Emily the Nurse

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Emily who loved to play nurse. She’d dress up in the costume her mother, one of my best friends from our tiny town in Michigan, had gotten her. It came complete with a traditional cap with a bright red cross.

Emily loved to take care of her dolls and stuffed animals. She loved to wear her beloved uniform to the hospital to hold newborn babies, mine included. Emily, even at that young age, sensed God’s call on her life.

Fast forward a two decades. Emily is now a grown woman with a nurse’s degree, a love for missions, and a wedding ring on her finger from a handsome, also missions-minded man from Charlotte, NC whom she married last May.

Sweet little nurse Emily became beautiful Mrs. Lane Bargeron.

Their courtship was the kind many parents dream of for their kids.

With their kiss at the altar, they set off on their picture-perfect newlywed life.

Lane washing Emily’s feet at their wedding, his first act as her husband and a picture of their God-glorifying relationship.

Then came the Midwest snowstorm the day after Christmas.

I drove home from dropping our daughter Kenna off at the Detroit airport that night. The normally three hour round trip took me nine. Just as I returned home, shaken from my near-misses due to the slick roads and limited visibility, I received a text that rattled my soul. Emily and her husband Lane had been in a serious accident in Ohio while traveling to Lane’s childhood home in Charlotte. Their “In sickness and in health” vows were challenged just seven months into their marriage.

Here is Emily in her own words:

With the snow storm getting worse we decided to take a break at a rest stop as we neared Cleveland. After getting coffee we recognized that the weather had stayed about the same and decided to trek on while it was still light.

Within a couple miles all three lanes began to slide left, during which a semi hit my side. After doing a 360, Lane’s side of the vehicle was forced into the semi a second time. Once our vehicle came to a stop we were both unconscious and were told afterwards that a nurse driving by sat with us until the health care team arrived (whoever you are, we are forever grateful for you!).

At the accident site Lane had no outward bleeding or signs of broken bones but began to have seizures, which led them to recognize his brain damage. I had external head bleeding, so they also took me to a trauma hospital, not knowing what else could be going on.

Within hours with the wisdom of excellent care providers Lane was having a portion of his right skull removed to allow for swelling with the trauma, and I had 12 staples placed where I had a minor head laceration (I was released from the ER within a few hours). 

After being in an ICU in Cleveland and Sparrow LTACH (both for 3 weeks), we are now at Mary Free Bed where Lane is continuing to receive the wonderful rehab and care that he needs to walk again, Lord willing. We praise God daily that Lane’s Traumatic Brain Injury has not appeared to effect his personality, memory, or general cognition.

I am also grateful now more than ever that I went to school to be an RN, as my training has helped us both in so many ways as we’ve set out this already unfamiliar and difficult path. We appreciate all of your continued prayers, for compete healing, as Lane’s motor skills were most effected with the area of his brain damage/swelling. As we wait and Lane works harder than ever before, we rest and find our hope in Christ alone. 

Lane and Emily’s first picture, post accident, the bracelet the only thing remaining on Lane’s body from the night they were hit. A love for God, each other and missions.

This young couple has been an amazing picture of a willingness to glorify God NOW MATTER THE COST.  At first, with Lane nearly comatose and on a ventilator, there seemed to be little earthly hope. Today he is breathing on his own and they rejoice with each slight recovery of muscle movement whether that is moving a part of his body, holding his head steady or even rocking push-ups or taking assisted steps with a special walker and human help.

Trying to learn to walk again. What a brave man!

They are using the hospital as a mission field, speak of God to the staff whenever they can. Lane works beyond what he is asked in therapy to reach his goal of being able to care for himself again and, most importantly, one day again to carry his bride. And though his most basic skills are having to be relearned, his witty charm remains. (When asked to name something that basically meant strong and powerful he replied “My biceps!”)

Outdoors for the first time since the accident.

They are accepting this horrible tragedy and, in true Romans 8:28 fashion, are using it to glorify God in a way I’m not sure many Christians twice their age (me included) would do.

They also have enormous bills. Emily’s recent first nursing job had to be put on hold so she can care for her husband. They have no income coming in at all.

Cutest newlywed couple in Mary Free Bed. {Love the shirts!}

If you feel so led, you can help this sweet couple. Two friends of both our families are running the Boston Marathon April 15th in their honor. Team Bargeron will be trekking up and down the hilly terrain to raise money—one $26.20 unit at a time (the race is 26.2 miles)—for this young couple. (although a gift of any amount, large or small is greatly appreciated and if it is mailed after April 15th, no problem. Still send it in!)

Below is a link with how you can be part of Team Bargeron. If you donate, you’ll be listed as a partner on the Facebook page.(This is a hometown, grassroots operation so I’m sorry there isn’t a way to give online to the race, only by mailing in a check. They LOVE getting mail from all over so this is an old-fashion method that touches their hearts. If you want to give to their expenses in general—not the race specifically—there is a way to give online should you not have time to hand-write a note and check. Details below)

Thank you.

From the bottom of my mama heart, thank you.

I know one amazing nurse and a most important patient who will be eternally grateful for your sacrifice. She may not ever get to thank you on earth, but she’ll certainly hug you when you see her in heaven.

She’ll be the one who while on earth as a little girl had a cross on her cap and, as a young bride, made it her goal—along with her courageous husband—to boast ONLY in the cross of Christ.


To send an email or letter with your well wishes, a prayer, and/or scripture to cheer them on in the faith, or to help them financially please use these below: (Sweet blog friends who are local and want to run right over and hug them both, we SO love your heart but please do not visit the hospital. They are receiving family only during this difficult time. Thanks for understanding.)

And a request: If you email, send a note or mail in a donation, would you please attach a little note letting them know that you heard of the Bargerons here? We’d love to see how far and wide our little community of blog friends reaches.

For the link to give any amount toward the Boston Marathon Team Bargeron by mailing in a check and well wishes, click here.

To join over 2,500 people praying for Lane and Emily and to get encouraging updates on his progress, “Like” their Facebook page here.

Mailing address:

Mary Free Bed

Patient: Lane Bargeron

235 Wealthy SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Send an email directly through any email account:

• In the “To” field, type: [email protected]

• In the “Subject” field, type “Lane Bargeron”

• Type message and send

TO GIVE ONLINE: The Lane Bargeron Medical Benefit Account through Paypal or Wells Fargo:
This link will take you to a PayPal page on which you can make a donation. If you have a PayPal account, you can sign in and go from there. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can click ‘continue’ under the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” heading and make a donation using a credit card. PayPal has agreed to waive all associated fees with your donations. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=EGXNDG6D3P8K8
You can also make donations at any Wells Fargo bank branch across the U.S. Just let the banker know you want to make a donation to the Lane Bargeron Medical Benefit Account which the banker can find on his/her “Store Portal” system. Or, you can mail a donation directly to Wells Fargo at the address below. (Please make checks payable to: Lane Bargeron Medical Benefit Account). Wells Fargo has agreed to waive fees donations for the administration of the account. Well Fargo 1525 West W.T. Harris Blvd MAC D1110-024 Charlotte, NC 28262 ATTN: SUSAN SYMONS / Lane Bargeron Medical Benefit Fund


Lane’s first and greatest goal is to glorify Christ in ALL THINGS. His second? To one day be able again to carry his bride. Will you pray that God will graciously allow him to do both?


  1. Hello,
    This story came up as a Facebook memory in my feed today.
    Just wondering… how is this beautiful couple doing now, 3 years later?
    Their story was such a beautiful example of love, sacrifice and glory to Christ!
    Blessings to them and you! :)

  2. God truly can use all things for His glory. Lane’s brain injury is displaying Jesus and His love through Emily and Lane in such an extraordinary way. It reminds me of Bethany Hamilton who said that she can reach so many more people with the love of Jesus with one arm than she ever could with two. I am praying now that God will graciously restore all of Lane’s strength and that he will be able to carry Emily again. Also, richly praising God that Lane’s personality and ability to think have not been affected. What an enormous blessing!! By His Grace–jennifer from Pennsylvania

  3. Good thing I have kleenex close at hand! What an amazing story of love and faith and in such young people! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and for giving us a chance to help by praying and by giving. What a rich testimony …… what a precious young couple!

  4. My prayers for Lane and Emily continue. Like Emily, I am also a nurse and was seriously injured in a collision with a semi truck. Lane and Emily, you are right to take this a day at a time. God is only good, and you may not know for years what He is going to do here. You are already missionaries–not as you each thought you would enter a mission field, but to a more particular audience of people. God bless you both. Ann

  5. Wow my heart goes out to this young couple & what a tremendous testimony:) may The Lord sustain u & give bring full healing. May their wishes come true-to be in each others arms&serving our mighty God!!!

    GOD BLESS U LANE & EMILY:)& Thank u Karen for sharing this heart warming story in a time when most people see the negative side to everything-it’s good to read of such love!

  6. Wow….this puts me in my place when I am consumed about my own marriage and how I just feel that I can not give anymore day to day. I am in awe of her unconditional love for him and his courage to fight!

    Thank you for sharing this story……may they continue to be blessed!!!

  7. I’m always preaching perseverance, and this is the best example EVER. I can’t get this couple off my heart. I was able to help a little, along with a card of encouragement. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!!!!! Also, as a fellow blogger, you’ve shown me a new way to make my storytelling a service to others. This is just good all the way around. I pray God will continue to bless others with your ministry of words!!!

  8. Thank you Karen for posting! Kevin and I will be praying for this couple! Our God is an amazing God who still does incredible miracles! We know! Thank you for using your voice to spread this news to others. The Body of Christ goes far and wide!

  9. Karen,
    I have been praying for Emily and Lane,daily, since you posted about their wreck. Thank you so much for the update…continuing to pray and will send something for their support.

    God Bless you!!

  10. Karen,

    I have been praying for them since the accident (a friend of ours knows them from New Tribes).
    i wanted to tell you about a web site called gofundme.com A friend of a friend is using this site to collect donations for a young family who lost their mom. The money raised will go towards having meals and cleaning provided. Might be a great site to check out to get donations coming in for Emily and Lane.

  11. I am Lane’s earthly Dad. I sit here in a restaurant on a business trip weeping as I read this. Thanking God once again for that sweet nurse and grateful for how Jim and Debi raised her into the perfect companion for my son. God is good always and in all ways.

    1. Praying for your son and daughter in love. God is in control, still on the throne and has GREAT plans for both Lane and Emily.

  12. What a remarkable testimony! Praying for them even now. I would love to be a part of the team, but my husband is in school and we are both functioning on part-time jobs. Income is very limited.

  13. What an inspiration this couple is, and I signed up right away. Sorry while there I forgot who sent me the message. Thank you so much, it will be an honor to pray for them. what an example of those who trust the Lord. They will and are bringing Glory to Him right where they are and beyond! God bless Lane and Emily!

    1. God led me to read this today. My husband has suffered a stroke his brain has been damaged. My husband and I are divorced, it was finalized in September. I recently got to see him by the grace of God. I was not on the list and was not allowed to see him. I went to the chapel and prayed. I walked into the hospital, right through security and was never stopped. When I got into the elevator there was a nurse there I asked her for the rehabilitation floor. She asked me what room I was looking for, when I told her she said I will show you where it is. When we got to the floor I was never stopped at the nurses station because it appeared I was with her. It wasn’t until after about 20-30 minutes that they realized I was not suppose to be there. But God has given me such a gift. My husband although not in his total right mind did not show any anger toward me, which is the first time in three years. We held hands and talked. A nurse came in and told me I am sorry you are not on the list, I told her I love this man, we have four children, she said I am so sorry, I asked her if she wanted me to leave. She turned and walked out and said no I am leaving. A little while later I guess someone else got wind I was there, another nurse came in and said you know I have to ask you to leave, security has been called. I said he wants me to stay, he asked her to show him the list, she looked at me and said I’m sorry, I guess my husband is not deemed capable of making a decision. I said ok and went to hug him. The nurses stepped out of the room to give us privacy, I know they felt compassion. I hugged my husband, kissed him and he kissed me back, several pecks, I told him “I love you”. I walked away with tears in my eyes. The nurse followed sayng I am so sorry. I said it is ok thank you for letting me spend time with him. I got in the elevator and as I walked past the security desk, security was not there. Had God arranged for them to be going up in the elevator as I was going down? I was truly blessed and only through having faith and giving it to God. I pray that my husband and I will reunite and our family will heal. My children are very angry and blaming me. They do not know I saw their dad yet, that we talked, held hands and kissed. I do not know if I will tell them. I am waiting for God to guide me. Praise be to God, he has given me such a gift and so much peace. Miracles do happen we just must remain faithful as difficult as it seems to be sometimes. Best of luck to this young couple. Thank you for sharing your story.

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