Retreat Required {Or Where I Confess my Awful Addiction}

Today I am over at The Better Mom with a post where I confess my awful addiction and my need for a retreat in order to break free from it.

I’m closing comments here today and asking you to join the conversation over there. I wonder how many of you share my addiction…….

Click here to get to my post.

ALSO– below are the winners of Tom Davis’ novel Priceless. If you see your name, please send an email with your home address and what it is  you won to my sweet intern Haley at [email protected]  PLEASE check to make sure it is actually you who won if only a first name is listed. So if your name is Kim and you see that a Kim won, make sure the time stamp matches the time you left your comment. (Scroll down to Tom’s post to check what time you left your comment)


Lisa White

Beth (July 3 at 1:34 pm)

Sharon (July 3 at 2:42 pm)

Alene Schlange

Misti O

Carol Fisher

Mary Ellen Van Asdall


April (July 3 at 6:22 am)

Christine (July 3 at 7:40 am)

Holly Barrigar

Mary Beth Morris

Anita (July 3 at 8:54 am)

Ellen (July 3 at 9:41 am)

Denise Halderman

Rebecca Porteus

Jill (July 4 at 6:42 am)

Jody (July 4 at 2:42 pm)


Karla H (July 4 at 7:23pm)


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