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Welcome to those of you who have found your way here after reading my Proverbs 31 Encouragement for Today devotion. If you haven’t read it, click here to see what we are commetning about today.

You back? Good. Let’s chat.

Have you, like Peter, ever followed at a distance?

Are you ever tempted to now?

What part does the Bible play in helping us to stay close behind Christ, following His lead?

These are the things we are chatting about here today.

Leave a comment today about this topic and you will be entered to win a Walking With Jesus giveaway. It includes:

~ A copy of our newly released NIV Real Life Devotional Bible for Women. {A $34.99 value!}

~ A $10 Target card

~ A Ghiradelli Intense dark chocolate bar

Winner announced Wednesday.


Speaking of winners, the winner of Julie GIllies book Prayers for a Woman’s Soul is: Maryann Schwinge. Send your home address to [email protected]


  1. Yes….I too struggle like Peter. I want so badly to be like Jesus, then I find myself in situations where I’m leaving my friends, husband. I’m tired of it. I’m going to pick up my cross daily and follow Jesus. I’m learning to listen to his voice. I felt his prescence in a hug form one night when my husband and I were talking about issues we were having! Jesus is amazing!!!
    Thank you for this oppurtunity….I look forward to serving my Jesus!!!

    In Him,

  2. Your message today brought me back to 20 years ago in early spring when I was faced with one of my life’s most desperate times…there was no one here on this Earth that could help me. I had been following Jesus at a great distance and felt so far away. I found an old Bible given to me by my mother and began to pray and to read…Each day I rose early to devour the Word…it became my sustenance and life. I read that Bible from cover to cover and can still feel the peace and hope I felt then…it was then I truly learned to pray. I still have that Bible but would love to replenish my spirit with a devotional Bible for women…refreshing my thirst for Scripture and the Lord speaking to me. Thanks for your daily devotionals!

  3. I have been doing the daily Bible devotional with Rachel it has been truly amazing. I have always followed never lead but I feel the Lord has other things planned for my family. We have been blessed and so favored….I can hardly wait to find out what is in store next…..plus I have found a great group of ladies. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I hope to one day be able to do the same thing.

  4. Your devotion today has brought home to me that I most certainly have been hanging back in my pursuit of God. I have been dealing with an ongoing issue that has hurt my husband more than once, and I need to finally admit that I have failed to give it over to God and trust him to help me with it. Thank you and God bless you for your heart for women.

  5. Thank you so much for this reminder today. I am guilty of following Jesus at a distance. I really want to immerse myself more in the word and walk closely with Jesus. The new devotional Bible looks wonderful!

  6. It’s so easy to follow at a distance and takes effort to build that relationship. I seem to wax and wane. I do well for several months then something comes up and I get “too busy” for my quiet time. Then excuses set in and then guilt until finally I realize I have to lean on Him more.

  7. I agree. When life gets busy, it’s so easy to follow at a distance like Peter. My schedule is getting so hectic, and this post made me realize that I need a Bible in my life to guide me through hardships, and to turn to the Bible for every decision. I would love to win this devotional Bible to help me steer through life faithfully and close behind Christ.

  8. “Crack it” – let’s do it. I so want everyone I come in touch with to see my desire to be near Jesus, to be like Him. I also have been wanting one of those Bibles since Melissa mentioned it in a conference call last year and now that March is here I am excited. So I’m hoping for a chance to win, but OH what will I do with all those notes in my old Women’s Bible I bought years ago. I hope to find out. It is beautiful and I know those devotions are going to be too. I can use this as I continue to LET.IT.GO as I start STRESSED-LESS LIVING. Debbie W.

  9. It’s sad but true that we are like Peter is several ways when we stop to think about our actions. Great devotion to help put things in focus as we prepare our hearts and mind for the true meaning of Easter.

  10. Guilty. I know I have been following from a distance and I know my need to control is a big part of this.

  11. This devotional really spoke to me and I cannot wait to share it with others. The new Bible sounds like an awesome way to grow closer to Jesus.

  12. I walking at a distance that might be further than how Peter was following. I would love to win the Bible so that I can strengthen my walk and follow more closely with the Beautiful Savior.

  13. I feel as if lately I am walking at a distance and often running at a distance. I so want to be in his word daily and find life taking over to much and so much that He is being pushed farther and farther in the distance. I so want to grow my walk with Jesus…I pray for it daily. Thank you for your devotions…they sure help guide me along the right path.

    Praying for your day to be on full of joy and happiness!

    Robin :)

  14. So thankful for the daily devotions I receive in my email everyday. Thank you! And yes, I can definately grow in my walk with Jesus!

  15. I have really been walking with God at a distance and I feel so guilty because I feel that I am disappointing God. Sometime I do question how those who walked with Jesus could walk at a distance, but I know it can happen. God has done many wonderful things for me in my life but sometimes I feel like I don’t appreciate it enough. I feel llike I am selfiah or that I deserve what He does for me but I know I am blessed to have His grace and mercy. Recently I have been distance with God because of a trial that I have been going through for years. It just seems like it is never going to end but I know God is with me but I am so hurt and wounded by what has happened. I know my biggest problem is learning to trust and in that I discovered that I am not trusting God and I am praying and asking God to show me how to trust Him and Him alone because He is the only one who can bring me through. I have asked God for forgiveness for all the things I have done to hurt and disappouint Him. I want to be totally sold out to God but I am not sure I even know how to do this. I have been saved for about 12 years and it seems like now I am further back than when I first got saved. I feel I should be so close and so much further in my walk than I am. I do look at Peter and wonder how he could deny Jesus but no one is above this, we think we know but God always has a way of showing us right where we are and most of the time we are not where we think we are in our walk with Christ. I do love the Lord and I want to surrender all to Him and I am trying to learn to do that. I am very thankful for your daily devotional because they do speak to me each day and they do lift my spirits. I just ask that you pray for my walk with the Lord and that He will heal me and my marriage.

  16. Wow! I’m amazed at how God speaks to me in “themes”. Our family started doing a daily devotional in the evenings when we are eating dinner a couple of months ago. And between the devotional and my own personal devotional AND yours this morning God has bombarded me within the past 3 days with reminders needing to stay close to him and how we do that. I tend to get so busy with life as a teacher and mother that I forget to keep in constant communication with Him, either through prayer or meditating on His word throughout the day. In fact, last night we were discussing Deuteronomy 6 which talks about teaching God’s commandments to your children and talking about them from sun up to sun down so that we don’t forget them and can live accordingly. We were telling our daughter that doing these things aren’t just commandments to keep us from doing right and wrong, but to help us keep close to God and keep us from feeling that “void” that we feel when we don’t. Sin and lack of time with God can create that void. Both my husband’s and my parents were strong believers, however they didn’t converse with us on a regular basis like we are doing with her. I really feel that if we had that constant reminder and assurance through conversation growing up we would have had WAY less time “following Christ from a distance”.
    Anyway, I am so thankful for people like you and the other women at P31 who follow their calling and the Holy Spirit’s leading to help us from day to day so that we keep following our Shepherd closely. Thank you! :o)

    1. Very well said! Thank you for sharing about your family talks. I too am a teacher and all my children have left the nest. I wish I had spent more time talking with them about the word!

  17. I am in the Word every day and it’s helping me in my relationship with Jesus and others. Thank you for your post today. It was encouraging to me. I often ask myself the question am I with Him or lagging behind in what He’s asking me to do—follow!

  18. If I am not in the Word every day, I struggle. Really struggle. When I start my day off reading HIs Word, I may not have a good day, but my attitude towards that day is better, and I can handle curve balls much easier.

  19. It is hard sometimes to follow when you don’t see face to face, but it is being in the Word, praying, and having faith that makes it real.

  20. This blog in ways reminded me of my son Aaron. Although we raised him in church and encouraged him to read his bible, all he seemed to care about was the social aspects of church. As parents we wondered what had we done wrong. However, in the last few months he really started attending church and reading his bible and praying. He had even started posting bible verses and excerpts from sermons on his Facebook page. We were so excited. We had so much hope for him; but that hope was suddenly cut short when he decided to take his own life. Just because our hope was cut short, it doesn’t mean we are hopeless. We still have hope in the ONE who loves us the most. The ONE who holds us tightly. The ONE comforts us. We just gave to press into HIM.

  21. Hi Karen! Today’s devotional will be shared with my 13 year old daughter. I think it is a great reminder for her to stay in The Word every day, even if it is just a little reading. Sometimes it is hard for youth with busy scheduals, sports, homework etc. to stay focused on Jesus. He is our one true love! Only He provides! He is our strength!

  22. I find myself struggling with having morning time with my Lord. Thank you for your post. I would soooo love a new bible. Lost of posts on here, so chances are slim my name will be drawn. I am praying that I will be more focused on Him in the morning time before starting my daily work. Thank you for your thoughts on this. Blessings.

  23. It was a pleasure hearing you speak this weekend at Hearts at Home! I was lucky enough to sit in on your Let.It.Go workshop and look forward to starting the book soon.
    I find myself struggling with this. Hesitating to post things on social media regarding my faith because I wonder how my non-Christian friends will react. The more I read and surround myself with scripture, the less hesitant I become.

  24. Sometimes I find myself lagging behind a little-I think it comes from the feeling that I fall so short of what HE would have me be. That gives me all the reason to run and catch up so I can at least touch the hem of HIS garment. There is so much I need to learn, no Praise will ever be enough and there is only one who can guide me on that path. My sweet, swwet Savior, Jesus Christ. Such a wonderful reminder to keep my eyes on HIM and not the road I am trudging today.
    God Bless!!

  25. My husband once stated that if he had to describe me it would be sitting in bed reading the Bible. I have always been tickled at that description. God has given me an incredible love for the Word of God and I am always thrilled to be thumbing my way through it, feeling that Christ is right beside me. There are so many times that I am awed by what I find; there is always something that makes me feel the hand of God is on my life. I am returning to a closer relationship with God after a dryer period where I sought to answer life’s problems myself. I found, as always, when I venture off into the world only prepared with my answers, that I lose my way. Luckily, God is always waiting and ready to give me direction.

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