Lead Your Family Like Jesus with Tricia Goyer: Ipad Mini Giveaway & Webcast

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So excited to tell you about a new book by my friend Tricia Goyer, along with Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges.

Lead Like Jesus is not a book about slick tools and strategies for getting your family organized or scheduling in long family devotions. Its about a radical idea:

When it comes to leading your family, what your kids really need is you…..acting like Jesus.

I hope you’ll hop over to triciagoyer.com and learn more about this book and about some really cool things being done (and given away!) as it is now available for purchase.

GIVEAWAY AND WEBCAST NOW CLOSED. I myself am giving away a copy of the book along with a a family wall planner and some encouragement notes. SImply leave a comment here on my blog telling me about who you lead? What are your kids ages, names, interests?






One winner will receive:

  • An iPad Mini
  • A Tricia Goyer library

Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on April 15th.

And don’t forget to comment here telling us about who you lead. You could win the Lead Like Jesus giveaway pictured above. :-)




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  1. My husband and I lead our two children ages 8.5 and 6. Somedays we feel like we are on track with teaching them how to be like Jesus And others we seem to have no idea what to do. It’s harder when we didn’t have to
    the example to follow but we are doing our best with God’s help. We want to teach our children to follow God and to be able to rely on Him for everything. They are wonderful examples to us sometimes but we could use all the help we can get.

  2. Who am I leading? I hope I am leading my adult children by example. I also have five grandchildren including two who live with me. I desire to lead them to Jesus.

  3. I lead my 9 year-old daughter, but some days I’m not sure I’m a good example for her. I think God puts people in my life to help me show Megan that Jesus loves us unconditionally…even when we feel that we fall short.

  4. I lead four sons: G age 8 1/2, B age 7, C age 5 1/2, and L age 10 mon. I certainly need to lead like Jesus!

  5. I have two daughters, 7 and 2. They’re both into role-playing being “Mommy” and “Baby.” I also, sometimes, co-lead my husband.

  6. I wasn’t able to have children so “steal” others especially my niece (6), & nephews (7 & 11). A & A play violin & piano. The oldest was in gymnastics for several years, but chose to give it up so he could learn other things including piano. I work with them on craft projects when I get the chance. The youngest 2 have expressed interest in sewing type projects so am putting together some simple things for them to try. Little Miss hasn’t picking anything yet, extracurricular wise. All 3 also like Legos!

  7. I lead a 11 year old son with special needs and a 10 year old daughter. I think these tween years are going to be very challenging so this book would be very helpful in leading my kids in the right direction.

  8. I’m so blessed with 3 precious, adorable and very sweet kids: Elshana who is 5, JJ 3 and Joshua 15 months. They all love to sing, dance, color, do puzzles, hear stories read to them and of course play all sorts of games. :) I want to be a better leader for them and be more like Jesus everyday; it’s not easy raising kids. It’s challenging and I recognize that it’s only by God’s strength and grace that we can be the parents that God wants us to be. Thank you in advance for your gifts!

  9. I lead a 13 year old daughter, almost 10 year old son and almost 8 year old daughter. They are amazing kids and I pray God keeps them on His path everyday.

  10. My blessing is a 9 year old son on the autism spectrum. HE leads me every day with his view of the world. His accomplishments every day make my heart swell with love and pride! He is truly my gift from God! Thank you for the opportunity to win these great items from Tricia Goyer!

  11. My husband and I have a 4 year old who loves anything girly. She is very creative and artistic and has a vivid imagination. We also have a 17 month old who is all boy and loves destroying things. He loves blocks, trucks, and playing catch with anything he can get his hands on.

    Our daughter attends a parochial school and still hungers for more religion even after daily devotions at home. We are hoping that she can learn from us and later use our example to play a role in leading her little brother.

    1. aim Ugandan who live Easter part of Uganda i like god in my life all and want family friend who can get any work to do i like to with a happy please help me any aim builder but i can do any work to help my brother and sister our parent die of aids HIV in 2010 and father die in 2012

  12. As a mother of 3; Tara, 33; Renée, 30; and Troy, 24; grandmother to 3; Andrew, 5; Eden, 18 months; and Shamus, 14 months; I try to lead by example…reading scripture, praying, having a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ… sharing His love for us and putting all before Him in faith and hope, trust and love.

  13. A couple years ago we moved from good jobs and good friends to Texas…we have been so blessed all our children live here they are 23 22 and 20. My husband has become such a great leader in our church. We have been so blessed by all the people there…the move was definitely a gift from God. I know he wants us to further our leadership roll in the church, our family, and the youth of the church.

  14. I am trying to lead and grow my two sons towards God’s glory but I also lead a small group of women and a larger group of women through the GMG bible study group. I am beginning homeschooling this fall with my 5th grader and preschooler. I need organization but I need God in my day to make this work.

  15. I try to lead (with God’s wisdom and strength) our 2 sons:
    Matthew (age 23) and Jeremy (age 20). Matthew’s girlfriend Chelsea (age 23) is very much a part of our family. She did not grow up in a Christian home and she does hunger for a relationship with Jesus.

  16. I have three children – my daughter is 20 years old and is not walking with the Lord right now. She has a 20 month old daughter, who is so precious to me. We get to take her to church with us, so blessed! I have two sons, ages 17 and 6. I would love this book!

  17. I help lead our 3 children with my husband, Jim, of 20 years. Nichole (19), Haley (11), Joshua (3)….all planned, all same dad (yes, people ask). Nichole is married and having their first baby and while I felt I led the way Jesus would want me to have led as a mom, she and then boyfriend chose to plan a baby before marriage. She will be leaving soon for TX as her hubby just finished training in the Army. I am a bit discouraged at the choices she has made and look to our littles with hopes to somehow “make up” for doing something wrong the first time. Haley is starting to exhibit signs she doesn’t like to go to church and has friends that cut themselves or want to commit suicide, so the influence around her is a strong negative outside of our home….although, I seem to point out the things she shouldn’t do in hopes she won’t follow her sister’s path….terrible, right?! She loves Barbies and making plans for her future. Our little guy loves to go to church, learn about Jesus and see his friends….right now! He is pretty carefree and loves the outdoors. I think this would be a great book for our family…our prayers are definitely different than they were before. Thanks for the chance! I am excited about the webcast event also!

  18. My daughter is a 19 year college junior, my sons are 17, 13, and 5. We have homeschooled from the beginning and love it!

  19. My children are Nathan (6), Abigail (5), and Isabelle (2). Nathan loves sports and Abigail loves to read, color, learn. Isabelle just loves to be around people and interact with them in any way.

  20. Blessings to all…I am blessed to lead my 4 children ages 18, 14, 11 ad 8. I also am blessed to lead about 100+ children at the preschool where I teach. What a wonerful opportunity for this book.

    Have a blessed day!
    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin :)

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