Clashing With Others {Giveaway}

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Are you joining us after reading my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion called clashing with others? {Click here to read it}

Relationships are rough. Sometimes REALLY rough.

If you’d like to take a five-day journey toward better relationships in your family, sign up for my “Pause Before You Pounce” challenge by clicking here or on the image. Here is why I wrote it:

Ever have times when, while interacting with family members around the house, you are certain you are going to blow your stack?

The chores aren’t done on time—or in the right way. Someone makes a complete mess of an area you just spent a great deal of time cleaning. The kids are sluggish getting out the door to an event and now it threatens to make the entire family late. Something you asked someone to do didn’t get done and now it messes up your day. And on and on and on…..

Interruptions. Inconvienences. Delays. Derailments.

Messes. Mishaps. Mayhem……that’s Motherhood!!

When you can’t always control the look of your house–or the actions of those living in it–do you sometimes also have a hard time controlling your temper and your tongue? Do you find yourself behaving biblically backwards—being slow to listen, quick to speak and quick to become angry?

This “Pause Before You Pounce” Challenge includes five days of encouraging and practical devotions that will not only inspire you to interact prayerfully and properly with the members of your family, it will also give you some practical ways to do it along with a small daily challenge designed to bring BIG change! The idea-packed emails will automatically come to you daily for five days starting with the day you sign up.

ALSO: If you want to be entered to win one of three copies of the small group curriculum DVD from my latest book LET. IT. GO.: How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walking in Faith (On how to control what you should and trust God with what you can’t!) leave a comment on this post. The DVD contains 6 weeks of teaching on a different Bible character who either was an example of a control freak or one who trusted God. It is for small group or individual use. {The giveaway is for 3 DVDs valued at $27.99 each. Does not include the companion study guide}

To be entered, tell us what you have the hardest time trusting God with– finances, marriage, kids, future, circumstances, etc…

For me HANDS DOWN it is with my kids and their choices as they grow older. I want to step in and micromanage and keep them from learning hard lessons. But, if I do, they might not learn the lesson! Ugh!

Your turn…..


  1. I have found my biggest issue with trust is in marriage, finances, healing wounds, my future… Oh wait, that’s everything! I really want to do this study! My small group is considering this for our next study July 11. Thanks so much for your honesty and following Gods call & plan in writing this book!

  2. I have the hardest time trusting God with my future. I am a perfectionist and natural born planner. I tend to over plan and not leave room for him to step in and guide me. Ugh. I need help!!

  3. I lash out at my husband a lot, and I have a hard time trusting God with our future (my husband is currently looking for a job). I’m sure I’ll have a hard time with our son once he’s older, too. I’d love to win this – I need help with controlling my anger.

  4. Where do I start!!! Hardest thing for me is letting go of past hurtful things that have been done to me. I don’t have a very good relationship w/ my mom. So having twin tweens I am trying to build a solid relationship w/ my girls without having any experience from my mom
    I try not to through flesh balls, but sometime it just comes out. Since finding proverbs website, I have read so many devotions that hit me right up side my head! Thank you for your devotion and I really thank God for bringing the website to me!
    God Bless You

  5. At first…I have a hard time trusting Him with ANYTHING…until I’ve tried and tried to do it myself and give up and hand it to Him.

  6. With me it’s my two teens that are still at home. I want to keep them from making mistakes “been there done that” kind of thing. I’m learning to place these things at His feet, but so many times I take it back and try to fix it myself….YUK! Anyway, I already have your book and can’t wait to dig in. I am currently reading Wendy’s book “Hidden Joy, I love it too……. Will there be a study soon on your book….. I Would love to join…

  7. I guess it is the lies. All of my life I have struggled with confidence and image. As I child I was poor and neglected. I was told by other kids I had bad teeth, unattractive, And I wasn’t smart enough, etc. As a teen I had a boyfriend who told me I wasn’t thin enough, my teeth were wrong, if I just lost weight, fixed my teeth and a few other things, then I’d be pretty. People teased me about my voice, my singing, the way I ate, my makeup, and my clothes. I have spent my life trying to be right. I struggle with this. Every day I get dressed and I worry I am going to do something wrong and someone will tell me. Few people know the the memories in my mind that haunt me.

  8. My “struggles” list could be a mile long, but I struggle with singleness the most. I have committed my desire to the Lord and trust His timing, but as a human we live for instant gratification. I want things on my time and need to LET IT GO to His perfect timing.

  9. I’m learning that I am a silent control freak in just about every aspect of my life. When I can’t be in control of everything, I silently let it eat away at me or just fix everything after it’s done so that it’s done my way. :( My biggest struggle right now though is trusting God with my marriage. We’re going through some tough times and I sometimes have a hard time remembering that God will make it better in his time.

  10. I have a hard time trusting God when it comes to my marriage. I’m ready to leave my husband and i truly need God to provide a job for me so i can support my kids and myself. And what my future is going to be like.

  11. This would really be SO wonderful to win as I have just purchased to Study guide!! I was trying to purchase the book but clicked on the wrong item, but no worries, I am going to consider it an unintentional action which God will intentionally use in my life!

  12. I am definitely in the season of having problem with my kids. In fact I sure needed your Pause Before your Pounce lesson a few days ago. I have a teenage daughter and I am praying God’s protection over her and yes it is so hard watching them make decisions that you know might not be right but having to set back and let them learn from their mistakes. Someone said it is better they make mistakes in the safety of their home rather than when they are out on their own! (Although, I also am having a hard time letting God have control over a few of the others listed too! I really need help! LOL )

  13. I have a hard time trusting in God’s timing and that he is working in my life and marriage, which has been a struggle for the 5 years we have been married. It hard at times to believe and trust that he is not mad at me for my poor choices and is walking with me through the consequences of my them..

  14. Hii Karen,

    This really hit home. Your Proverbs 31 devotional was heaven sent. The topic covered an issue I’ve been having from a divorce and asking God for help through prayer. My problem involves a relationship with a former in-law. There have been hurt feelings on both sides. After many years and with God’s help I hope we can begin the act of forgiveness. I have been reading bible verses about forgiveness.

  15. Karen, I love the candlestick comparison and, of course, the reminder to “…speak kindly [and] respond gently…” Just this morning I read two different Scriptures that provided the same guidance:
    Colossians 3:12 “…you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.”
    Romans 12:16a “Live in harmony with each other.”
    I believe God has something to say to me about this ‘matter of the heart’ today. (smiles).

  16. Karen I too am on the opposite end of the spectrum with my husband,
    He ‘s more free spirited and me I am a perfectionist. We don’t always agree especially
    When it comes to raising his son, my stepson and I definitely need to control my spewing.

  17. I’d say it’s in trusting Good to bring my husband out of the drug induced den of vipers hes involved with & bring my husband to full repentance repentance before Him & back to our marriage since I know God gave me my husband. All things are possible with God. What God has joined together, let no man tear apart. God can exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond all we dare ask, hope or think.

  18. I seem to struggle with remembering to place things in the Lord’s hands FIRST. I’m not a “control freak” by any means, but somewhere along the way, I seem to have lost some of my drive. I used to feel like I really achieved a lot, and lately, I’m such a procrastinator that I allow too many things to pile up, which leads to guilt when I can’t get it all done or done on time or done the way I know it should be. My husband is definitely “type A” and I tend to read into things more than I should….like he seems to be able to accomplish so much more than I can when it comes to housework and even work associated with our jobs (we work in the same field) and comparing myself to him and other women who somehow seem to be able to “do it all” really brings me down. I am learning to trust God in my day-to-day activities! Just writing this comment has been therapeutic for me! I found the blog through the Proverbs 31 devotionals. Thanks!

  19. I have the hardest trusting God to guide my children and keep clashing after praying and trying really hard to hold my tongue and or soften my words. It seems they are at the point where I no longer know anything or even knew what I was doing when they were young. My daughter and I just had a terrible incident with harsh words on both sides and it’s breaking my heart and I don’t know what else to do. Thank you.

  20. Definitely it’s about my kids and their future. Although they are still very young, I can’t help my mind wandering off and worrying about their future. Thanks for your sharing in the Prov. 31 devotional about clashing with others; you were right on. God bless you in the ministry and thanks for the DVD in advance! :)

  21. Definitely my boys. I have a hard time trusting God with their safety as well as their character development. Both short term and long term.

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