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On Hitting Your Knees BEFORE You Hit the Phone

Hit your knees

When you are in a hard place, dealing with an issue or person that is tempting you to behave badly or when behaving badly is precisely something a spouse or child has done and the news of it rattles your soul, what do you do? To whom  do you turn?

If you are relational like me, instinctively  you often turn to a close and trusted friend. Somehow having a living, breathing person to help you process life’s curve balls and strike outs can bring a sense of calm.

Years ago, I would often call a dear friend to vent, cry, process and pray. {Four of my poor closest friends/mentors have put in more counseling hours than Drs. Laura, Phil and Dobson combined over the last 25 years just listening to and advising me!}

Nowadays, we can send an email, shoot a quick text or log onto our computers and private message someone on Facebook  or Twitter. {Twitter never works for me. My problems are wa-a-a-a-a-ay longer than the 140 characters allowed}

instead of after

Certainly all these quick and convenient ways of connecting can help us to process our frustrations, deal with our sorrows and ease our pain. But, BEFORE we do any of these, we should take our tangled emotions and sometimes twisted thinking (“This is the end of the world!!!” or “I’ll never get through this one!”) to the only One who knows exactly what happened, precisely how we feel and how we are ever, EVER gonna be able to keep on going.

Yes, we need to hit our knees before we hit the phone.

Or send the text.

Or pound out the email.

No Pollyanna post here. I’ve had a really rough two weeks. I didn’t feel led to broadcast it to the entire world but I did know I needed to reach out to a few trusted friends and the members of our life group at church for perspective, prayer and advice. And these people with whom I “do life” were the pictures of grace, acceptance, “I’ve been there” support  and hope.

Yes, I sent an email, whisked off a desperate text, listened to the voice of a few dear friends speak truth into my situation right there in my living room or pray powerful prayers over the cellular connection between us.

But BEFORE any of that ever happened, I sat cross-legged in my walk-in closet, my open Bible catching my salty tears as they fell. Then I did a face plant nearly sucking the very fibers of the carpet as I wept and prayed.

Not pretty. But needed.Run to God pin

Running to God first when I feel overwhelmed  has not always been my habit. But making myself learn to do it has made all the difference.

Are you overwhelmed by life right now? Maybe it isn’t anything soul-shattering but just frustrating, irritating or perhaps it is a situation or person who has worn you slap out.

Take it from me, the one with the brown carpet fibers still stuck to her face but with a renewed hope and an amazing peace that passes all understanding….

Hit your knees BEFORE you hit the phone.

God never lets it just roll over to voice mail. He always picks up.

I’m praying for you today. Return the favor?

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  1. These words were resounding in my head as i panicked the very day I read them and when a situation arose I jumped on the phone to resolve the issue immediately without thinking first. As i discovered more detail there they were…fall to my knees BEFORE going to the phone…fortunately as God would have it…He stepped into my conversation and all worked out for the best. It was a powerful life lesson. Thank you for putting that beautiful message into my head in just those words!

  2. Thank you Karen for your candor! How did you know I needed this – hehe – God knew. I have been blog hopping for the past hour, and then He sent me to you. We {myself, and 3 other christian ladies at work} – have an uncomfortable situation at work, we have been trying to work through it…on our own; then a few weeks ago, we were reminded – God is in Control, give these issues to Him. We were good for a few days, but then it got bad again. Just the past few days – instead of emailing “comments” to each other – we have been praying, and sending ” Godly encouragement ” to each other! Wow – What a difference. Thank you for sharing this – as your post just reinforces that God Hears us, and He Speaks!! God Bless

  3. Thanks Karen I’m very much learning even as I’m nearing a 30 year relationship walking with God that going to Him FIRST has made all the difference in the world. I just love the journey with Him.

  4. Praying for you. I’ve had those moments where I get very friendly with the carpet fibers in my grief. Another of those times is upon me, so I’m going to the throne before I pick up the phone. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Karen! This post was perfectly timed. Perfectly. God has been using you mightily here A TON and today was great example of exactly how. Oh, how I needed to read this. And oh, how I pray that I, too, will make this a habit. Twisted emotions and tangled thinking and all right to God. Thank you!

  6. Thank you so very much for sharing this TODAY. I was having one of those days. Had a “friend” do some hurtful things.. So, … Called a close friend to vent and then went to The Lord!:(. It was there He directed me to The book of James and then to an online devotional that just so happened to be on this same topic. Funny how The Lord loving guides and corrects our path. You have also shared wonderful words of wisdom … We do need to seek Him first and foremost!;)

  7. Thank you so much for speaking truth and vulnerability today. Words I needed to hear – again. Prayng for you!!

  8. Truer words have never been posted Karen! I’m praying for you and ask for prayers for me while I ask God for self-control for me not to blurt out my (unasked for) opinion to my daughter on working two jobs and always being exhausted to the point of being ill. Lord, help us all!

  9. Yes! I’ve been asking the Lord for someone to identify with. Thank you Karen for your post today. I will ask the Lord to continue to meet your need, according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

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