Some Candy Hearts for You

Happy Valentines Day!

I loved exchanging Valentines when I was in grade school. I’d stuff my cream-colored book bag with all of the pink- and-red-hearts-and-roses pre-made greetings my mom had bought me at Meijer grocery store and off I went walking to school in the Michigan winter. (Especially fond memories of placing my feet in Wonder Bread bags before wriggling them into my snow boots. Anyone?)

Today, I have a few Valentines for you.

Got a husband?


Then leave a comment here to be entered to win one of three copies of my new creative and fun friend Kathi Lipp’s book The Husband Project.

Here is the description:

Do you feel like your marriage has gone from “I do” to “What did I do?” Recapture the romance that made you and your husband fall in love in the first place.

The Husband Project provides 21 days of fun activities to show love and honor to your husband.

You’ll love this book!

Now…”All the single ladies…”

You aren’t gonna be left out here on Valentines. I have a heart for you too.

A Confident Heart.

That is the name of the book by my friend Renee Swope. You may know her as a best-selling, award-winning author and executive director and radio voice at Proverbs 31. I know her as a McDonald’s latte-drinking, carpooling Southern mama who hogs the bathroom counter at hotels with her umpteem beauty products when she and I travel together. {wink}

Here is the description of her book: (She’s giving away two copies here)

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough, smart enough, or valuable enough? Do words you say to yourself, or hear from others, make you question your worth and purpose?  Offering the voice of a friend, Renee candidly, and sometimes humorously, shares her story of overcoming self-doubt with powerful Biblical Truths that have transformed her life — and thousands of others!

Chapter by chapter, A Confident Heart will help you:

  • Learn to fail forward even when life or sin sets you back.
  • Live confidently in your God-given purpose, passion, and personality.
  • Break free from people-pleasing and performance-based living.
  • Exchange “against me” thoughts with scripture-based God is “for me” thoughts.
  • Trust the certainty of God’s promises in the uncertainty of your circumstances and emotions.
  • Powerful scripture-based prayers are at the end of each chapter, along with Bible study questions and a chart with thirty-one different promises to overcome our most common self-doubts.

Okay gals—leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway.

Married gals—tell us how long you’ve been married.

Single gals—Leave your favorite type of candy or a Valentine memory from growing up.



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