I Want This Kid for My Life Coach

I don’t normally post on the weekends but this short video is so inspiring!

I want this kid for my life coach. Enjoy and be AWESOME!!!!!

Then, pass it along to someone who encourages you.


  1. Check out his website at kidpresident.com. He has the disease where his bones break really easy. Very sweet boy and there are other videos and “behind the scenes” video.

  2. Thanks for sharing!! “And a little child shall lead them….” “Out of the mouths of babes….” This young man is very positive & has such a “glass half-full” outlook on life!! Nice to see…. Thanks so much for sharing!! He could give me a pep talk any time!! :)

  3. Yeah, a Pep Talk is ALWAYS welcome……and particularly for those of us with cancer. (Go, Gabbi! Don’t just be a “Survivor”……be an “OVERCOMER”!!

    I, however, will stick with Jesus as my Life Coach ~~

    1. The heart of the matter is that Jesus can and does use all kinds of coaching thru out life, death and all points in between. So Wendy, Dont Just be a fly on the wall either. Be a contender in the ring a voice in the night and a email in the box


  4. I’ve seen #kidpresident before. He has such a fun way about him. I really did need a pep talk today. Let’s all be Awesome and have a great day!

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