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Hi friends–

I am posting over at Roomag today. Please hop over there and visit by clicking here.

Then, due to a busy speaking schedule and some family stuff going on (surgeries, activities, etc…) I won’t be back blogging until Monday March, 11th. :-)

Oh, and the winner of the “Wait Training” giveaway is Tania S. Please send your mailing address to [email protected] and be sure to tell her what you won.

God bless!


  1. Thank you Karen! How wonderful to read of someone else’s struggle that comes with the awareness that we have slipped away from our First Love. Mine came when I suddenly realized (and this will come as a shock to some) that I was already so immersed in my old lifestyle-behaviors that I was using drugs again, engaging in sexual morality, not really caring that I was once again back to killing myself. Here I am: Doing it again! How many times will My Lord forgive me and accept me back into His Loving arms? His Love is never-ending. How amazing that is to me! We cannot fathom that idea because we have a limited perspective (I am speaking regarding myself and others that are in the same situation). When I find myself having slipped 6 paces behind, I remind myself that I am facing forward and take another step closer to my Lord. I may not be able to pull myself as close as I was before right away, but eventually I will get there and even closer because I have overcome. Please keep me in prayer as I strive to do my Masters will. I would love to hear from you or any of your “Go-To Gals” that may have a particular interest in my struggle. One I get back on track I would love to help other women suffering the same attacks that I have allowed myself to be subjected to. Perhaps my training will start now. I would love to win the prize you have offered, but more importantly, the one Paul talks about!
    In His Name,
    Sherrin Larson-Warrior4God

  2. Thanks so much for the post. Much needed today. Sometimes I am following at a distance but don’t realize that I am. I don’t want to be a distance follower.

  3. I’ve started a Bible Study with a couple of high school friends from church. Every meeting time last something got in our way to meet. I talked to the ladies about the devil being at world and that I would commit to the next meeting. I want a closer relationship with God and I’m making the commit to a daily devotional and will not be Peter standing in the distance. Thank you for your blog Judy

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