa shares how to better process the feelings aspect of things!

  4. Unfortunately it is often my kids that make me come unglued. I love them but sometimes the constant noise and the bickering make me go over the edge.

  5. My parents are going through a divorce that started late last year. It’s been tough.
    We’re still getting days when my Mom is very short with us kids with very small things. It gets hard to connect with her sometimes because her emotions are torn over all the ruin she and my Dad caused in each other’s lives and their kids’ lives also. They regret putting us through all of it. A big issue has been my Mom’s verbal abuse towards pretty much everyone. She’s turned on us numerous times to vent….but she always asked forgiveness afterwards. But it just continues. She needs healing, so we can all heal.

    I think this would help my Mom and all of the rest of us “short-tempered” people around the house.
    There are 8 in my family. We’re a beautiful Christian family, who I believe have changed many lives wherever we’ve lived. Coming through a lot together, it’s been great to have my family together as long as we have been. But this isn’t it. I know my brothers and sisters and I all will stick together through these times…even if my parents don’t.
    It’s all about staying “glued” right? It would be great to see a change in all of us that would better our character.

    God bless,
    Megan A.

  6. I become unglued when people decide things for me – like I can’t make a decision for myself! Even if you don’t always agree with my decisions, they are mine – let me make them – right or wrong!

  7. Becoming unglued? It happens when my family members do not fit my version of what loving family members should be. It’s so tough to see them and hear them act in ways that are unsatisfactory to me- or worse yet- take no action at all when it is needed. Sad to sad that I do fight with becoming unglued during these trying moments.

  8. I come unglued (inward) when I am having a conversation with someone about something going on in my life or with my family and they interrupt have to turn the conversation back to them.

  9. Right now I feel like I’m all unglued and so disconnected that although I know what I need to do (turn it all over to Him) I just can’t or don’t (not sure which it is)…

  10. Clutter, Clutter, Clutter . . . whether it is physical or emotional. It needs to go or I have the urge to come unglued!

  11. I become unglued when my kids are bickering and when they question me on having to do simple every day tasks. “yes, you really do have to brush your teeth. Yes, again. Yep, today, too”

  12. When I don’t get my way, especially when I know I’m right!! That’s when I come unglued. Deep down inside, I’m addicted to “the law” and so the thought of “do you realize who I am” runs rampant in my mind and easily off my tongue. It’s not often, but when it happens, I typically leave a trail of bodies behind.

  13. I become unglued when I have so much that needs to be done (or I feel needs to be done) and I fail at focusing on what’s important. Instead of focusing on the kids, I’m focused on the ink pen written on the wall in their bedroom and the fruit bar that has somehow managed to find its way into my just scrubbed carpet. Whoever steps into that situation is on the receiving end of a major unglued moment.

  14. Most often, I come unglued when I feel like I’m alone in my efforts to care for my family. Hubby and kids usually don’t see the messes we live in, the clock ticking by leaving us late for another thing, the work that goes into getting to school/activities/work/church on time. These things are SO amazingly obvious to me that I can’t understand how or why they don’t see it! I feel like there are too many balls to keep in the air by myself…so I lose it. I’m trying not to live like a martyr and remember why I’m doing these things, and sometimes I’m able to think that way. Still a work in progress!

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