My Focus on the Family Trip Pics

Many of you know I recently went to Colorado Springs to record at Focus on the Family. They wanted to bring the message of LET. IT. GO. to their audience this fall. {If you aren’t familiar with this, my latest project, the book and DVD Bible study curriculum are on how to control what you should, trust God with what you can’t and–most importantly–how to decide which one is which!)

It was way fun. I was way nervous. (I always am EVERY time!) But is went waaaaay good. (Or is it “way well”? Whatever.)

The first day’s program was on control in marriage. The second show was on control of the kiddos and the look of the house–you know because there are kiddos in the house you feel like you can’t ever control the look of it! The shows will air in October. {I’ll be sure to tell you when.}

I felt as if many of you were along with me and I could picture your sweet faces as I spoke. In fact, if you want a little more behind-the-scenes peek at what is going on with me, sign up with your email address to be one of my Go-To girls by clicking here.

Now, as promised, here are some pics of the trip.

Leaving Michigan.
Touching down in the Springs. LOOK AT THOSE MOUNTAINS!!!
The view out my hotel window.
The welcome sign. Only God could arrange for me to be there the same day as my boy’s favorite food chain. {We don’t have Chick-Fil-A’s in MI. and my boys LOVE their nuggets, waffle fries & sauce}
The studio.
The sound guys. {Wonder if they can slow the audio down on this fast-talking Midwestern mama? Everyone in the South always tells me to speak more slowly. Why, come to think of it people in the Midwest tell me to speak more slowly!}
Focus on the Family Host John Fuller, me and Focus President Jim Daly. SUCH kind, godly {and fun} guys. (I hope they don’t air any out-takes!)
My producer {and new awesome friend!} Ashley Bazer. She is a producer but she is also a fiction writer. I want to have her on here sometime soon. She was a gracious host and I loved hanging with her for 24 hours.
Focus: “So Karen, where would you like to eat?” Me: “Oh…I don’t care.” Focus: “No really. You pick. Anywhere. Italian. Chinese. Steak House?” Me: “Ummm….anywhere? Focus: “Yes, anywhere!” Me: “All-righty then. Chick-Fil-A!” {I’m a cheap guest.}
And finally…a snapshot of true motherly love. At the airport I emptied out my ONE ALLOWED bag of liquids {good-bye trial sized shampoo, conditioner, hand-sanitizer and lotions} and filled it with some sacrificial lovin’ for my boys.

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  1. Oh just love seeing this! How very exciting. The favor of the Lord is surely upon you. Just can’t wait to see what He does with you next…so exciting. As a gal from NJ, I too have been told we’re fast talkers. I chalk it up to enthusiasm. You are truly a sacrificial mama…between this and the Mother’s Day post, I’m inspired and a little (maybe a lot) convicted. Continued blessings to you my friend!!

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